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they couldnt just reset the arduino and leave the usb interface up?

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rab: also im assuming you can use the serial<>usb from the arduino avr?

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because theyre not doing it native?
theyre already buying atmel mcu, why not buy more
arduino code doesnt strike me as light, need all the free cycles you can get on the target

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ya i was a little impressed when i found out they werent using the ftdi part anymore01:09 < fishbulb> I use KRK monitors from when they made them of kevlar and they were fucking great monitor speakers
er not enough enter
fishbulb: you had VXT? or old KROK era stuff?
fishbulb: SAY!!!
man what was the name of that guy
the japanese dude in the leather and studs always like WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
timecop: ^

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whatever i think its a cool looking PCB
whats a berg
oh i thought dude already had a logo

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a lot of the fakes ones used to reflash themselves
wonder if its just some sort of cheap rom implementation

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they are playing some new game where they balance a beer on top of a pvc pipe and then they throw frisbees at each others poles
if the beer hits the ground, like you dont catch the beer, other team gets 3 points
i assume when other team gets points you drink the beer to not waste it because the cans leaking at this point

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rab: did you see the melted shield, naked resistor pics from the mackie speaker bucket?
so, because the thing is bumping outside like whatever, im guessing the shield melted over a long time, eventually shorted between the shield paint and the pin, and arcing over and over popped off the insulation
like,the resistor looks so not burnt
so shit conductivity of shield paint actually is useful
im not even sure if i could consider a ground fault

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ha cool, the mackie SRM i fixed is being abused without issue
wonder if the shield just melted like that over years

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