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blackmoon: its way less interesting like that

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whats an electronic rapier?
you have 5 seconds to tell me why to not ban you for being a spambitch
that was like the smartest spambot ever

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like, doesnt matter they sustained 0.6% improvements in times versus lead two races in a row, the fuckin engines are timebombs
wonder if the mediteranean/mideastern looking guys at school sporting ferrari gear are into F1, heh

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tekrad: lewis has completely mindfucked nico
nico: not you
i hope seb gets ahead of lewish and kimi gets ahead of nico, thats kind of my best case season outcome
and mclaren scoring a point
how fucking sad is that
dennis threw his hands up when buttons car died
both of, first time this season looking defeated

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i think they need to seriously back the fuck off, reg consumables like fuel and tires, and budget cap the teams
let them have as many engines as they want as long as they balance their books
regulating engine config and displacement when the reg fuel flow is pretty lame

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so hopefully honda gets some fixes into the engine when they unfreeze them next gp
so do i
race car drivers are the only athletes that matter
who gives a fuck about putting balls in hoops
whats esports
oh extreme sports?
they have rallycross in that now i think
anything with a vehicle that pushes humans beyond their own capability is pretty awesome
i could care less about most olympic shit, but luge and bobsled are awesome
tekrad: certainly seems possible at this point
theyll kill the engine formula if it happens, and maybe the tire regs
my guess is they pull back on engine use penalties too
bernies already trolling, saying theyre going to go back to V8s

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oh fuck im marijuana criminal today
ferrari is def competitive, seb out qualified nico again
mercedes/ferrari first and second row, first laps should be interesting at the very least
alonso got into Q2, first time for mclaren
button got some great laps in practice and then hit shit blew up couple turns into qual
he just looked burnt out by it
was the first time this season he really looked defeated, he worked so hard to keep his spot at mclaren
nico: no one really wants to watch RC racing

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free QA testing
k nite
dont forget to wake up for bahrain gp
i think its 6AM for you
but its night time for them!
busses in logisim are so fuckin ugly

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macegr_: k, avoiding
ac-130u: yeah that usually doesnt fly with most licenses
if theyre cool with that, theyll build it in to the license server
ignorance is marketing guys #1 tool
hes just a marketing guy, hows he supposed to understand all this stuff

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haha cool, got full credit for the polar curve project
i was totally worried she would get offended by the 7 point cranberry hibiscus leaf
and annoyed i used wolfram alpha instead of mathematica
they host mathematica on this vpn style software host
but yeah, fuck logging into some uni server to share software with a bunch of other people
people basically got fucked in my cad class because they tried to do that shit instead of installing solidworks student local
zzzz_: msg'd

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kim is so no-talent, hes lip syncing
haha @ kim giving obama sexy eyes

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SOP is composed of OR'd minterms and POS are made of AND'd maxterms
kind of getting into scematics regarding exact definitions at that point
like, im not sure if the literal maxterm would be the decimal for abc, or the group (a+b+c)
i think the max term is decimal abc, and you can use it to find correct combinations of (a+b+c) for POS
im not totally sure about that though and it definitely hasn't come up as need to know in class

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macegr_: maybe they eat photons
LED shades = ice cream dispenser
so efsnable
im not sure that is totally correct statement
minterms are used to derive SOP from a k-map, maxterms are used to derive POS from a k-map
minterms produce true outputs, maxterms produce false outputs
but yeah i think you understand

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tecan: dude when aliens show up and are like, uh so what do you guys do
im gonna show them bread, loudspeakers, and loctite
probably the hysol adhesives

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danielson: loctite chemists are actually wizards from the future

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danielson: usually a tube of RTV will stay pretty gooey once the end has hardened
not like, indefinitely tho
yeah but i dont know which is more typical of silicone, RTV or the two part ive used
the two part might have been silicone plus a setting agent, i dunno

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i dont think you need a degree for that
tho itll probably help
and youll be a better dildonic engineer that the ones who learned on their own or went to a private dildonics college
if it was UV set printed, no probably not
to many people get rashes from that shit for me to trust it
weird wonder what material
haha wonder if it melts with enough friction
silicone is 2 part, least the stuff ive worked with
so you could just use a mixing nozzle and go slow to print
yeah im not sure if the two part stuff doesnt
tho it sets rather quickly even if its thick
hehe, theres a joke in that because i said thick
anyway, for RTV they maybe put some inhibitor in it, shrug
or the stuff i used had something that helps it set quickly without air contact

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dude i took calc 1 last year im 35
okay you win but yeah its hard when you weren't doing trig and factoring rational functions the previous 2 years
3rd degree what?
i dont have BS degrees, i have AS degrees but the math in that was simple as fuck
the digital logic stuff is easy because i took two semester of logic in my AS program
im not like, all knowing all seeing
a hybrid electronic and mechanical engineering program
mechatronic engineering
im studying about how to make mechatrons
yeah, kinda
it think its the perfect program but its very unique, so not very known
like, they have an society for mechatronic engineers and our school is basically the only chapter, heh
well, we dont electives and certain general requirements are waived
like, we dont even really get technical electives

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so its used a lot for electromechanical position sensing, like automated machine feedback, or encoder knob user interfaces
some people arent as good at school
usually theyll be better in other subjects, shrug
and calc 1 was hard for me, trig identify stuff drives me nuts
its cool i banned zeeshaan so you won't get trolled over it

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if you dont use grey code, and multiple bits are changed, then during transistion it may look as if you are in a completely diff position
imagine a transistion from 100 to 011
in between, as the switches in the encoder make or break contact, that can look like 111, 000, or anything in between
so if the turret stopped in between those position, the system could think the actual position is anywhere
efsnable: if you use grey code encoders, only one bit changes at a time, so when you transistion, the worse that happens is the tracked position flips back and forth between adjacent positions
efsnable: if you use binary, some transistions can literally produce any position until the transistion is over

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using zeros in the map instead of 1
k-maps are fun
i dont think so
the binary labels for the rows and columns dont go in order
its grey code, only one of the values changes in adjacent rows or columns
so its 00 01 11 10
instead of 00 01 10 11
if you remember that and the rule about only circling 2^n size groups, youll be fine
yeah but it hella practical in electro-mechanical digital stuff
yes i think thats why i was invented
so like, say you have a big rotating encoder
the position sensor for your cars automated machine gun turret
like, in grey code, if it gets stuck in between values, itll flip back and forth between two adjacent positions
the hardware may not know which it is in, but it knows its in one of those positions, and most likely in between

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im not sure what you mean by listen
its just a shorthand for writing truthtables
minterms is SOP
and i think you can figure out POS using maxterms but i dont remember how
it was basically covered once and never mentioned again, SOP is used constantly
so quick google and it looks like you can do POS using maxterms in a k-map

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consider they got bought by a company that does everything they do on a much larger scale, they could prob get by with 20 sales reps and 10 people doing tech support
no need for them to be blowing money on HR, finance and logistics, and its likely better for the customer if engineering is done by statasys
ac-130u: statsys is going to have manufacturing people and it would be cheaper if makerbots were made on the same lines
efsnable: i tried =(
minterms are the decimal value of the binary inputs that produce a true value on a single input
er single output
maxterms are the ones that produce a false output, so basically maxterms are the terms that arent minterms
and minterms are based on the ordering of the inputs
so you need to determine or decide the order of the inputs and which is LSB

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nico: i dunno man, sounds like the old CEO has some sort of job at statasys, and like the company is working towards making it profitable
like, wtf 500 people

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that sentence probably needed like 5 more words to tally make sense, but yeah besides the name and the rights to build them, i dont see statasys seeing the subsidiaries staff as a huge benefit
and 500 people?

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Employees are apparently being led out of the company’s Brooklyn office by security today, according to ‚Äčan anonymous Reddit post.
its not even a nice one
i highly doubt there are very many people with skills at makerbot that stratasys doesnt already have on their own staff
like, youre a little toy 3d printer company and you got bought by a professional company that people gladly pay $20k to $200k for
if you werent looking for a new job you fucked up

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chicks dig more horizontal divisions

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blackmoon: ikr power to weight is fucking backwards

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holy mfkr he did it again
mercedes/ferrari first and second rows
oh well, sleep

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looks significantly lower than a sport bike, too
drags bikes its prob not so much but yeah im pretty sure this is way lower
omg 4.46
ttmustang: i dont think ive ever seen onboard that nuts
i cant decide if its scarier than auto drag racing or not
like falling off would be nuts but at least you dont have the car smashing in around you

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fuck i bet
i think nico rosberg gonna end up crying
i like the guy but hamiltons proper mindfucked him
so when you consider how fast that was, jezus fuck thats smooth
like, the planet just flew by
wow dude thats nuts

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and hahaha lewis, massa, kimi, and seb ahead of nico
oh alonso got a lap in after flag drop, didnt get into Q3 but isnt last
ttmustang: theyre 4 stroke motorcycle engines?
yeah im at 2:20 still waiting
okay that was like, crazy undramatic
drag racers all shaking to shit and almost back flipping
yeah but its really stable
crazy how not fast it looks, thats cool
haha 600hp yamaha
those things prob weigh like 400lbs?
thats some crazy power to weight

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you can like, sit in the chair far from the desk and watch
you have a local track?
ha, nice
i miss the canyons and freeways
thunderhill is 45min away, track run by the SCCA, they do track nights but dont have time and wont be here when on break
how fast do those things go?
accelerations gotta be nuts
haha wut!
okay, with spikes, that makes sense
im like, how the fuck you go 180 on snow
so they didnt send alonso out for Q2

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wrong mode or something?
i used to randomly load the regs backwards so it would only latch in half the value
like, after i knew you had to load them in order to latch both in
goes in A?
cool, ferrari running haas logos on their rocker panels
watch F1 quali
i guess thats not getting away from the computer

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he made it clear he was trolling, the chan isnt helpful, and he doesnt want to be here
im okay with that
if he changes his mind and wants to talk im cool with that

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damn raikonen was leading qual for like 20 seconds
holy shit mclaren in Q2

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