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haha cool
was not expecting that
hahaha wtf just happened

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button and alonso within .004 sec, didnt make q2

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ferrari sharpied out dickbutt in the UPS collage logo
dickbutt is still there
on a ferrari in a gp

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tekrad: they should sell to renault, keep toro rosso going as a feeder for other teams, and get into business with bernie
i like the idea of toro rosso, and the reality of TR this yeah is great
17 year old in the points

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but engineering corporations that exist for the single purpose of making two maniacs as fast as possible within the formula, this is excitement
it depends
it might fall apart
im not against red bull getting out of racing and getting into promoting it
FIA + redbull might be okay
tekrad: wec is getting big
they need to back off the rules and the contructors dont agree on shit
danielson: shrug, youre 0.1% taurine
in any case, theyre good promoters
theyre becoming crybabies as competitors
WELL PULL OUT, um okay, youre not ferrari or even mclaren no one cares

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like, $50M to prob $400M efforts
best tracks in the world that can support the fans
like, this is the pinnacle of engineering in sport
world endurance championship is similar, more free form
but nothing is faster than F1
bernies been ruining it for 40 years, trolling the fuck out of the constructors
and its still the fastest form of road racing
yeah 2004 was the fastest
also theyre performance hybrid now
endurance racing might be more advanced in term of progressive technology
but F1 is more speed, higher stakes
but yeah honestly i'm not really into competitive athletics
worshiping people for being physically stronger and doing thing better with a ball seems pretty fucking pointless and shallow

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qual is in two hours, practice just ended
fastest parade in the world is still the fastest
you have to kind of follow it between races and in the off seasons
but its basically teams of engineers and mechanics backing the best drivers in the world

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tekrad: alonso possibly down one more honda PU in practice 3
dennis down in the garage like wtf
the ferraris about half second back
hamilton on top, they got his seat wrapped in foil for thermal issues
thats prob the safe money
i honestly find him a lot more likeable than schumi
would love for raikonnen to be in the championship points
hes had bad luck
personality wise hes def my favorite
since he took over for hakinnen
theres hd rips uploaded after the sessions but i cant wait

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inside of the at-lp120 is pretty sexy

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they forward useless shit in stupid fonts with broken markup to everyone they ever knew ever
75% of mails will be aol
did he specifically address it to you?
thats just some normal old people shit
not an xkcd fan i suppose
were they far side comics?
or something from the new yorker?
its ok

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reverse lights
that will cause people to slow down
cal2 teacher likes me
im getting an A in the class, on points not curve, and i feel like im at C level
i got a 64 on the last exam (day after i found out about dead fuckhead dad)
copper peach hair got a 98
and shes getting a mid B in the class
comparable homework scores
why the CC?
is that his normal useless email forward list?
i didnt even know your dad was alive
and thats normal old people shit

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tekrad: http://imgur.com/xu73vik
china gp P2 results, looks like we have a race, and honda may be onto something
if thewy only blow up one engine this weekend and button can finish the race ill be happy

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