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denkishi: its prob not a bad thing, considering maximum punk is gg allin
usually when a girl likes me, i dont ask her to pee in my mouth in front of all her friends
i also like to keep poo and my music experiences isolated

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i went to see them, but they didnt show because the lead ended up overdosing or some shit
which is kind of more punk them actually showing up in santa barbara, shrug

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heh, respect was probably the most stable thing in my life
yeah i dont think i could do scenes, plural
i had one
i go to dub club (is not a dubstep thing, actual dub) maybe once or twice a year, rock shows about the same, hip hop shows every other year
140bpm EDm really doesnt do it for me
and rock and hip hop, almost no one moved
even punk and metal
everyone just stands there mostly
gogol bordello was by far the most significant exception to this
at portishead, like no one moved
was like, really los angeles?
i saw the specials in portland, those punks know whats up
i went to a punk show in santa barbara...
two girls dancing
one was a coworkers daughter
so yeah i didnt really go to anything after that

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where i hang out, you basically either stand there like tianamen square tank guy
or youre hopping around at 1.5 or 3 Hz
and its dark
maybe lasers, maybe a projector
i personally like the single red light over the stage
if there isnt music im not there
not really
i lived here almost a year and ive been out twice
both metal shows with a metalhead friend
theres a bass music weekly every friday and ive avoided it, because time, money
there was a jungle weekly in LA i went to maybe like 30 times a year on average

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21:15 <@Rab> They just might not realize it, or care.
but like, how do you corn flakes?
none of the fake milks work
does it kill sperms?
because thats kind of a good thing
oh, boobs
well that sucks
sculptor_: yeah man thats not my scene
that scene is like, asians rolling 40 deep doing the nordic track on K

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macegr: wtf is calibration and why do they always say its off?
the 3d printer nerds say this and i mostly think, you cant calibrate out machine wobble
but i dont know enough to say anything
well sure i get paid
but i mean, its just linear axis position calibration?
they seem to think the problems are because shit is not happening in the right place
im like, the assembly is dancing side to side

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why the fuck do we need more cheap 3d printers
well, it kind of seems like the ones that have been around for like almost 10 years are cheap
for an automated tool
why would youwant something that isnt even as good as that
rather see shit for the same price with better integration and rigidity
right so cheaper just seems like suicide
like, yay spray cheese printer
but it sucks
leys stop, and make quick cheese work right
then we can make quick cheese printing work for everyone affordably

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but tell us what you really think
i think most managers who asked me that regreted it
can you explain the specific nature of poo and doo-doo and how they are different
or is it just kind of a poetic thing
so theyre prob based in the bay area?

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