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ew, loopy

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fuckin .jp

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like if you tilted the car 45 degrees along its long axis, and dropped it, it would probably bounce back and forth on the tires a few times

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blackmoon: yeah but things relating to the sidewall strength versus width, and how that affects grip
also the run treaded rain and intermediate tires
like, i wouldnt be able to get credible $80 performance tires for my car if it wasnt for racing
michelin got out because F1 tires arent even relavent to other forms of racing
blackmoon: http://images.latintimes.com/sites/latintimes.com/files/styles/picture_this/public/2015/04/05/2015-mclaren-formula-1-car.JPG?itok=mHHedJAR
its kind of ridiculous

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er might even be 14"
but yeah i guess they actually use 13", same as my 86 crx
trip that formula 1 brakes are prob close to same diameter as tiniest honda brakes

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pirelli seems like theyre about to bitch the same way michelin did before they got out
F1 tires use 15" wheels, just because it would be drama to change them
they might even be 15"
but yeah its prob not as easy to move the tech into consumer products, and the baloon slicks kind of just look stupid
be cool when they make a switch to like 18" or so, and everyones suspension starts shattering

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this can change everything
drive up, battery station pushed a battery pack in, dead one pushed out, drive away
blackmoon: in formula E, they replace the car
first time i saw it i was like, what
the guy jumps out, runs to and gets in the other car, and everyones arms flying around trying to strap him back in
like, guys i dont think were making any technological progress here
i saw another video where the pointy wheel aero get stuck under the suspension when they pulled it off
and there were like 3 pit techs stomping out the wing to flatten it to pull it out
was awesome

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theyre like 2v, and they want more energy density so its prob not that close to li-ion yet

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this old yet?
readerror: awesome whats diff about it?
readerror: im going to order it in the summer, hoarding funds at the moment
blackmoon: i was just wondering if it was posted here today its like top shit on the reddit
its aluminum
it is its own heatsink
make the car frame the battery so you save weight

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this happened today! no school!
everything went down, i had no phone reception, not even emergency
gpf: i saw that!
how the fuck did you figure that out!?
so it just handles it in more than one way?
how are we alive, like as a species
maybe when they designed w2k they figured everyone would just use UTC

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