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it is?

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ok so jurassic park can happen

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its only 3am

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oh fuck
season 20, ep 3, jeremy is talking with some celebrity...
topic is jeremy doesnt know how to punch
and celebrity is like teaching him how to punch
well, i guess he learned

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haha wtf @ starter battery

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its the matrix resin, like with fiberglass
vapors smell like death, like most two part epoxys
i dont think thats an issue once its set, dunno if the actual particles are carcinogenic
still not great for you even if it doesnt cause cancer, fiberglass doesn't cause cancer, can still fuck you up bad if you breath enough

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also depends on your activity, and what you eat.
it has a pack or just uses AA?
no one has house phones anymore

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19:56 < Vrooom> no torque on honda,.... no wonder why u need motor assist,,, lol
my crx had like 80hp, but 100 ftlb and low, pretty sure under 2krpm.
1650 lbs from the factory, like, you couldnt stall it.
Was their older head tech, though, CVCC. Tiny auxilary intake valves on the exgaust side, for pre-ignition.
Yeah, so relatively speaking, it was a torquey engine.
Also, it got 50mpg in 1985.

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