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oh that sucks, sorry
check octopart and findchips
no they are search engines
they search lots of sites
you can check if its in stock at other places and then check shipping costs
and yeah, electronics isnt free, sucks

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well, i maybe would, but i def wouldnt recommend it

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thats not the same as the dx switch
but youre looking now, good job
honestly i would try and get the exact footprint
it would be a good learning experience
chances are if he fucks it up trying to rework it on, he can still jumper the leads that are left
my guess is you cant half ass it though
because of the lack of gap in the assembly, need to wick the pads totally clean, only tin the first so it lies flat when you anchor it
i wouldnt attempt without a regulated iron and a skinny tip

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dude they have a slide switches category
was on the first page, found it looking at images

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also feel free to actually mention why it's so ridiculously good in capital letters versus other applications

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zeeshan|2: for the money it sure as fuck better be
shit is like $10k a seat or some dumb shit

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want to sleep
cannot sleep
shawn286: right angle smd sliding switch
i dunno

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why are you waxing you bong

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“I’m glad he’s getting something, because I believe he deserves some punishment,” said Pat Maahs, the co-worker in the case.
it says the name and i still dont know if he came in a guy or girls cup
right but i wanna know!
its a her, haha

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plus you cat will love the digikey packaging
possibly your mom too
i dunno why my mom thinks that shit is so cool
at the end
its not per item

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yeah that code doesnt make sense
on the first link
i think so

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theyre $.10 at qty 3000
$3 for 10 seems pretty fair for both parties
the 10pk
ask the seller
but even if its just 1 its still cheaper
catbyte: search for things, click on datasheets, at first expect to look through like 20 to 100 datasheets before finding what you need
learn a lot. also i think mouser search is way, way worse

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i cant slam ice tea!?
those dont seem very special, its probably $2.79 for 10
shawn286: check at digikey for the price of a real, should be less than $.15 each if hes making money
wtf $5 for a single pfet

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do like

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sculptor: background makes it look like a rendering
also it looks like its only on two points
yeah i dont either, heh
sculptor: the 3rd point doesnt seem to line up with the shadow
tho kind of badass if the whole thing is balanced over and anchored with the two points

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inittab: was referring question about transexuality in IT to you

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