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12:23 < Vic-20> Snipe the bitch
agreed, its actually more fair to snipe as thats how the ebay interface was meant to be used

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holy fuck i havent watched this season in HD yet
niki lauda is scary

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i might start in the v10/hakinnen/coulthard era, tho
shit was so fast
those were the first races i stayed up to watch on speed tv

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zeeshan|2: https://kickass.to/formula-1-2015x02-malaysia-race-skyf1hd-720p50-t10423985.html
just download the post race
ive been considering downloading seasons back to when i first started reading about it in the 90s
or 80s turbo
watch them in series, prob not too hard to find them

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cool ui (scroll down)

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ha yeah wtf

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people would call them smoke-stax
and i really dont like how the horns measure, and i dont think they sound good unless you have 4+ in parallel and youre driving them lightly
when you have them set up as an actual line array, theyre monsters

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those are usa assembled, looks like the old linear supply
audio aquisition sales engineer says the woofers in the usa ones with the linear supply have way lower distortion
other hacker says the electronics went from awesome THD+N to good enough when they switched to smps
i would sell them and get the hr824, for home use, honestly
people look for non existant subwoofers when you use them against a wall
they were 15" what?
just front firing passive sub?
i dont think they did 15" horns
intense series is okay
theres some kind of harmless wtf shit in it
one of the subs has a token amount of cotton fill *inside* a silk texture pillowcase, stapled to the base
wouldnt do shit
er, stapled to the back
stax were failure prone i guess

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also i think all the other ones use plastic tweeters, wasnt really a fan
i really, really regret not throwing a pair of those engineering samples into volvo trunk before leaving
i liked the 28 better
only the europeans
honestly, for that money
id prob just get some 8" monitor speakers
wonder how much hr824 are these days...

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sad, so did acoustic engineer friend who passed away
$20 says thats a guy in northern europe
also i believe most of that in china vintage, or all wooferes replaced
the originals didnt have the toilet seat silkscreen on the dustcap
svh: thats the only place the home shit really sold
also those dual 15" are better
i did some sustaining work on those, lots of measurements to characterize them to replace them
anyway thats bills horn
the other one was adjusted mostly for look
the grills mount into the wood on the bottom instead of that little kick piece
if you want to 215, get those (cls series)
not the new ones

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even those shitty outdoor 2-way speakers are usually normal speaker inputs
omg wizzer cone
other hacker claims the highs out of wizzer cone 6" and 8" are "like, wow"
i guess because directly couples to voice coil and not broken up by LF and midbass cone distortion
svh: i worked on that
the dual 8" is the best one imho

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doubt that
thats a good amount of power, theyll sound trashy driven harder and theyre prob just eat themselves more than like 250w
old foam is old
rab: yeah like commercial install, non audio oriented
speakers in cielings, im not sure what 100v is but id guess prob same thing
i dont think ive ever seen a speaker cab with 70v inputs

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why do you need lower than 20hz
svh: cool
@ fan too loud so selling
yeah its install shit should be reliable
no money on knobs and fancy connectors, heh
cool its got combicons
has 70v and 10v connections, and screw terminals

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oh damn kid was an ME major
thats makes him like, my academic major bro
well, half bro because im mechatronic

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dont you need like 3?
i guess cl, if you can check it works first thats pretty cool
i feel like ebay is where all broken things are going
one last fedex then into the trash
can be drama, tho like 90% of the time its been fine for me shrug
waiting for money sucks
either the buyer or paypal
or you pay, and they print ship envelope, and dont drop of for days

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just buy an inuke
honestly if i needed an amp, id probably feel disgusted in myself for about 3 seconds before i got over it and realized it was a decent buy

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svh: what do you mean a surround?
yeah i was gonna say how the fuck do those work as a center
svh: quality on those is all over the place
the good shit before china manufacturing is old now, and the foam surrounds can get fucked
totally depends on air and light exposure
svh: same series?
i kind of liked the sealed dual 6" center on their new stuff, cls and xls
meh, fuck reconing without a lab to do it in
tho yeah big stuff is not so hard
did 18" and 21" with paper index card shims, usually worked fine

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oh damn i guess i saw a kid dying
or dead
school emails when someone dies, says kid got hit by a car 2 blocks from here, was driving back from laundry when i had to drive by ocean of kids and then EMT around a kid on the sidewalk
macegr_: most likely
read head-fi reviews about exact voicing if youre concerned about that, but yeah if they dont sound broken id say its a pretty good deal
are those the canoes?
oh those guys

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so yeah, ltspice in 5 years, solidworks in 10 years
and if im going to vpn into a cloud farm, i dont see why id need failure prone hinges and permanently attached input and comm elements to do it
rab: electronics is more fun than differential equations

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emulation, obviously
wait i rabbed
so yeah i said it would probably suck in 3 years
but it would be neat if it happened and in 5 years it was useful
by then we can probably control tablets with cold stares and laptops will seem totally stupid

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rab: i have dual boot laptop and a 7" tablet, having the laptop at school would be as ridiculous as that week i wore my SR60 when john grado died
tablet works awesome, is cheaper, way lighter (big deal in terms of back health), and with a keyboard i could do most work on it
the shit i dont use it for, i would rather use desktop setup at home than a laptop anyway
also it seems way less smashable

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rab: they make $5 folding stands i dont think its a big deal
getting rid of laptop hinges forever = priceless
if having a hinge that was only a strand, and didnt contains the fucking monitor and sensor cables, that would be an improvement
4:20 is an abstract human concept, its not real
anyway, laptop pointers are shit, need a mouse for serious work, laptop keyboards tend to be shit
and tablet plus external keyboard in folding stand isnt much diff from a laptop
except the keyboard is disposable which is awesome

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if you ran the same app, with a real keyboad and mouse, it could potentially be exactly the same
and every person in every niche industry has theres set of half a dozen windows app that they <3
how is that diff than a laptop
10" tablet is huge, i real all my texbooks on a 7"
because its like 1/8 the volume and prob 1/4 the weight
so anyway, itd be an ARM based laptop with external UI of choice, that runs virtualized windows software
because its 2020 and intel an hero'd
i dunno why they just decided

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how long do you think before windows programs run on smartass phones?
i think 3 years
i dont think itll work well
rab: like emulated in linux
more rams and cpu for very sluggish virtualization
well, say solidworks
in 10 years
and damn near everything else that ive ever had installed ever
yeah but the prob dont run windows shit
rab: i dunno but 5 minutes ago there was a reason
not solidworks, but something else that made me think of the idea

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