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weird i just cheered a ferrari

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blackmoon: http://squirrelstreams.com/
watch f1

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teknique: massa doin pretty well with the shitty french engine

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the cnc mill part makes it difficult
you would need huge drives compared to just having an unloaded machine
also it would need to weight like 10x as much
assuming you wanted similar feed and precision
everything in your list is an unloaded machine, you could do light/medium rigidity and load torque drives and still reliably get high feed rates
but it would suck ass at being a cnc mill
you could everything else tho

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psi: deer have pretty significant kicky legs
i wouldnt want to get into it with a confused fighting for its life deer
horse would prob be 10x worse
but maybe not because domesticated thus weak

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those look cheaper
theres vid of someone riding one its pretty goofy
definitely bar appropriate
usually means they did something right
cool, paypal two factors now
i normally have them text to phone, i told them to email this time and after theyre like, OKAY THATS NOT ENOUGH WHAT NOW!?

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looks better than something old with crap red paint and flannel shirt upholstery
prob any big box store will have them
ikea usually has a bunch of bar stools

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those dont look like a long term investment
it should last more than 6mo
sitting on them, the dowel joints get loose

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pics of thing, not of model, pls
fuck i gotta do online driving school like now
like i even remember
prob speeding, maybe cali rolling a stop sign

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tech can solve energy resource problems
which can solve damn near everything
but you have to keep it from being a for profit thing
or else itll just be a new thing to have wars over
as long as health, education, and energy are considered fair game for profit, shits gonna be fucked up somewhere
that changes over time tho
no one controls corporations

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terrorism against the US will not stop until we pull out of bases in foreign countries

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it works
the ballistics and recoil is neat
i wouldnt change that much
svh: oddly i think the def i usually go by works for mentally is
terrorism is a technique used by desperate people
in many cases, lone suicidal attackers kind of fit the bill
yeah its like trying to fix drug issues by imprisoning people
it creates the issue

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oh its happening
i didnt have headphones
i killed a bear
they got mad AR

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i killed a pig how to i get stuff from it
i died
i got boar meat
yeah i havent watched that in awhile
is it diff?

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i died
how do i grapple
q doesnt work
so i need to make a table, a bow, and rope arrows
is my steel knife working?
i dont see it
oh man i was shooting a bear and a pig ate me

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i dont think the blog is working anymore
ah, yeah it is again
how do i put the code in the game
i did where do i put the key
cool works

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isnt it still free alpha/beta?
i guess it just doesnt feel right to them unless they got it from a torrent
i clicked on brutal nature in start menu and it says windows cant find client,exe
works when i start from directory
i dont know my account info

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tho its also my dining area so half of it is usually useless
blackmoon: hmm, on steam?
i dont see anything on your site
svh: techs and engineers either had an office and a lab bench, or a cubicle with a desk and a lab bench inside
my cubicle had like 6ft of warehouse shelving to the cieling besides the bench and the desk

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blackmoon: yes, this is partially what i am referring to
i want to buy wastelands 2
i should wait until summer
i did!
did i preorder or something?
i think i got the email
svh: thats insane!
i think the shipping benches we use in the labs i work at like 32" or 36" depth
i just use 2x4 and 2x6 folding tables at home
i think you need at least two
one for pc and media stuff
one to actually have workspace
l desk is nice
i have a 2x6 and a 2x4 set up as an L

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is like a turtle
should i do homework
or fuckoff and play with microcontroller
im pretty sure embedded development is the other path to failing out of uni
the first beinf failout mods
i dont do that homework that doesnt matter and aced the associated midterm
so yes this homework matters
for points and glory

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steel, neat
back is kinda thin aluminum
neat that you get full depth for that price
the feet on that make me want it
but it looks all enthusiastic

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svh: what kind of machine?
yeah pizzabox is neat for this
oh shit cool

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nice, my 5 year old cpu is next up
yeah i was running on a 300mhz celeron at some point
wasnt awesome but the realtime worked
most likely going to be ubuntu
pretty sure thats what i had
and its way above where the athlon xp ~3000+ stuff is
which is waaaaaay more than enough to run linuxcnc
svh: they were prob doing something weird
i liked my atom board

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dont even remember current one
sometimes they have the header
the footprint is always there but sometimes the solderholes are filled
if not populated
i just bought a dual parport pci and used the dongle
they have penn elcom rails at parts express
you should buy them there
guys at sam ash always look depressed
ha, actual port action
$20 on ram and go
you dont have to dongle the parport

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guys should i go to racetrack
i dont think youre supposed to call it emc anymore =\
yeah i had been away a couple years i thought it was goofy when i came back
but i remember it being talked about
haha current cnc pc is something i bought off craigslist for $40
sculptor: yeah i had an atom board
which actually blew away 95% of the latency numbers on the linuxcnc table
but mesa guy says those numbers dont matter
and they suck
the one i had before was a celeron

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there is only ground hog day
and random days where you dont have to go to work or school

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this is like every day no

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