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prob has a maynard and de la rocha dictionary

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is one way to decribe it
ideal square wave is made up of like 0 Hz and Inf Hz components
but you can get a crappy one mixing a sine and its odd harmonics

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straight dc shouldnt
a square wave signal has a lot of high frequency content during transitions
its made out of dc levels
its debatable, heh

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blackmoon: right, pos is what everyone calls a demo display setup
blackmoon: also everyone i would work with prob has zero experience setting up retail backends
which could explain the overlap in terminology

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digi: what do you mean?
digi: like, automated video?
_digital_: ^
not even in a lot of cases
media players with track forward/back/playlist terminals
so you just load some video files, and have buttons in the display forward through tracks or pull up specific ones
you want a cash register?
point of sale at every place ive worked means the demo setups the marketing and sales fucks deploy
yeah, with the big square thing, has a dock
blackmoon: yes

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i think it works
you buy it or make it?
how much?
damn yo
so your hub thing is usable again?

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its kind of neat, movie is like the 3rd person presentation of the 1st person aftermath in the short story
but yeah, i cant decide if they replaced molly, or just turned her into a little bitch
i think they renamed her at least

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ice t was a kangaroo rat in like two movies
have you seen new rose hotel?
it kind of makes up for it
its dafoe and walken

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i dont remember how she got out of that
im not sure its worth watching the movie again

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what in tank girl?

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like a sports car
yeah not far away
fuck that

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wtf poland
yeah fuck that

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macegr_: mating hw looks on the small side

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jero32: partial i think only preset mode works
oh neat
jero32: you can set which functions are password locked
but yeah, if you set it to restricted, after you set password
if you set partial, you have to enable or disable for 3 modes, then set password
macegr_: aluminum extrusions bits, only machined

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jero32: at the very least, your email may help to change it on the next version of the product
its translated japanese
i like their exploded assembly drawings
i never saw the series
i like the movie and point of no return
13 year old me had a big boner for bridget fonda
jero32: page 6 or section 6

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email them
right so be another email to add to the count
they might have some sort of solution that they havent published
well, it sounds kind of crazy
but you never know
like, it can be fixed with new firmware
which they may actually give you since its a tech gear company
but yeah youre going to have to jtag the things, or who knows

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jero32: yeah but it prob comes from the same factory that made the 936
anyway, actual ones are like $50
so thats basically like worth two hours of time
i didnt have to look at 936/888 to use them
yeah next irons i buy for work will prob be fx888d

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drill and add knob?
if my 936 dies im prob just going to buy another used 936
why would you buy an fx888d clone
arent they $90?
jero32: fx888 is a 936 with slightly better response in a smaller package
same iron
well, irons
they changed the part numbers but theyre the same
because i would prob have to buy a 936 for parts anyway
so why not just buy one that works
also there is that
the case is broken on mine
knocked off a table few times, eventually cracked, works fine
thats not a generic part
yeah fuck all that
those two things are why i wouldnt spend much time trying to fix a 936 station

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macegr: im pretty sure it was about reliability, cost down, lockout functionality
the set screw on the 936 was a joke
not on an assembly line
because theyre not your employees
theyre the CMs employees
and the day before, they were driving a truck full of chickens
contract manufacturer
if im at a CM line and i see soldering issues, forst thing im doing is checking lockouts
if theyre not set, im asking why and waiting for them to say sorry and do it
jero32: more heat to save time
and they would have to it was pretty easy to force the knob with the set screw tightened, heh
its not useful in an engineering lab
it has been
they did that quick
wasnt even around 5 years?
936 had been around since the 80s

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also i like having 907 irons around
im like, fuck that get me two hakko fx888 and all the tips
you guys already have a metcal and the tip are destroyed just like the metcals in the other two labs ive used them
i dont like the d
i read the manual and its actually pretty okay to use
but i really liked the knob
and i dont give a shit about a functional lockout im not an assembly line
yeah totally
thats why i didnt like the d
because i didnt get it until i read the manual
and that doesnt feel right for a 936 successor
the most confusing part about 936 and 888 are that the power switch is on the side
isnt that how you adjust temp tho?

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22:08 <@BlackMoon> renesis: yea I need to pay the $300 fine for driving my motorized bike for uhh 10 years or someshit I guess.
haha, is that like, cumulative fine?
jero32: one job had a 'circuit specialists' branded auyoe looking rework station, eventually that one got weird
i think maybe all of them come with it
also extra irons in a lab are usually a good thing
busy day, everyone reworking all the tings, or you gotta chopstick something

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jero32: http://www.amazon.com/Aoyue-968-Digital-Rework-Station/dp/B000HDG0AO/ref=pd_sxp_f_pt
i think that ones out of production, their newer stuff is a bit more but similar
aoyue uses hakko 907 compatible irons so you can buy hakko tips
jero32: aoyue is somewhat credible
as far as hakko clones go
i dont
i pay some yet to be determined fined for not signing up
i should prob deal with that
jero32: hakko stations are prob 3-4x the price
well hakko is kind of the next level up
jero32: ive used aoyue stuff at like 3 jobs, no issues unless i dropped the handle and broke the ceramic in the heating element
and replacing that wasnt difficult
jero32: as far as i know, the irons are 907 clones
i dont know if the connectors are always compatible

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yeah i dont think its right that health and education are for profit here
like, i dont even understand how this is debatable
these are the wrong things to maximize profit on
so like, people complain because they have to wait in canada
but you pay for medical here, and you still have to wait
that was bad

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wtf is icbc
the ic part
and yeah i would expect that
and i dont necessarily have issue with that
the gov is supposed to keep track of people
like, state id versus fed id doesnt matter to me
blackmoon: so obamacare
its awesome how repubs say it does work, its like YEAH WE KNOW THE COMPROMISES YOU WANTED MADE IT LAME ASSHOLES
wait what insurance then
car insurance has been mandatory in california since the late 80s
like, 10k liability
im kind of okay with that
yeah 10k aint shit
it wasnt much more
i had like 250k liability
on the volvo
because it wasnt much more than the 15k liability minimum
no but they might pay for my friends hospital bills
when they driver that hit us doesnt have insurance
blackmoon: thats prob like, one stop light
prob doesnt even cover a phone switch box

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so yeah, not a huge fan of having IR cam equipped drones flying around
but if it was my job to make sure that shit was safe, itd be nice to have some actual awareness for few hundred a site
like, if i actually trusted my gov, id def be annoyed they werent watching our shit
as is, im kind of split
i mean, we should have realtime awareness of all our resource distribution and storage, but they would prob use the platform for big bro shit
its basically the perfect excuse to put cams everywhere
but its towards that now
i was hiking at night and a trailhead stop sign cam said some shit to me and laughed
shit had a speaker, besides the swivel cam
i was like, serious?
naw they just grab your car plates
they show you video
when you go to pay
so you dont even try and fight it

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blackmoon: iraq drones were big remotely operated cruise missiles, with little missiles attached
i dont think you could police the power grid with those
but i think you could police them with small quad type things
one or two per tower is prob a reasonable investment, semi automated to detect motion and certain noise
and then you have monitors take control
aim laser turrets and shit
or an akira gun from space
thats going to happen with a lot more than the police
someones going to take over amazon shipments, at some point
but yeah my whole life, fascinated with infrastructure in the middle of nature
gas silos and underground facility vents and power lines and old missile platforms
all of this is unguarded, most of it isnt even fenced

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exxon is an international corporation, so technically its not really american
its more comparable to being a government than it being part of a government
citizens = shareholders
american corporate law made it possible, though
profit at all cost with no personal responsibility obviously doesnt end well

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i honestly think that would be fixed in a day
macegr: that were prob originally dev'd by the NSA
macegr: like, i think that would work if estonians were trying to take estonian gov
i think here, its prob drilled every week
like, you cant physically protect power distribution, its just too big
you could if you didnt occupy the rest of the world

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rab: like i said, nothing is more terrorizing than darkness, silence, lack of information
right that seems maybe harder to source
rab: also, terrorism is warfare for desperate people
macegr: right and i dont think reproduction is actually that difficult
assuming you dont a fuck
but compared to sourcing practically *any* explosives, i dont think bio warfare is as easy and taking out the grid
also there is something to be said for watching a society without energy eat itself
thats your ROI
'see, they are selfish pigs'
macegr: i dont think doing it with network hax is perm enough

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versus doing it symbolically by attacking a small number of people
not even
the bulk of the food will prob be destroyed during looting
and i dont think peripshables will be eaten in time
macegr: a bit but you can walk around that
taking out all power, basically only gov and hospitals will have it
for a few days
and thats gonna cause chaos
rab: if you took out every major distribution trunk, at once, work crews prob wont even know wtf is going on
it wouldnt take much in terms of resources
yeah look at the northridge quake
that was crazy resource intensive
and it was just 10 square miles
and a pussy little quake
it basically proved we are fucked in a real disaster
catbyte: right
so theres benefit to terrorism that actually works
because then you have to fix stuff
theres no benefit

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anyway, you could take out the whole grid with not so many explosive devices
i think you would just fuck up bits of the system
macegr: what like automated mesh networked power?
i think you would be noticed
setting up the catapults near *every* substation
versus hitting towers in the middle of nowhere
anyway, if terror was a real threat, it would have happened already, its an obvious and criplling target
and nothing is more terrifying than darkness and silence
you could cause riots in every urban area within days
macegr: im pretty sure you can take out all the lines with an equal number of dynamites
rab: it would have to be widescale enough that you think you may die
from the symptoms
i think you could do it attacking power
terrify *everyone*

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the bolts are prob in so tight even wind wouldnt pop all of them
so is drinking a red bull before napping so you are awake after smrt?
it usually doesnt do anything for like 15 20 minutes
yeah prob depends on how tired, how full, how hydrated
blackmoon: theyve become such crybabies in F1
theyre threatening to leave because mercedes engines are dominant (nevermind they were dominant for years due to similar rule changes)
they think theyre ferrari and F1 gives a shit
they dont refuel anymore
safety issues related to transporting the refueling setups
so just tire changes during pits, pits are like under 3sec now
a little but it forces them to be conservative with energy
theyre hybrids now
with energy recovery
rab: if you do lots of them, that could be a lot more of a pain to deal with
but i honestly dont think it would work

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blackmoon: honestly they should figure it out just from a catostrophy survival standpoint
i always trip out when i see the main distribution power lines in rural areas
it would be fucked up easy to take out the electrical grid
like, sure explosives would be cool and everything
but you could do it with a portable oxyjet cutting setup
the tension might be nuts
i think theyre welded, too
like, theres a huge chance you would be killed while cutting especially if you went aft3er tensioned wires
but i mean, if you were going to an hero with a dynamite vest anyway, might as well save the suspicion of sourcing explosives
acid would work

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timecop: fuck if i know what theyve decided to put on new round of chipsets
i thought i started school at 10 but apparently its been 11

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macegr: does the usb monitor display post at boot?
or its dead until driver is loaded

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