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because machinists are crazy timecop
also bc OT

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dont call millimeters mils

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least the hot parts are glass
mil = mm?
wtf are you talking about

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i didnt use the yellow cables for shit until the 90s

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but its from the 80s

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is that shit from the 80s
also i would call that like, yellow-orange, not tan

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theyre 120C?
dinosaur package
to-218 too
274 is .2" pitch?
wtf its like not metric or inch
its like oversized inch
but yeah like same size as to-218, least pitch is

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jero32: so you find the Rth for die to case, and add to Rth for heatsink, and thats your actual temp
dont forget to add the temp you calc to ambient temp
what you calc is a temp delta, not absolute temp
its diff depending on device, but it wont be a huge diff
for the same type of package
no, check the datasheet
yeah its really easy
theyre feel kind of the same
for ambient
which is prob over rating

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we need a thermal math bot
blackmoon: 100A when heatsinked to the death star
anyway its typically pretty accurate
if you account for the thermal interface youre using, grease, silicone pads, mica, its usually close to dead on
no thats what die to case is
thats like, how hot it gets with the best heatsink ever that doesnt exist
thats usually whats used to derive a lot of the specs

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right an used that as a bridge to another pc
it would be weird to do on a single pc as normal programs seem to trip alot on network conditions changing
so i would think it would have to be done at the driver level and presented as one device

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My thinking is like that of a Y hose for garden hoses and having one end connected to one house and the other to another house.
thats awesome do people do that?
aerith_gx: i only think it would work if the wifi hotspot was actively maintaining a speed cap
and you prob need non standard driver

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