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well when its in the bike it cant go anywhere, right?
like, its not just the c-clip holding the sprocket on
clips onto the groove in the hub?
okay so thats a hub bearing not for the sprocket
yeah my guess is their rubber dampers are like that because if there was any more movement, the sprocket and hub would eat each other

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sleeves dont really matter tho
long as the rubber is in the hub and everything bolted together
like, does it even need the liners wtf
so everyone else just uses rubber blocks and seperate inside bushings?
ha its like they dont even bother getting the shit close
lot more rubber where its actually udeful

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oh so its like two bushings with a rubber damper pushed in?
thaty sounds sucky
haha wtf how thin is the outer lining?
do you just press them flush?
least you dont have to get the, deeper

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wtf is a cush drive
so like sprocket dampers
slash bushings
its aluminum or steel?
prob steel?

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being a mclaren fan, its hard not to feel the same way
well, in terms of mclaren, 1980s honda is like hot sex
why is carb hour to remove?
just to get to it?
that sucks
blackmoon: you watch the macbook engineer video?

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you dont like the tit?
i kind of like it because i get to use the word tit
didnt i ban this guy
actually since ohsix stopped trolling, just zee
would depend on alignment and how far its sticking out of the toolpost i would think
the tittyness of your cut

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blackmoon: heh
dunno brake fluid eats everything i think his logic is awesome

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reason needs better wave editing and vst support
i bet someones done some sort of bridge
like, fucking with other daw using random vst, its really clear how polished reasons synths and effects are

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