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timecop_: noice
fuckin with reaper
feeding the sampler
wasting last hours listening to weird glitchy sci fi clips and f'd up drum hits
i wonder if i pay for reaper if that double startup glitch goes away

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oh you want it?
oh you mean the step from the manufacturer
they maybe contacted the parts out

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thats fucked
want me to make the middle pin go away?
counting pixels?

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timecop_: yeah moving those around prob more drama
its doable tho
whats E you didnt paste a dimensioned drawing
timecop_: i guess you only need D

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_unreal_: working
cool you landed it

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timecop_: sent back
yeah it let me mirror the solid body without doing anything weird
its not perfect, the feature on top has a little radius tit
_unreal_: broken now
yeah because its almost double the width of the normal feature

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timecop_: this might take awhile because dinner, dont want to burn tostadas

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solidworks says its a clean model, didnt have to try and fix anything
of course they do they prob made it in solidworks
if theyre pro, they change a number and everything happens

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prob longer
has it
yeah i think thats basically what i have to do
im just not sure how itll end up exported
timecop_: you want this for a pcb model?

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im pretty good at that shit
time post pics
you cant manipulate the step solids like SW native
you cant even import?
email it to me
you have that shit somewhere
been a couple years

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get it because alaska

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i know a good brian
i actually think he was a bigger loss than me at exexjob
well, he prob has a good reason

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yeah something that was cast for an engine block prob hold threads a lot better
nice vest
haha prom boots

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so my main stripped screw problem, that would just knock the tnut out the wood
or strip the aluminum threads
cast china aluminum =\

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that would totally eat all the cables
like, a bit more than reg zip ties
that looks slightly evil

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hes hot zipties on his motors and my setup is hack
ive totally protyped shit in cardboard
also ive seen people do crazy shit with cut up laminated foam board

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haha, same reason im always like, how fuck do drills even work
like, initially theyre not cutting theyre just like, punchin the metal
most geometry it doesnt have a cutting edge there
center cut endmills do
they cut in the middle
drills are just like BOOM nomnomnonmomnomnomn
dude theyre so sexy
well, yeah 2 flutes meet
and the others kind of stay out of the way
i wonder how the fuck 3 flute center cutting endmills work
anyway thats all i buy
right thats what i was saying
and two kind of stay out of the way
i think its just the light
that makes one side look like it goes further
you just toss them
oh trippy
i just clicked on the 3 flute one
that looks mean

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Cut depth is not critical because the process of milling traces is inherently two-dimensional. This means that alignment between all three axes is not important - particularly in directions which couple with tool height.
MIT geek is wrong
at the limits of space trace, you pretty much have to use conical cutters, and the depth is huge
you can get around it with very pointy conicals, but theyre more expensive and break faster
and even then, its not like depth is trivial
blackmoon: i tried once
was like, .01" or something goofy
it had flutes
maybe even 3
yeah it was like, plunge, COOL, translate, OMG ITS GONE
i settles on the pyramid cutters
right because rotation speed is effectively zero

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could do a mini taig with aluminum extrusion tubes instead of iron square tubes
yeah everything im seeing now looks like too much

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svh: sherline would prob work but i doubt the final price on that auction will be very reasonable
you would have to figure out the fixture, but you would be able to drill no problem
you would think by now there would be turnkey $600 PCB mill

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svh: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sherline-5400-CNC-Milling-Machine-Tools-3-Axis-Controller-Stepper-Motors/171712009515?_trksid=p2045573.c100034.m2102&_trkparms=aid%3D222007%26algo%3DSIC.MBE%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D28797%26meid%3D1706b82c70eb49899b8731e43a3221e6%26pid%3D100034%26rk%3D2%26rkt%3D8%26sd%3D111491869806
yeah you really only need .125" straight shank spindle
get all the drills, router bits, engraving bits in .125" for pretty cheap
it looks for junk characters?
thats kind of what i assumed before
oh its just some anti spam script?

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svh: i think drill is kind of the issue with the engraving type machines
rab might still dental drill his holes
thats prob where the micromill is the strongest, ive never had issues drilling small holes
some of the the engraving style cnc mills have the FR4 on a mat, i think you can actually drill into the mat
like a spoilboard on a router
svh: do you remember them being like $800-1500?
not for like, nice new looking ones but for used stuff
i guess its fire sale stuff, maybe?
not a lot of used taigs and theyre almost as much as new ones
people seem to like them
svh: light routers are kind of the right size but maybe not accurate enough

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used LPFK maybe
damn theyre more than i thought
my thing is like $2k turnkey from a guy on ebay, just add linuxcnc pc
he uses geck0s now, nicer boxes for the electronics, im jealous
yeah thats what you should look for
i would think you could get something for under $1k
ive done hundreds of holes with a single .012" drill bit
yeah i think they went up?
i thought they were under $2k
its a trip seeing a 3 hair width drill go through FR4 over and over

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because things go both ways
like, my setup is textbook
his is pretty hack, i think its cool tho
like a machine to cut PCBs? a pc to design them?

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and you have to keep the machine tuned
which i didnt mind because the machine is basically an educational tool
i bought it with student loan money
and if were to value the work by the cost of a PCB fab house spin, im pretty sure ive made the money back
awesome that zee things all the open loop step users of #linuxcnc are lesser people
nothing wrong with steppers but my standard stepper setup is a hack

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blackmoon: also interesting that my 'hacked up' setup is basically the default setup in linuxcnc
blackmoon: nice
you kind of run them at the edge, though
i wouldnt mind feedback but its a lot of money and for what i do my machine works

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yes but can you use it in a second story apartment
20:44 < zeeshan> and is a master cnc expert
also who the fuck said that?
i have an AS in CNC stuff, and some experience
and know the diff between g53 and g54
but what if theyre being a fucktard
but youre not nice
this is like zee saying im an asshole for telling people theyre wrong
like, hello thats my job
if i dont tell people they were wrong or we were wrong, shit ships with problems

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so his CNC is better
now do a PCB on it
ive made .008 space trace PCB for people in here
i dont have to defend my capabilities
double sided, aligned
in any case
wtf does this have to do with anything?
i got into CNC to support my electronics focus
i got the CNC that i could afford that i could use in a 2nd story apartment, that could bust out CNC with couple hours lead time if that
nice, what does that have to do with you being a hipocrit asshole
who went avrfreak when someone tried to help you with something you didnt understand

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moon and rab are some of the best engineering types i know, and they dont have formal educations
ive never talked shit about zeeshans capabilities, or made personal attacks
i just repeat the actions hes done
zee is constantly calling names, talking shit, telling people theyre dumb
like, im an idiot at CNC because i call contactors relays
because they are
but weeks prior to this, im an expert at machine tuning
because he needs help
how is my cnc setup hacked up?
its a standard vanilla open loop step setup
simple, reliable, easy to put in the back of a toyota and move
done prob a 100 PCB with it, easy
its fuckin 80 lbs and holds .001 over several inches
ive moved it in a volvo trunk and in a toyota hatchback several times
i love my machine
what business do i have getting a full size mill i dont have a house and move every few years
haha real CNC machines
and yet i have parts
so there he goes
talking shit about something that has nothing to do with capability or social skills
my cnc penis is bigger
and the guy didnt even know the diff between g53 machine space and g54 workspaces
thats how this started

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yeah he has capabilities, hes just a hipocrit crybaby kissass
[svh]: yeah zee is confused why he cant get help from people he talks shit too after two lines of kissing ass
and then we help no one
and we are horrible
zee stated flat out he has the right to be an asshole to people who dont understand mechanics and physics concepts he does
but that people shouldnt be an ass to him when hes learning
so in summary, fuck zeeshaan
you never apologized for wishing me failure at school because you didnt understand some basic CNC concept
when we were trying to help you
yeah now blackmoon is an asshole, too, i guess
even tho moon usually sticks of for zee
zee once said rab and moon were the reason he comes here
and then goes on and on about how you need a masters to do real engineering

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chinas economy will get better, ours will get worse
and eventually it will make sense to make things in america again
ive been twice, do not like
tell if it has low resistance it has low ESR
i mean, technically thats the answer
because you need help and you decided we are the people with the asses to kiss
yes because zee puts no one down
well we dont have masters degrees so what business do we have thinking we can help zee

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no one cares tho because they can get more things cheaper at walmart
and its not like mass production american shit is good anymore

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weak ass trolls cant even afford domains

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i think its just a random wookie

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we were talking about the nico in F1
he got 2nd
which is normally very good but his teammate got 1st, again, and so it makes him a little sad

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i believe he mentioned adjusting the script

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nico rosberg

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