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sir you are both a pimp and a hacker

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gotta suck up to the tifosi

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the mixed thing is kind of cool
its like when the do 911 GT cars with other classes
some fitness convention is in melbourne at the same time
and then jerry brown again
hes prob into F1
he prob has a place in monaco

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lotus got two DNF, one in like the 2nd turn
theyre talking about less rules, more power, bigger tires
bernie will die soon
tho, bernie is pissed because teams wont let him do a spec chassis to supply low budget teams
like, i actually agree with the guy, feels dirty

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yeah fronts are not subtle
rears i couldnt tell and then realized it was changing
mercedes vs ferrari is old school
sucks to be lotus

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button +40
changes a lot while turning?
right i think its maybe weird geometry
yeah but they have enough room to get them equal and parallel if they want
on the straights they look straight up

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if one more car DNF's in the next 10 laps mclaren will get a point
williams is mercedes
no, looks neat tho
yeah GT racing is awesome

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sorry pretty sure kimi got the bad pit, not nico
oh perez hadnt pit
they been racing at the back whole time
button kind of cut him off after laps of pretty awesome racing, spun him
tekrad: magnussen
but i guess he blew up on the out lap?
yeah lifted very flat noses, and the under tray kind of goes under the nose
the details where the nose drops down to the tray is diff on all the car
the scoopy bit
yeah neat
i really like button
theyre fresh, but theyre doing minardi bad
its mclaren
this is probably the worst theyve done in decades easy

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more exciting than baseball
denkishi: motorsport is the only sport where engineers are on the team
no theyre like 20 sec ahead or something
nico is right on lewis
after a fucked up pit, so hes going faster
i hope they wreck, i want massa to podium
and you know theyd feel awesome
argue over whose senna at the bar
man he knows the drill
oh shit tire wasnt on?

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tekrad: mclaren more like minardi
hamilton, rosberg, vettel, massa, raikonen... and mclaren following 2nd to last by 23 seconds
everyone has pit
so no you havent missed anything
vestappen blew up
he was in the points
dad looked pissed, haha

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haha, in formula e, they change cars instead of batteries during pits

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psi: type hep tep rog into the search

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its probably something like 20:1 or 50:1
just guessing from the shipping packets
it didnt smell like death?
was it left open?
i bet they have some secret method to get all of that shit out

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blackmoon: wtf @ 50gal of epoxy
no enduser should have this
this can cause like military levels of drama
hahaha noooooooooooooooo
probably fuckin kill you in a small room
i wonder what happens if you can manage to atomize the stuff
its 100:1?
that doesnt sound that wrong

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yeah i dont think BC is going to run out of squirrels
i mean i dont have hard data but id be willing to bet good money

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my mom would give them peanuts
she says mostly theyre rude

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the_gfr|w: why dont you just use chntpw

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