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teknique: yeah, left one looks like middle one after lots of practice

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timecop: its a prototype? or youre pulling trigger on a bunch?
they use 60khz for 1ghz, scaling proportional it means using 60hz
which is 50uF which is nuts
spend a lot of money to filter nothing
i think they maybe chose 60khz because its above audio and a lot of switchers
and because they had 0.1uF
shrug, look at it, if the high levels droop, use more cap

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straight sine wave signals, on off, constant amplitude, you could put the filter on top of it almost
but if theyre square type pulses, you need to go way lower
but not so low that audio shit and switcher noise gets in
thats prob fine for wood and plastic, light aluminum
yeah so you need to keep the filter freq away
sticking with their values is prob fine
might be brushless
they do brushless in the same nema-xx chassis as steppers

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i thought the gif rewouund i didnt even realize first view
timecop: they used 0.1uF?
thats like 63khz
right because its just dc blocking
and if the waves are mostly sinusoidal going through, no steady levels for long duration, you dont need to go way low

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try that
you need F to be way lower than your signal
too high and you constant non-zero voltages will start to droop
fuck no, turn your shit into a sign way and wont be able to hold any sort of steady level
1/(2pi(1nF)(50r)) = freq
thats what they did
thats all the last cap sees
all both caps see
if you want to be more tech about it, double the value for both caps
theyre effectively in series with 50R
the 1M and 10k-105k look like brick walls compared to the 50R
thats fiberglass!

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1/(2piRF) = cap
you have to use the resistors on both sides of the line, like if theres 100R before a long run and 100R after, use 200R
frequency, fool
you have to make it way above your switching freq because its a sine freq
and squared digital signals look like crazy high frequency during transitions
1nF doesnt sound too wrong
with 100R in series with or in parallel with input
you need to draw pic or something
wait you want a coupling hpf cap or a lpf cap after?
i thought you wanted a lpf after coupling

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my moms not jewish, tho
i loved avrfreak, too
he left me =(
you know how sometimes you are at a weird angle and there is a lot of lateral loading and then all of a sudden like, quantum jumped into butthole
ya like that but eyeballs
no of course not i kept them tied back with my hair ties
timecop: depends on terminating load
driven by low z buffer type shit?

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we still make fun of timecop
timecop is actually a lot more mature than zee
and timecop learns
this is why i says not to ban him in the first place
yeah because talking about electronics isnt something we do around here
i guess suggesting he find out the strain gauges source impedance as a first step is talking shit
well, saying hes less socialized than a timecop is kind of talking shit

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tell him need to learn about source and input impedance or hes not making a filter
maybe we should teach zeeshan what an application note is

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you mean variable, no?
theres prob an ic
he saved a whole pin dude
timecop: they prob make it, ill bet on 2.5x more than you want/need it to cost

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yeah i laughed at that last year
dig that tenth pF precision
someones gotta do a usb relay switched version
0.1uF MLC in an epoxy dot
prob some lever converter

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blackmoon: the RF guys at exjob would have me rework sub 10pF caps onto their antennas boards
it was just goofy
they would be like 3.3pF didnt work must try 2.2pF! antenna will live!
and 0402 inductors that were like, a squiggle trace on a tiny pcb with two tiny vias
shit looked like a scam under a microscope

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else you basically shoot for the moon
but rab has like 3x the actual experience and actual people skills
except when they treat you how you think its to okay to treat people, then ya flip out

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also you would have to barrel dolly the cap around
it discharges too fast, really
hes so cute in his ass kissy phase
blackmoon: ikr but like wtf!
i dunno if they still do it, but a few people confirmed
and bose is high volume, so it might have been a huge deal
youre not even out of audio
you could do anything with an opamp almost and it wont bite you
you need the source impedance of the strain gauges to make any sort of reasonable filter

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ltspice and filter calcs ftw
its enough and its small and now to cheap not to use
pimps 1uF||.01uF
rab: bose wont use them
i shit you now, they bant 0.1uF
i think so
they got fucked on sourcing
and dont trust them because its basically a piratable commodity
yeah its crazy, but it makes sense
its the most common capacitor in the world
so its probably the most pirated cap in the world
its fucking insane
but it makes sense

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send it to a pcba house
it would be a bit sad but i bet they wouldnt even charge much its so simple, heh
audio can be kind of easy for this reason...

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i dont seem to have knee issues
i get a hip thing that might be related to bikes but i doubt it
rab: honestly riding bigger bikes with shittier brakes and little cranks is fuckin scary
like, i feel like im riding on something, as opposed to controlling something
no its just the weight thing
tho yeah, ive had drivers pull over and tell me my bike is awesome but i should slow down because yeah out of nowhere zoom

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and then i want to eventually get aluminum bars and forks and maybe hub
man fuck i never learn
bike stole first semester at a school notorious for it and i want to build another racebike =(
right i had a cable lock
because i would never leave the bike out late and friend made the good point that i spend good ching making it crazy light
why buy a 3lb lock
also i was in a hurry and maybe hooked into one of the boken rack loops
rab: i just stand up, going about the same speed
dude i ride bmx
those hipster race bikes are almost the same thing except i can wobble my bike
use my arms to tilt the bike to bring the pedal up into my foot
its totally eliptical
you cant do that on tall frame street bike

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like, so i either do that, or the long crank long gearing thing again
but i almost fear if i lose weight, the long crank thing wont get me going as well anymore
rab: pretty reliable? like 2-3 years?
i dunno man my last bmx was so light, it was easier to pedal slow up a hill than walk, i dont see how spinning legs fast would make it any better
you havent had to open it up for anything? you ride it pretty often, no?
also convince me to buy a turbo 740 or similar instead of a 1st gen miata
i dont want you to buy almost i think you could
sounds like it
so i think i want to get cheapest 6061 frame 24" bmx i can
and get 180 or 185 cranks and gear it crazy long like past bike

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skate bearings are pretty sexy
more than bike bearings for sure
man i miss bike
rab: did you have shimano shifter hub?

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if you could sandwich filament tc wire between film layers, get a near airless gap, i would maybe trust that
but i dont even know if filament tc wire exists
two sheets of .004 film shouldnt be hard to source but heat bonding might not be easy and chem bonding changes too much
and any gap is going to up Rth, but i think that gap around tc might be negligible because surrounded by a fairly insulative material directly adjacent to ungapped material
i should patent filament tc cable doped film

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depends on opacity of film and and for absolute temps they suck on anything that isnt flat black
you can calibrate
like thermocouple a point to get a known temp, and then correlate temps based on that
we had a FLIR tech at exjob, i gave him sadfaces with all my conflicting data
if you could find filament tc wire, and sandwich in the thermal adhesive, i would trust that because mass versus copper and steel is nothing and theres already a gap and heat diffusion from the paste
but the film would be hard
because even a CA glue dot is going to be huge compared to the mass of the film

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dunno that sounds right, the film is splitting the diff
always best
thermocouple prob effect the local temp way more than the film =\

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ow man that last one hurts
blackmoon: its a kick mic
at firsat i was like, hey thats way to close thats gonna hit the skin
then i was like, awesome

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im finding useful subject matter

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because they put a whole computer and high power 4g transciever and nuclear power cell into the webcam just for that
why is there a dog show in the topic

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you fuckers never stfu

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