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if youre trying to track the temp of surrounding copper areas
so maybe he knows that and hes worried about reflow profiles
monkeyisl: more words
type them

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rab: tecan beat you
and i <3 the last line in that article
like, each use is minimum $20
well, test use at least
monkeyisl: you maybe dont want to use thermal pads

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heatbed = heatsink?

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teachers who release assignments as doc should bant

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monkeyisl: neat, do you have to have the trace selected?

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maybe they tried to hack their cloud host
tecan: ya? interesting
both, i think its just my ribs

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my lower ribs hurt wtf is that

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would be spots where their skin would stick to the armor and then like prob steamed up everywhere else

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would get polycarbonate over silicone case
you take the power armor off when you use her, power armor is just to protect from space pirates

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then i gotta aim at titallt bar to close again
title bar
double squeeze phone to see time and notifications is habitual, i like side buttons, rear buttons are useless

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if my phone is on a table i would have to flip it over to vol control or screen blank?
it would wake in my pocket
or could just have button on the side
so i could use it
my phone is basically LG G2 with buttons on side
so basically you dont use the buttons and there is a soft workaround with slightly defeats normal screen blanking
buttons on the back sound awesome
blackmoon: 'it looks like were in someone vulva, which is the hallmark of a good game'
i dont think he was being sarcastic
psi: double tap on screen would false positive a lot
how would you know its in your pocket!?
or looking through my pocket?

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that phones bigger and a gen later and i doubt its significantly different
thats not that different
thats kind of comparable in the world of uncontrolled testing between two diff people
also anything your phone is better at is offset by the buttons being on the back wtf

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tecan: 'use' is kind of a random thing
like my nexus 5 will go maybe 2 days if im not doing anything with it, maybe 8 hours if im constantly doing stuff and listening to music
and maybe like 3 hours of phone

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readerror: i think it would break some of the more expensive programs
solidworks and one of the EDA things ive used defaults to IE, dunno if you can change easily

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besides just deleting shortcuts
only took 15 years
just tell her if she wants admin rights shell have to take them
timecop: does chntpw still work on win8?
i suck at chess
i havent
im waiting for 10, 8 is vista and me, its a skip windows
i wouldnt mind getting into backgammon again
something about drinking on a beach playing backgammon that just seems natural
i dont think there is any middle eastern communities hear so i could dominate
altho no beaches

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right but if you baby it it will probably last longer
they have good manufacturing
also my guess is cosmetics factor in to mac resale a lot more than anything technical
like one that has an infested glitchy OS install but is sexy will sell for more than one eith scratches on the bezel with a new install
theyre not bad hardware i dont agree with the cost
but they put the marketing behind them to justify the cost
prob because flash porn
im not careful about this shit at all and ive never had issues with my android stuff
like, i dont install stupid games
i dont mean in the literal sense
just porn clip websites in general
can you actually do that without breaking windows?

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yeah my guess is they hold value better than everything else
and thinkpads will be slightly better than dell/hp/asus
aerith_gx: no
i dont think itll drop 50% every year
i think itll drop like 25-75% just from you buying it and using it
and then depreciate slower year to year
and then stick at between $40 and $100
a random shit computer that runs is $40-100

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50% is prob a decent guess

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“Rowhammer” is a problem with some recent DRAM devices in which repeatedly accessing a row of memory can cause bit flips in adjacent rows.
hahaha that sounds baaaaad!
i wonder if its firmware fixable
isnt that already a thing?

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this has been how people hit me up for jobs or dirt on interviewees
well you dont have any connections
youre like me on fb
timecop: that pic is pretty cool took me multiple viewings to see the comparison to smartphone docs
you should print it 600dpi and walk to nearest art gallery
tho, in jp they maybe tell you they already had that in their gallery

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01:54 <@BlackMoon> Stiffness likely would be capacitance
stiffness is capacitance, industance is mass
like, you put current into a speaker coil, it energizes the speaker by stretching out the expensive
when you reverse the current, it keeps wanting to move out do to the mass
the resonance is basically the mass vs the suspension
er, energizes itself by stretching out the suspension
which is not the expensive part
oh i didnt see the top left until last
i was like, why are they wearing hoodies
i should totally post to my linkedin
that shit makes me money, troll away

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i like this dad
tekrad: it works but if i keep hitting it, it starts flipping the last windows i did it to on the other monitor
it like alternates, shrug
right cycles through them i guess, does what i need tho thanks

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timecop: how do i push windows to the back in windows
haha google comes back with how to get window with off screen titlebar back
in 2015 there is not some key combo to do this?
nice, ty
kind of does something weird but maybe because dual monitors

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