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that things old
so its either worn down project for <$500, or finished and way over $1000
after paying off car i want to look into little super motos
want like, motorcycle version of a 24" bmx
also ive decided fuck race bikes
its almost the same thing as a 24" bmx except you cant wobble while standing up
and with long cranks and gearing, wobble is huge
get my arms involved
and i dont like hipster wheels

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02:53 < macegr> possible scame for that cheap?
how the fuck is that cheap?
that does not look like a finished project, heh
at the very least
is the fork rusted?
the pedals are either muddy or rusted, prob both
yeah thats what i was saying

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hit each with a signal gen, other chan muted, been running them fine for awhile
whats that one?
i need money plans
i have like, money plan 1 and money plan 2
dirt bikes?
2 stroke stuff?

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yeah qsc is good stuff
i pulled the sub out of the system (has active hpf for the mains)

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seems fine direct in
stupid subwoofer
or stupid cables
accurate sound is no fun, def need sub

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think my left KRK is fucked

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i dont
i think you made them up.

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catbyte: that sucks
i have an analog scope with a vector graphics DSO mode, sometimes it flips out
like, only analog will work, and sometimes even analog wont work like trace is stuck
but then itll work fine, shrug
also the vert offset pots in dso mode are jumpy, fine in analog

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dunno, if you have the space its worth getting and checking for functionality
well get the thing, see if it works, and use it as a shelf until you need it

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do you have a storage scope?
i prob use low speed dso stuff for timing related stuff as i do high speed stuff to look at signals

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it needs 200sec to average a single point
yeah fuck laser scopes

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wtf 200 seconds latency
touch the knob, go get some coffee
hmm wtf

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ha looks all scenic then theres some big apartment looking thing behind it
also palm tree

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sculptor: ikr
waking up
dont feel hung over just feel slooooo...
sculptor: anymore puzzles?
getting busy?
thats good

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