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i have tile floors, that makes it okay to bypass the thermostat on my spaceheater, right?
doesnt have enough knob
pretty sure its tile over concrete, heh
im not between them
i dunno if the turnon squeeking is something about the resistance ribbons heating up, if the fan bearings make the noise, or theres a slipping bent inside
pretty sure its why this shit was $20

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gotta suck to be typecast as a kangaroo rat
i think ice-t is in it for ice-t, i dont really think he was ever going for anything else

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also, ice-t covered turned down for what
like, it was funny when ever protested the horrible gansta rap song cop killer
and we were like, wait this isnt rap this is hardcore punk
readerror: i just think its goofy and im happy to see ice-t still doing bodycount
but yeah the content of this song is not so deep
readerror: like, ice-t is trying to look all pimp but i just see him as a kangaroo rate in two 90s movies

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so its not like that as much anymore
and it will be less like that
because studios wont be able to charge as much if they want to stay around
and musicians will be able to do a reasonable job their damn self if they want to
again, lots of those 80s recordings sound shit
and pretty rooms cost a fortune, can make a decent room for few hundred
OC703 is cheap
again, my point is you dont need a $300k studio to record music

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i dunno man you listen to a lot of those 80s albums and im pretty sure most producers would consider quite a lot of it done wrong
prob how long it takes them to actually afford the shit

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timecop: what?
i think thats the BASH amp version
well, if you consider electronic music production, really i dont think youre correct
also, lots of high end studio stuff can be done with sampling and synthesis, eliminating session players and recording time
like, i seen producers on keys pull some pretty elaborate shit out of their asses
and that couldnt be done 30 years ago
so yeah on average, i dont think production is as much of a production as it was
it can be, there are more tools now, but it doesnt have to be
sure, but how much stuff is good stuff?
i <3 punk music, that shit dont take ages
bad is pretty subjective
and lots of it is hella technical

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mp3 is about the same as a dubbed tape
its not a copy
and the fact that the music industry is selling mp3 is sad
its a pretty good replica in many cases
never has been for normal people
hella all music was shit quality 40+ years ago
and yet people enjoyed music
like, im a fan of clean recordings and reference systems
but its not what makes music good
good music is good on a shit boombox
and good production doesnt take millions of dollars anymore
it doesnt take 4 levels of management
catbyter: actually i would maybe doubt that

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suing kids didnt work out
honestly, ill never respect the established record industry again
fuck the mpaa
fuck the riaa
never stopped
the only non digital music i own is vinyl, heh
mix tapes, yo!
you could put a soft start on its output
it might alrready have one, or some sort of current limiting
catbyter: you cant copy moments
not the same as being there
because corporate america sold it to them

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i have an issue with everyone ripping off artists, but thats what the industry has been doing forever
and now its crumbling, and people are sad, and some people are saying its going to kill good music
people who want to make music will make it regardless
other people will support them if theyre good
the industry as is makes way to much money, people who arent musicians are making way more than the artists
catbyter: right, if huge paychecks go away, and artists have to struggle to get by, thats art man
shit aint supposed to be easy
dont like it, write a song about it
how did they lose that right?
if they can make a business model thats supports themselves, theyll make money
catbyter: the little people never made shit from the industry
most couldnt even afford to make albums until digital music happened
tons couldnt even afford music, period
better for music companies
well i guess theyll have to figure something out, huh

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the industry has basically overdshadowed the artist
no, i just propose one where people dont make as much money off artists
and where things are probably more localized
and more things may have less explosure
and more people will have less
versus some have way more and other nothing
i dont have a problem with people getting paid for art
ive paid for art i cant afford
i have friends who make art who are crazy poor
so there will be no more bette middler?
how much has she been paid already for her music?
well, shit i listened to they almost never got paid for music
they got paid for shows
again, if the industry crumbles, it doesnt kill music, it just kills the music industry
i wouldnt
im not an artist, dont have the balls honestly
i dont think musucians made as much as the people running shit
when did i say i had no issue with spotify ripping off artists?

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like, the arti is creating and performing music
right so its industrialized, its not so pure in expression
performance art is different
youre paid for creating a moment
thats what music was traditionally for thousands of years
lots of the shit i listen to never made much on sales
they busted their asses to get booked to not really be famous to pay a few bills
so i mean, if artists earning bank for recorded music goes away, im okay with that
if the industry goes away, im okay with that
music wont die
dunno, these things are ripped off well
cars designs and such
moves and music industry are similar

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yeah but thats not art
graphic design not so much
technical art, but its not really purely art
right, im not a huge fan of ultra produced music
well, its production based on art
the musicians for the most part are artists
producers are technical
the ID guys? yeah fuck those guys
well you can be an artist at what you do, im not going to dispute that, its not like i dont aspire to that
but like, if you want to be an artist, purely for expression, generally youre going to struggle
well, i think thats part of the problem
an industry was built on capturing moments by fabricating them

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im like, shouldnt you guys offer stickers? the backlit symbol is wrong on hundreds of thousands of units now =\
because muting wouldnt stop streams
so you go to use your spotify at work and it bitches its being used at home
well, someone has to =\
because the business was never setup like that when things were good
and now things are not good
and people in charge arent just going to like, give up their expensive suits and exotic cars
in the end it means a lot more musicians have to perform to make a living
and i dont think thats a bad thing
they want to be artists, suck it up
almost no other medium has the expectations of pop musicians
you dont get into stage acring or ceramics or glass blowing because you think youre going to get rich and famous

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and its only maybe 6-10db too loud, so its not a crisis kind of an issue
not so much, on a 50-60db scale
but yeah def noticable, i feel like at lowest setting, 10ft away, i shouldnt really hear it
also the steps are different depending on controller
so on one you maybe step 2db, on another under half db
been a lot of updates in the last year so maybe thats sorted
its like how the LED indication colors and patterns dont exactly match on all the players
basically, they hire a new user experience guy and dude feels like he has to change something
im pretty sure thats how lots of it went down
so its close enough, but its not the same
but they dont want to change stuff like that
*but* they changed everyones mute button to a play pause button

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and im like, guys this is genius
too complicated for sonos
you want to be able to set a custom sleep timer? instead of whatever 4 increments they give you?
tough, sonos user doesn want '...'
'...' is too complicated
yeah pretty much
theyve added a lot of those features, tho
like multiple user accounts per streaming service, multiple households per controller
we were basically told it wasnt worth the time to add a feature that only engineering would use for test systems
then netflix did it
yeah man doing that was a 20 page powerpoint that went nowhere
and my 2.1 is still too loud on lowest setting
right like if im 2ft away and i have neighbors

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a lot of time, there are little problems and UI/UX will ask engineering how to fix
and they dont really understand the solutions
so presentation of solution gets long, ends up going nowhere
result it, lowest volume setting on my 2.1 system isnt low enough
oddly this has been a problem with product management at every company ive been at
not enough knob problem
'i want the volume to be straight up with my ipod, this pro audio cd player, and this dj mixer'
and you kind of want to slap them because clearly they dont understand the purpose of it being a knob
well one competitive product, kind of mid tier, dont remember the name
but they just had dBFS settings for min and max volume
was set 0 and -60 by default

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like, i can def talk a decent amount of shit about the company, but none of it has to do with the product or how they treat customers

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sonos runs hundreds
on the playbars, they gave employees initial retail production, almost 400 playbars
customers basically got 2nd batch, so bit more consistent that if they had just shipped
they spend a fuck ton of time streaminging UI
a lot of ideas engineer had were kind of pushed aside as not dumb enough
*streamlining, *engineering
time for sleep

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QA department is prob biggest part of their success
higher production quantity than anything i was ever involved with, its pretty nuts
cool thing is when there are problems, theres a fuckton of data to figure it out
like, pro audio stuff i worked on, prototype runs would be a few dozen

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mechanical packaging on the playbars and play:1 is tight as fuck, cable routing and service loops were drama, ID pretty obsessed over gap and step
like, the pretty much redid initial production on the playbars over and over until gap and step were perfect
like, they were up to 7 production ptotoype builds or something, last four were cosmetic, and youd have to have feeler gauges and magnifying classes to tell the diff between the last few
its a cool company, major growing pains, and theyre top heavy in terms of management versus grunts
driving their engineers insane, but the end result is pretty cool
yeah, theyre trying to build talent infrastructure
but a lot of their engineers were managers and vp, if not running companies, in their past positions
so like, fuckton of talent, but sometimes their solution is to just have meetings and make spreadsheets

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also i <3 my car and tires, 200 miles in the rain, only a few seconds of hydroplane
heh, the details are kinda nuts

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i dont condone their behavior but cool song haha
hes got bakin soda
blackmoon: got like 5 hits on the other sonos thing, already delivered, collected

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guy 120 miles away wants the other sonos thing
hydro is great for potency
but the hydro nutients are basically heavy suspended metals
so besides the nitrogen phosphase and potassium...
calcium, magnesium, boron, chlorine, cobalt, copper, iron, manganese, molybdenum, zinc
just reading from the side of what i have here
64C is probably fine
you should check to see if there is a derating curve
if max current is at max temp or nominal temp

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and doesnt take an hour to happen and last 10 like edibles
i drink coffee too
it definitely is
it jacks your tolerance way up, but even then, decent wax if im doing little dabs last me twice as long for the money
i dont have a tv
and if i did it would be for blu-rays
were proud of you
heavy metals, tho
hydro bud is supposed to be way higher in heavy metals than outdoor stuff
you gotta smoke like 4 to 10 times more, tho

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if i get another flower vap im getting a pax
shit works, its like a vap bros without the learning curve, and its portable
requires maintenance and spare parts, only downside
yeah dont get it
kind of sick of spending money on dab rigs
but it works
arizer extreme g is pretty cool, built in fan, feedback temp reg, can do whip or balloon, has a remote
but i didnt like how it was vertical, i didnt like the included whip so i used a standard one, so weed sometimes would fall in
i think same with my friends, his fan died
wax on a dabber, heating the nail
flower vaping is prob cleanest
dabs can cut through tolerance pretty well tho

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i think its hard because you cant just use resistance wire
like, not enough heat, soon as you get neat the nail itll sink the heat off
so you need to heat something up, like a ceramic stuck or who knows
and that even kind of has the same problem
i dunno
i guess, just under red heat
something like 400F is prob enough
people use ceramic soldering elements for heating flowers
instead of bics or bee line
look into e-nail
i think it was highly educated who was developing it, sounds like the engineer they worked with screwed them and took the design someplace else, and it never worked perfect

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hell my speakers in junior high were complete shit compared to me headphones, still loved them
tecan: sucks
jezus fuck man
first one breaks so you contribute more money?
buy a mech mod
you didnt put the 18650 in backwards?
well, shatter and oil mostly

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what2do: a flac will
by definition
and 320kbps mp3 will be virtually identical, even if you could ABX, you prob couldnt tell which was the mp3 and which was the uncompressed audio
what2do: modern music has been mastered for digital since like the 80s
320 is
128 is trash
192 starts to get decent
320 is pretty much reference grade, its not great for storage but if thats what you got, its fine
what2do: dude, lossless codecs been in heavy use for over 10 years
a wav file is identical data to cdda
a flac file is data compression
unpacked, its exactly the information on the cd
pretty sure both formats have checksums for verification
and good compression, which doesnt mean default mp3 128kbps, is decent
way better than FM radio
everyone rocked out to FM radio

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because triamp speakers with dual subs or because 7.1 with passives
be a cool stereo A/B/C/D setup
well no soundcloud for you i guess

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what2do: so what kind of speaker cable do you use
heh, exactly

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my gentoo shit ran awesome
this was before they actually had an installer, and you had to install from bash on a livecd
better for learning the shit than LFS, because afterwards you have a system and enough packages to actually do something
you can play from local
and on ios you can use it like a soundcard
stream all audio to it
also PLAY5 and CONNECT have line-in
they still sell cds?
wtf man are you living in 2002
wtf is a high end cd player
one that the drawer doesnt wear out in 5 years?
because that would be mad progress in home audio cd player
um, k
tape is pretty shitty for fidelity
not much use outside of a studio

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and you use other devices as a remote for the speakers
like, you can turn all your other shit off, or leave your house, and the speakers will keep streaming
also they can sync damn near perfectly, so you can buy two and stereo pair them
or just rock the same shit in your entire house
you used to have to have one sonos device plugged into your network with ethnernet, 'first wire'
you could buy a $50 bridge (new ones called boost) to be the first wire
but they just dropped that requirement on smaller networks

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not as fast as theyd like to at least, but whats new
not like its an amp with some blutooth module strapped to it
and i doubt music services will change their API just so it works with your shit
malaysia is gone
no, they just closed that office down
engineering is in cambridge and santa barbara
but everyone wants to be in santa barbara
everything else is marketing, sales, logistics, china offices are manufacturing support
the sonos speakers stream direct from the services

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this guy
i dont have passive speakers, and its not really a general purpose test amp, and it doesnt have signal level outs
ikr, but so do people in san jose with money
i dont really like bridges
you cant make sonos
my guess is youve never used it
haha like 100 genius engineers cant make sonos right now

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san jose is a bit nuts
even for extra money
and i do not want to drive through the bay area for any reason ever, really
theyre not californians, they cant do roads for free, they can fuck themselves
their english would be better
also there is a phone number with a san jose area code
amplifier, streams shit from the internets

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whatever i need the money, 5% is annoying but i dont want to drive 500 miles
so options are paypal, or bank shit which is worse
right but i suggested paypal
and they have to prove it doesnt work
and they have to send it back to me
yeah it turns in to a dispute
ive won ebay disputes
im shipping them shit
what effort are they making
yes, sucks but 200 miles and i didnt think this would sell quick
have to hold on and relist in LA
worst shit can happen is a paypal dispute
its at half retail, so they can if they want to sit on it
im lazy and procrastinate so i dont have these options
right i would have driven to sac

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trip out i sold the little 100w sonos amp in under an hour
paypal from san jose, we'll see if this goes down
what does that mean
not like, in a general sense, like in context of 100w streaming amps
its craigslist, i listed 90 miles away, first hit was 200 miles away
not pleased, because sometimes people cant figure out sonos stuff
and they want to give it back because they didnt factory reset it or something
it works but its not exactly retail, heh
yeah turbos work because like 20krpm
right because 20krpm

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and we use it to clean friction surfaces
thats comforting, i think

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that might be the p1
mclaren, prob somewhat based on the F1 car tech
they have a motor on the turbo to modulate boost and do recovery
like, it doesnt have spool up problems
because the motor kicks it on
well it could be a clutch on the compressor
not like thats complicated, theres one on every fuckin air conditioner ever
right thats maybe what dudes friend meant
by a switch for the supercharger fan
and yeah, as far as fans working for compression, turbos are fans
theyre not sealed compressors, i think turbos win the boost wars by far
just because they spin so fucking fast
brake cleaner is same shit, bit worse

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i dont think its sinigifcant when all the air going same direction
right wont go backwwards because engine is sucking
and for a very open fan i think you would have to spin the fan very very fast, wasnt a very realistic example
but i mean, whatever your blower setup is, you can stick a motor on it
you can run an exhaust turbine into a generator and use it to run a dc motor on an intake turbine
also turbos arent sealed compressors, theyre fans
and turbos can make a fuckton off boost, because spinning fast as fuck
well, they have electronic clutches and bypass setups to reduce or eliminate boost
yeah i dont think they means a fan
i think thats just the word he used for the supercharger

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i liked the purple stuff
its no diff than the turbo setup
you can increase or decrease the supercharger speed with a motor
and when youre not using it, you can use its spinning mass for energy recovery
no an electric motor
would have to be clutched else youre just doing ghetto hybrid
it can be
move, compress, you spinn a fan fast enough itll do the same shit

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why would size matter
why would you want to use variable dc control for a larger motor
energy recover, boost reduction or increase
'torque fill' in mclaren terminology
they do it in F1
with turbos
dunno man, pwm can mean a lot of things
yeah, broke
also away from home for a month
so gotta wait until im at new place
yeah i almost got some but was like, oh just 15%
made big pitcher of strong white iced tea with what i have left

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eck0: i feel like in 2014 itll be even worse than i remember it

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i want to watch point break
=\ =\ =\

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warts dont smash or block
yeah nice to be able to kind of group cords
easy to pull in ohshit situations

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iv used their long wide spaced ones
great for back edge of a bench

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if youre power conditioner doesnt have isolation transformers, its prob just a power strip with a consumable transient supression device and maybe some ferrites or tiny caps
basically, if the shit doesnt weigh a ton, its prob just a fancy power strip
tho, sometimes fancy power strips can be nice
especially when they have rack mount ears and little pop out panel lights

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i guess because how hard water doesnt absorb soap and kind of beads up on skin more or something
i just thought it was funny
he, and yes
rab: yeah i guess because soft water wets better
i assume thats what he was talking about
i like it when my soap works
also i usually just let my dishes air dry after hot water, which wasnt pretty with hard water
was like, fuck do i have to wash them again? but washing again didnt help unless scraped the mineral stains off
if the shit doesnt weight a ton, prob not

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the idea that people get their water from dirt is totally alient to me
youre supposed to get your water from tubes that go over mountain with pumps on the other side
somewhere on the other side theres like, colorado or something
SB was way hard after who knows how much processing
all my dishes had water stains, came off first rinse at new place
santa barbara
cachuma is local reservoir, pretty much dried up
so i imagine theres a ton of silt
asian coworker thought it was weird, 'the water here just falls off my baby' or something

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$lpm, &rpm
im not sure but i think pacman i how it was originally taught to me, heh
dunno people think #electronics is smart so we get some weird random questions
its like 30% arduino, 30% consumer electronics, 40% what
yeah i never even touched one, honestly
i keep seeing them like, i should buy that shit and learn so the maker fucks dont think im a tard
but then its like $30 and im like jezus fuck man
rab: or like, i can just use an avr

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so > 750V is less than 750V
well youre wrong
well i was wrong
well english is left to right
if this was isreal maybe youd be right
it would be weird in isolation
750V >
that would confuse people
look man its a pacman
it eats the big side
because pacman is hungry
i dunno how else to explain it
just remember pacman and you will be okay
pacman dont eat twinkies when there is pizza

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more than 750 volts?
no i doesnt depend on person
> is greater than, < is less than, from left to right
the open end points to the big side
because its big
the closed pointy end points to the little side
because its little
and yes, it depends on where the darn number is put

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why dont you just use some schottky isolated batteries in parallel with the psu
psu goes away, batteries hold the pi up
put a schottky on the psu output to make sure it doesnt pop from reverse voltage
wait that might be option two

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but in arrays, you have full frontal surface radiation, and theyre not working hard enough to distort, sound beautiful
dunno if worth the money tho, heh
2000W driver and youre putting like 200W into it

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dont think 150db would kill you
you wouldnt be able to hear great if it was sustained noise
if it had transients, maybe just wouldnt be able to hear =(
dunno, 130+ is pretty typical for single live sound speakers
so 8 1000W speaker buckets, and you have 150dB
and that strikes me as unsafe but not lethal
you back off on power, and the LF system isnt working at all
if its tuned reasonably, itd sound very very clean
excursion is distortion
like, folded horns usually sound ass by themselves, and the application is questionable

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maybe he had too much
is that wood?
that would be so car audio if that was wood
wonder if that drove to the event
rab: im sure there are plenty of other things to fail before the alt bearings
gut feeling
yeah cant you tell from the windows
thats so when you are ejected from your seat you dont go through the windshield
one hopes it sounds decent
but usually all they care about is dB so all sorts of peaky cabinet designs
its prob actually capable of that =\

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wonder how well that deals with variable loads
yeah but its predictable, subwoofer paramaters are somewhat controlled
and never purely inductive
rab: some of them prob way more =\
car amps are kind of ass backwards from most of audio
they dont overrate power, they underrate a lot, to be more competitive in competition
i guess dB drag wins sell amps, or used to
4R is typical car audio load
so youd need a bigger amp
also lots of them wont do max load into anything except 2R or 1R
but they prob exist
z is all wrong for audio but thats pretty neat

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so cerwin-vega had the shit everywhere
everywhere else is like, FUCK HOW DO WE TEST 1000W AMPS
simple answer, is with $500
well its hard to find 1% lightbulbs
just use 20
nothing about specing amps repeatably involves speakers
speakers arent even a single resistance
i dunno how you would tolerance them
like, as is, typical speker is like 8R +/- 1000% in its freq range
i dunno how linear thats gonna be, heh
hey man gotta make sure it survives
someone gonna put a halogen bulb on their amp
not like customer service gonna know what to do

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5% no drift
blackmoon: giant heatsink
or water cooling, heh
i mean no drift spec, not like, 0ppm
prob a 100C part with good rth to ambient
haha at mounting slug 3x the volume of the resistor
enclosure looks $20 if youre lucky
i dunno man ive never thought of myself as saving money when i buy heatsink resistors =\
supposedly in the 70s and 80s this shit was cheap as fuck
$200 resistor for $20 type shit

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dog turds are cheap but tolerance usually sucks and drift not so great
and cant heatsink
buy nichrome wire
cut to length
the temp drift prob happens all at once and stabilizes

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or buy a lot of these and some 1/4" aluminum plate
youre gonna need a lot if you need various currents, heh
man cerwin-vega had so many of those
4x 250w on 18"^2 1/4" plates
and i would use multiple assemblies like that to test amps
i had to make something custom out of 1000W dog turds to test the china factory QSC clones
4 series/parallel resistors big like my arms
dog turds
wavy resistance wire around ceramic tubes, dipped in enamel

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burger ring is huge
readerror: 2000W of proper mounted 1% heatsink resistors
i dont think dog turds will work
that seems a bit manual

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not since grade school, haha
1) put name. 2) read entire test 29) only do steps 3 and 5
that should be done to everyone least once
he does non calculator tests to
so lots of shit that looks mind blowing simplifies to almost nothing after first step
like, 3/4 of the terms will cancel or end up being 1 or 0

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because the big radius makes a right triangle with the little radius and half the height where it intersects the sphere
fucked, i could of got that, i prob had 30min when i left
hell laugh to because i drew the big radius as horizontal and vertical instead of where i needed it
oh well, enough points to pass
he curves, too
pretty sure, im good at tests
sweep through em, get all the easy points
2nd pass, do the ones i know, but will take time
3rd pass, do as much of the ones i dont know as i can, maybe figure out on the way
4th pass, stare a lot, scribble some shit, guess, whatever
when kids complain about failing because they for tripped up on one problem, im blown away
tests are almost never increasing in difficulty, bad move to do them linear
right exactly
gotta draw a picture? fuckit do it later even if easy
cool teachers will do that shit on purpose, heh

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omg is over
also i got california burrito
a lot of it, enough to pass
not really
height and radius of biggest cylinder volume that can fit in a sphere
hes going to be annoyed i didnt get that one, hes put that on like two exams before the final
i couldnt remember the trick i did before to relate the radius of the sphere to the height of the cylinder
i got it right on a homework but didnt do it the way he did it
ah fuck

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oh neat
kbbl calc final

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yeah enough silicone sheet for a gasket will be pricey
and you wont use 90% of it =(
also maybe consider purchasing a vacuum chamber for stoners
rab: wouldnt want to use something non continuous
but yeah mmaybe not a problem at pressures he needs
silicone bead might be enough
yeah sounds good

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yeah modded pelican case or catering tray + gasket prob best bets
and my guess is you cant use the cheapest catering tray
rab: that doesnt have the vent?
says without foam insert
dunno if they mean vent or edge gasket
so maybe replace edge gasket if its not alreadty closed cell or solid

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theyll have stuff you can cook with tho
like, giant trays for catering businesses, they use those over ranges to cook big batches
those maybe have features on the rims of the lid that keep you from easily using your own seal?
im not sure theyre made with vacum sealing in mind, they might even be made to equalize pressure differentials =(
yeah it says open cell foam
so youd have to replace that
also handles are rivited?
cant tell
yeah but i dunno if theyre made to seal under massive pressure differentials
i would think theyd be made to survive that by equalization
well, pressure cookers and shit
i guess my reference is stoner chemists, prob not the same need for sucking out food bags
pressure cookers with 1/4" tempered glass lids, usually

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yeah, same issue as my air spring ideas, clamping is a product of vacuum
but yeah, fab some brakets, couple spring loaded solenoids in parallel
and the vacuum chamber can be whatever you want
maybe a heavy pyrex baking pan
silicone rubber is cheap, easy
you can get foamed silicone rubber
yeah its way lighter than the solid stuff
yeah you need something big
maybe check our restaurant supply
like stainless catering trays
the catering tray lids

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because the other side of the pressure cooker is in the way
pressure to actuate?
sealed air solenoids connected to nothing might work, heh
kinda automatic, timing would be a bitch
heh, pressure working on linear pneumatic actuators, they would just open or close automatically depending on pressure
silly idea
i just dont know the level of drama and auomation you want to put into this
pair of solenoids to clamp the silicone bar would work fine
yeah thats the challenge
i think everything else you can figure out quick
if you hair air springs and opposing springs, the air springs would act automatically
but it would be a bit of drama because closing related to pressure and maybe that doesnt work all applications
seals before complete vacuum
but straight forward, no drama, a little fab for brackets and shit, just use solenoids
and you just have to seal couple wires
rab: haha

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silicone bar makes the vacuum thing harder
non flat thing to seal, orings and reference tables or trial and error, i imagine
right, but you need to control external somehow
so if its not timed, you need an sealed mechanical interface to the outside, i would just thing some cylinders on both ends of the bar
chamber, bag doesnt matter thats just what bags you buy
pressure cookers are just a flat seal
i think a cooler would implode
average cooler, some classic brands are thick enough maybe
right but how do you actuate the sealer
yeah i think thats the challenge
if its something electronic, like times or on a switch, no problem
drill holes, epoxy
something mechanical, i would think two stainless bars with matching orings and holes
which might be trouble
seating features for the orings wont be trivial
you dont have a ton of thickness on a pressure cooker to work with
also machining the inside surface, the easiest solution, isnt easy

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pressure cooker
thats what the stoners are using for processing oil
theyre not so big
i dont think so
impulse sealer is just a low duty heat strip?
okay so silicone has some sort of external or timed control
is it silicone or silicon?
right i seen lots of those
srtandard issue for small food business

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ok nothing like that will happen here

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man fuck the thermostat on my heater
shit keeps turning off
needs a tile floor suicical mode

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