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i dunno what that means
all this weather shit is new and exciting
well not gone completely
was there like, here, then it was here for real, now it is just hear again
big stream through the middle of school is neat
heh, tree fell and knocked down one of the bridges couple months ago
but ya is all big while it rains, is neat
gonna get washed away to sacramento oh no

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crazy rain went away

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omg raining
its coming down sideways really hard
gonna smash the road and sidewalk or something

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gpf: ha, cool

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with herro kitty accessories!?

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Does anyone actually like this garbage? The standards of music has heavily decreased if this is considered music. This is just racist noise. Where are the bohemian rapsodies of the 21st century?
white guy calling it racist

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moderator of r/music does not appreciate it

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i like this guy

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yeah but you bend over your keyboard instead
itll be nice when they make good neural interfaces and you can just sit back and stare all day
you would just have to change your facial expression sometimes

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sounds like they are running at max efficiency!

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brit parliament?
those guys talk too much shit to get anything done
very entertaining tho
and PM's questions is cool, we should do that in america

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