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think my cards are like $300
and if i got a quadro itd be a cheap one, i dont need the shit to happen fast
glas i got this job, will be able to upgrade pc
fuck i gotta get a temp storage locker
really nervous about leaving all my stuff here for a month while im gone
maybe stash away the pc, audio gear and records

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why not
i might just use another pc for rendering stuff
tekrad: no specific reason, just seems cool to be able to

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tekrad: can i use it headless just for rendering?
i was wondering if i could have a crossfire setup for games, and then have a quadro headless in another slot just for rendering

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tekrad: i wouldnt mind a quadro to do renderings

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i had two lines in my titleblock descriptions, and it wiped out the top line of every page, which was identical
i used to love acad
i honestly dont even know how i used it
like, i have no idea what my workflow was
like, wtf i already knew what everything looked like and how it was dimensioned before putting down lines?
well i went back and manually added the title i wanted and it stuck
now to edit sheet formats for 34 pages

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just using that for CAM
its pretty decent for that, UI is frustrating but every CAM app usually is
i dont like the 3d cad engine tho
it only does 2.5d
its good, though, ive used it
fusion does 3d toolpaths
is it free?
fusion360 is free for students and startups
why im using it
ive used a mastercam plugin for solidworks, like it a lot
more than using it native, but few people told me it can be crashy
readerror: yeah my mcam plugin is juarez
why i tried hsmexpress, and figuring out fusion360
wasnt sure

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solidworks is locking up printing my drawing set

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jezus fuck that makes my taig look huge
i hope you have the patience and skill to do multiple setups with that thing, heh
also the 4th axis sucks
if it didnt, it would be in the photo
you dont use it to fillet all your parts?
not so unconventional
thats just how machinists rolled before cnc
ghetto sine block

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i try and stay away from it
so much sugar, goes down so quick
its great for late night extended driving
easier on me than energy drinks for sure
i loved the green apple shit they had for a couple years as a kid
they brought it back year or so ago, omg so hard not to grab it everytime instead of unsweetened tea

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fuck i need to go get something to eat
fridge is so full of nothing right now
its ant food
when it came out it was some of the best shit you could get, heh
it was like, that or nestea
yeah i like it
white tea gatorade
i would buy it

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silver needles of fen qing, autumn 2013
ha i still have like a full bag of the green tea
threw away the black tea that tasted like wet dog smell to me
best iced tea

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i really liked the white tea i got
should grab that at least
the green tea was good, im just not a huge fan i guess
i should do it with apple juice
arizona red apple green tea is some crack
yeah i figured that out trying to insert a generic excel table
accidentally read the instructions to do that
yeah configs for stuff like that is neat
i download from mcmaster
since student edition doesnt have toolbox
instructor was like fuck yeah
yeah, they have solidworks native
looks like they were edited by multiple people
you have togo in and hide some of the ref sketches, but theyre good besides that
sec i check
yeah the leaves are still fuzzy

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timecop: now im a useful op instead of just a shit op
man so i double clicked an imported excel table in solidworks
and the shit like started shaking and toolbars transformed and all of a sudden i had excel toolbars in solidworks
this shit feels so dirty

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almost done with 34 page drawing set
for a lab of a 2 unit class, wtf

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well its hardly even 2015 anymore
er 2014
future honey so tasty
sculptor: did you see ladder logic project?
got it working, ty for halp
i didnt have bad batteries then to make the other eject actuator do stuff
heh yeah saw that
i had to add deflector to the thing to keep it from overshooting bin area and launching batteries at my nuts
seperate pressure regs for ejector and feed actuators is in list of improvements, heh

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`nico: pretending to be a mechanical engineer

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and it only does this with forarded mails?
or i have to change this depending on where i want to send from
yeah yeah if its not automatic would rather not do it
tho thats good stuff to know
also i need to reup tea soon
and i like the purple black tea you suggested best of the three black i got
its the default?
okay i maybe check it out, ty

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believe it did it when i set up both accounts in my phone gmail
because im not trying to manually check all the mail
then i have to login to the other to reply
i email from the first?
or it just uses the to from the forwarded email

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identity switching is broken in gmail?
how the fuck
logged out of gmail on personal account
and logout screens for school accounts pop up

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were ok
was not aware

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i got some 'soft' shell steak tacos
they wrap hard shells in quesadillas
and then
i didnt know it existed until 30 seconds ago
dont watch movies much

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its prob to keep poor people out of the city
fuck the bay area, learn to california
im never driving through again
5 to 156 to monterey and the 101

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man fuck the bay area
$30 fine for blowing past toll booths
im on a fuckin freeway doing 80mph and theres all this shit in the middle of the road obviously im going to go around

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