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you are not 91
or just under 2
yeah thats makes you 13/7

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yeah that Ipk shit usually dont fuck around
haha wtf

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timecop: ive used bk precision and some other budget pro gear with same blade shit
prob controlled impedance
theyre bulky as fuck

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would keep in case other thing breaks or is lost
zeeshan: rubber grommets, hot glue!
and a knot

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too cheap
that looks like a real lcr
the tweezers dont seem to do inductance
but $20, so kind of whatever
i wonder if thats a standard, other LCR ive used have those slot terminals
do you need the money?

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rab: i put one teste behind my back
i need to make some bike lights

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differential version of same chip is like $1 more
so prob like $80-100 in electronics to do a rack dsp
figure another $50 in chassis, times four, and you have retail price of most speaker managers
blackmoon was is the island
fuck it all anarchist island?
sick of waiting for trial she skipped out on bail and made her way to the island.

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usually the mcu guys and the dsp guys are not the same guys
anyway, all that shit is done with this platform
qsc took over the plastic speaker bucket market crazy fast on this platform
so yeah seeing how dsp companies do this shit, id kind of rather just do the easy thing
sure as fuck seems like more fun
$15 codec
so that board is almost $40 in primary ic

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was looking that up
blackmoon: its aimed at acoustic types, so yeah
but this keeps it cheap
$225 for 4x8 dsp system is hella fair for a speaker dev platform
thats not a problem really, thats way simpler than rolling a converter board plus buffers
right, like am i supposed to solder to those or what
but yeah, $23 dsp
youre paying for dev platform
do you know what happens at exjobs when audio engineer wants to change a thing?
its an inter departmental comm thing
not always
but if a tool is requested, that can be drama
and it may not allways work right
and if a programer leaves oh shit

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thats not bad
oh damn its turnkey, says 4 analog in and 8 analog out
unbalanced on stereo miniplugs
this is not sexy

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i love it when she does 'thus'
smegma or something, i dunno i dont have to deal with that
so i think i just get one of these sigma dsp things
and a bunch of adc and dac
and the ide is basically a rack dsp iu

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right click all the places.

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