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synth: unless im trying to glue it to itself, heh
cold was not a success, kind of got moresticky

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yeah the edges of cotton rags will do that too
i guess the thread they use or something

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i just want it to eat solid model files and export gcode, so cloud thing isnt a big deal
not like i will need to design speakers on mars anytime soon
i feel guilty because i am doing homework i want to do instead of homework i dont want to do
pretty sure im doing something wrong
rab: the wood gets in the acrylic or just scratches it up?
i dont care about cosmetics on this
yeah, im used more drama

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i think its optional
sec lemme try to save something, ive just been playing with CAM tutorials
but yeah i just regged with autodesk, it didnt ask for any verification
hmm looks like itll export to local, igs and stp
not sure about saving the project files local, so yeah you might be right about that
ha, yeah i just noticed a 29 days left on trial think in the title bar
clicked, radio buttoned 'Student, Teacher, Mentor", clicked accept terms and ok, trial indicator went away no drama no email

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but continuing the peel seems to work in dry
tho i think that may be the heat and not the water
i was thinking cold would keep the adhesive together and it would peel clean off
more than half is peeling okay once i get it started
denkishi: i would prob try bunch of alc first
or figure out what doesnt eat acrylic quickly
okay warm i got it to rolling into a thick edge
a 'peel front' if you will
going to freezer for a bit and see if this helps
rab: seen fusion360?

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rab: old paper and adhesive been fucked with moisture an oil wont peel clean
been using warm water to kind of get the adhesive to peel but where its to thin it gets gummy i have to scrub
maybe cold would work better?
yeah i was hoping not to scrub with chemicals but thats maybe where this is going
need to get some alcohol anyway
yeah thats how i clean up adhesive on little stuff
yeah its weird wet the peel seems to start better

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rab: the bad part is when i go to restaurants for breakfast, they askhow i want my eggs and i dont know what to say
sometimes they dunno what youre talking about
those are much better pics than your previous ones
and that might not be bad with some decent sausage
right but sunny side up is why i do basted eggs =/
fuckin tenjitsu is living in some ghetto noc
rab: lots of places ive gotten sunny side up, the whites arent even fully cooked on top

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yeah this is the same thing kinda
the other way is to spoon the oil or butter or whatever over the eggs
basted makes more sense with that method
this way, theyre fried on the bottom, and you can watch the yolks skin over with glass lid, and its not quite as evil
yeah i should get mine checked
usually pretty good on all that stuff, but i dont eat great

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if its not about eggs im pissed
he grows?
i have experience in growing so its prob better we dont talk about it
and yeah, wasnt about eggs
03:33:44 <ohsixI> you really need to evaluate if you are the troll in this situation, i'm beginning to resent being called one; i left originally so you wouldn't get some blowback from something else and it didn't seem to coutn for shit, you still wanted to wind me up
so i like mine basted
its kind of like sunny side up, but when the whites are fried up nice, you throw in few tablespoon of water and cover
and it steams the tops
so you get nice yolks without them being raw, dont need to flip
yeah its good!
really easy too
like, this keeps the runniness on the inside
he responded to my comment about eggs and i closed the window without checking

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thats a bit of a stretch to say because i said you werent something, i care about your job and what you do
you stretch things
little bit
timecop: omg he won
no he comes back and the bots just undo the bans =(
do you have thermocouple and a fluke?
a better fluke than mine, at least
well, honestly ive never cal'd an iron in my life
start low if it aint enough turn the knob up
if its wires or heavy connectors without a lot of plastic, turn it way up
thats actually pretty smart, but i dont have those things around, heh
water boils at 100C
thats my one reference =\
how many watts?
if its reggedand like 20-30 watts, its prob just not very useful unless close to max
fuckin ohsix messaged me

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convos with you generally suck
um, usually my 3d prints come from designers =(
because youre either a troll or an ass
this much is pretty much established
also you think car wind cleans roads
i like feeding trolls
why do you think timecop is here
or we both are, or all are, shrug
basted, yo
cool if we dont agree youll prob get banned
and chan can talk about something else with a lot less of an edge
or with you
you say people but i think you mean you
notice you havent said anything about eggs
and i like eggs
youre just bullshit about how to talk about eggs
i do?
i just said you dont seem like an speaker lab geek
because you said some shit thats typically laughed at in speaker labs

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so what blackmoon does, thats def not engineering i guess
i do not work at GC
i dont even like dropping money there
GC is the enemy, basically
rab: right
rab: so how many branch universes does each quantum wiggle make?
thats what i wonder
you dont deal in facts
youre just as much bs as everyone else in here
but youre an ass about it
and if youre going to be an ass, you should be more right, and more on topic
right but neither is yours
so its kind of a non issue
no im sayng my practicies and those of coworkers are valid examples
they dont need to be all examples
so what
im doing CAD homeworks very slowly
designers and engineers arent always the same thing
so why does what the design er say factor into this
also why do you expect me to stop what im doing to find a movie to watch just so i can continue a convo with you

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quick n dirty sometimes gets the job done
its design based on science
and risk decisions based im time and schedules
its the diff between scientific research and engineering, in my mind
sometimes its about glue
sometimes you want a good fastener, nice stamped piece
but that would take two weeks and you can get the glue tomorrow
thats some manufacturing engineering
but those guys arent real engineers, right
engineers always have to keep cost in mind?
so yeah, if to you means sometimes an accountant, sure
rab: i dont think its fininite
at least not right now!
because i imagine it actually does branch
i wonder a lot about the branching resolution
ohsixi: but right, what if it means you can only build a 100% safety factor bridge
instead of the 300% you wanted?
sure, they have air there
ive tested live shit from freezing to 150C
when GC starts selling there obviously

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and is supported by damn near everyone whose worked with the shit?
yeah im talking about industry standard machines
that are maintained with help from the manufacturers
used in a product dev environment
because you seem to think at my vacation, the problem is how long and how wide to make the tube
what we do isnt engineering, right?
your words man
i was talking about inspection, specicially
and my job was in an engineering lab where engineering is done
so only civil engineers matter?
and application of science depends on some sort of yardstick determined by who?

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so you think, in an engineering environment, you can model everything
literally everything
well in general
and youve put up knowledge?
well, okay heres basically what ive got from all this
ive related actual experiences with a range of 3d printing tech
youve made a bunch of general statements mostly abou hobby stuff and about making ID models
why does it have to work

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if you said you dont model the wires and shit, then its not that useful
dude when you attach schedule and budgets, sometimes you just cant
and i think that is what you are missing here
everything in engineering involves cost
again, youre trolling or kind of being narror or naive or whatever
im talking about something ive been involved with professionally for awhile and as a hobbyist twice as long
im not sure youve worked in consumer aucoustic products
i explained why
also you cant model everything it implies knowing everything

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how do decide where to put the wires
are yougoing to model a chinese line worker?
calculate the probabilities of foam application assymetries
well look you said its a dumb application for 3d printing because you can do everything analytically
thats what you said
02:22:33 < ohsixI> when you're talking about designing housings for sound you can do it completely analytically so even then i find it to be a really weak pro- 3d printer thing
so you said you can do it analytically
meaning prototype isnt needed
um, its a one off, its not production, its proto
typically not production is proto
you build 1000, if youre not selling them but theyre good, its production proto
and yeah, if you produce a model of something, the irl thing is the prototype
and the model is just the model
you cant model everything
it would take much longer than just fuckin doing it
and after modeling, you would have to do it anyway
not irl ohsixi
not everything

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02:42:06 < ohsixI> tbh i read into what you said that you were designing just the porting or tuned part with a 3d printer
dude, you do that with a cardboard tube after looking up some shit in tables that are like 50 years old if you dont have a spreadsheet handy
seriously, were not about the same thing
that guy doesnt even have a port
i supposed that means i should have done rmreconns before reconnecting
it doesnt
dude, youre trolling or youre not listening
youre talking about modeling ports
im talking about complete acoustic systems which include electronic assemblies and UI bits and who knows what other drama they come up with
that are ID driven so basically a mechanical nightmare
i never said you were too detailed i rabbed
i said you cant model the detail
you said you prob wouldnt model the wires
well the what the use is the sim?
the wires cause problems

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oh i rabbed when i read you
yeah backwards
rabbing or calling it rabbed
ohsixi: dude, circles aside, you said all the acoustic enclosure design can be done analytically
rab: okay but i dont think thats fair credit

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its dumb because too much shit changes too fast, there are to many variables because too many parts involved, and youd be suicidal to not test
any simulation done needs to be verified irl anyway, in in my experience, simulations either take bunch of time or money, and usually just say what you already know
dude a tuned pipe on a motorcycle is a tube
its not an acoustic cavity with circuit boards, moving masses, tons of diff screw torques, cast materials, lots of interference fit foams
well right, its a 2nd or 4th order filter in typical designs, and that means almost nothing
this is old hat, the issues are in the details
small turblences, how wires are routed, how tight something was screwed down
3d printed parts dont have the same characteristics so they dont work, and simulation to that detail is time consuming
wtf ohsix
engineering is about details, shipping a product is about details
top level is for the product guys
they love 3d printing
acoustic design of enclosures is details
but were not talking about details

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ohsixi: honestly for simply electronic enclosure design, why do you even need to prototype in 3d?
you can do that in cad, hit interference detect, done

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"we need more internal volume to hit low frequency output target and so the shit down fall over when the cat brushes against it"
"well, that changes all dimension and we would have to redesign the grill pattern, which is very hard!"
i actually got one to admit that in front of the project manager at a company party
02:22:33 < ohsixI> when you're talking about designing housings for sound you can do it completely analytically so even then i find it to be a really weak pro- 3d printer thing
haha, youre dumb
no offense, but thats a pretty naive statement
my guess is youve worked in audio r&d
i totally rabbed that one
*never worked, and i could qualify that better with acoustic r&d, but yeah saying you can do this all analytically without prototypes is dismissing a lot of realities

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there you go
you specifically said diy at some point
and used the word hobbyist
well, yeah three r&d labs ive worked at have had 3d printers, the other just had shit printed
not really, compared to ordering SLA and machined prototypes
acoustic waveguide development was the most useful thing for it
objet was good for cosmetics except couldnt hold paint well, made some people itchy to handle
was structurally a joke
yes the ID people like 3d printing
ID people tend to be detatched from reality
its their job
basically, people doing "design" were usually the enemy, for lack of a better word =\

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back already
i was mostly saying the same thing
as last time
im pretty broken record about 3d printing
01:53:35 <@renesis> also typically, asking people for their place of work in a public internet forum is a bit questionable in form
01:54:11 <@renesis> pushing for it after its been noted as such is a bit creepy
01:55:35 <@renesis> when he was arguing with me about 3d printing is awesome before, the disconnect seemed to be he was talking about $100-$1000 machines while i was talking about $10k to $200k actually used for working

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fuckin ups guy making me put on my pants
speaking of delrin, some just showed up

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when he was arguing with me about 3d printing is awesome before, the disconnect seemed to be he was talking about $100-$1000 machines while i was talking about $10k to $200k actually used for working
timecop: ur friend is so moody =(

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and objets are like owning $150,000 inkjet printers
same problems
but the parts are 100x the cost
and oh man, you thought paper printing ink carts were expensive...
cosmetically awesome, structurally a coin toss depending how well the UV shit has set (takes days, weeks, depending on parts)
still complete shit compared to machines delrin, nylon and ABS
last 4 jobs?
like, 4 or 6 of these machines
consumer product r&d labs
yeah but i dont like you very much so why would i try make you happy with decent responses
also typically, asking people for their place of work in a public internet forum is a bit is questionable form
pushing for it after its been noted as such is a bit creepy

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they raster shit out layer at a time so not a ton of back and forth, id think itd be harder on the X and Y
but yeah, def lots of wear
and 3d printing is so much shit compared to metal and machined plastic prototypes
its a lot less messy
thats prob one of the biggest draws
less mess, no sharps
like, i think in 10-20 years the shit will be a lot more useful
like, if you can get cast metal quality parts
rab: every job except very last one, i get handed FDM parts like FINISH THE PROTOTYPE RINAOW VERY PLS
hit it with a self tapping screw, breaks, drill it you got pieces on the first rev, try and load it way less than production parts and they give
cosmetically, theyre not sexy (SLA is very very sexy)
but if you want to print a chain that you dont have to weld that couldnt support an infant, 3d printing is best tool

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yeah would take awhile is the other reason
like 4x normal times on diy stuff im guessing
but machine will be unloaded so itll work fine
i just power jigsawed big chunk of 1" acrylic
i need a fuckin bandsaw
you have acme screws?
i dont think z moves a ton does it?

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ohsixi: i can go into radioshack and buy an extruder?
my headstock has little t-slots i was just going to try and use that
rab: i figure i can hack up the rest pretty easy, the whole xyz thing is taken care of
no image
but yeah, something like that i can just connect to put and feed filament through
that has mounting holes
okay so fuck radioshack, basically
ive wanted to for awhile but im not so enthusiastic about 3d printing

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8 year old have been into this shit almost 5 years now
kids at school want to 3d print everything
theirs looks like a baby statasys

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sometimes they dont work again
arizon red apple green tea is too good
so much sadness at the end

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yeah half second blinded after a loud pop
always fun
vaporized it
diy edm

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in a lab, someone will grab your xcelite/plato cutters and try and cut steel rebar with them
converting them into wire strippers
the cheap side cutters people dont steel as much
and when they abuse them, it doesnt matter as much
for personal use, its really hard to justify cost of good hand tools
those are the hakko cutters?
yeah i think same factoruy
heh, trying to pronounce that typo is fun
readerror: dod you pull the wire strands out like that?
or the spark blew them up like that
haha cool

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like, the better shit costs 4x, doesnt last 4x as long, both will do the job, both die if abused
you def feel more awesome using the better shit

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you can find that thing all sorts of brands/colors
expensive tools are nice but they dont always last longer
hand tools
mechanical stuff different
xcelite and wiha shit is neat but ive been in labs with cheaper shit and quality for smaller hand tools is comparable

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oh cool
yeah $1 would def be a winner if youve beat on them and they still work after awhile

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lower noise, higher reliability when cost is considered, and redundancy
regulators can osilate?
bucks start off oscillating
worse than most linears will ever oscillate, heh
yes itll make a ton, i was going for 1A per port
because thats what a lot of commercial ones are
readerror: do you know what freq that switches at?
1mhz min

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why would you buy counterfeit
and why wouldnt you use a fuse
dont buy from shit vendors and youll be okay 98% of the time
prob more like 99.999% of the time
if you consider part quantities
7 volts across the reg
so 14W at full load, on a big steel brace i thinkitll be okay
yeah i wouldnt have much of a problem using one
but this started as why would anyone use a 7805
because the shit fuckin works
revtom: two will, you can slave one
and you can get higher end vregs
tho at that point power is getting crazy
revtom: same shit
i gave reasons
well linear wont get rid of a lot of it anyway
its on the grounds
revtom: actually some of those were better choice reasons

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dc converters arent going to be as reliable, theyll be noisier, theyll prob be more expensive, they might not regulate as well with varying loads, if one port is blown all ports a
all ports are gone
if youre adding ports to your car, and not just doing a cig lighter psu, you can just heatsink the 7805 on dashboard bracing
if youre good at this shit, you could deadbug the things and get away without PCB or enclosures
its a fuckin car, theres a lot of shit making a lot of heat
2A ports?
78 series isnt going to do that

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honestly, i would just use multiple 7805

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not a lot
small fish tank pump is prob enough, thats kind of what the stations sound like
pump, some nichrome, thermocouple
you need to find a good way to cut the pressure
else its just gonna blow your shit every where =\

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readerror: dunno, ive never actually broken a hakko heater
and the tips are amazing quality for the price, more rugged than the inductive soldering stuff
but yeah metcals just work

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