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jezus fuck talk about some geek shit before i ban both of you

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readerror: compatible tips?
nice, like $200?
man both of you are kind of idiots
look there are always going to be fuckhead cops
because mostly fuckheads want to be cops
if race wasnt an issue in society they would find something else to key in on
it would depend on the situation
denkishi: its not what you are its your intent

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it doesnt matter
like, people burning shit in the streets, that matters
it means shit is bad and people are pissed
it doesnt have very much to do with the shooting, is just a trigger or excuse
well people are people
so it means theyre doing it for all sorts of reasons
or no reason

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anyway, people lie in court
all the time
both ways, thats not facts thats just some shit people said
someone got shot by a cop, happens to be white cop and black guy, and theres lots of people pissed off anyway
so they burnt it all down
shit happens this isnt that big a deal
los angeles is nicer now
no one even new where the fuck fergeson was before this
if its not relevant what are you arguing
whats in the video
nothing is without bias
when someone says completely unbiased, its totally biased

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i dunno man people get shot by cops all the time
did he even get shot like 40 times?
usuallt they get shot like 40 times
good aim
dude if a cop unloads its to kill you
thats how guns work
you dont mame people and risk getting shot
so like, 11 is kinda normal
they usually carry 15 round guns
thats why you keep firing
you dont know if you hit
its kinda dumb because who knows who else might be armed in the area
intelligent design proves aliens, not god
he got the goods

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humans are pattern recognition systems
racism will always exist tosome degree
well right because people arent going to know everything and theyre not going to be right about everything any time soon
yeah seriously
the cop being racist doesnt make the kid not a thief and not looking to start shit
i think thats a big issue
everyone wants to polarize the issue
everyone is right and everyone is wrong
just like everything else
take them so literally it annoys them
ohsixi: how many times have you had a cops gun pointed at you?

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he gonna go dalsim on your ass

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timecop: anderson cooper on the scene, america is gonna be okay
rab: played with fusion360 turotial for toolpath generation
shit seems to work

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in4148 is prob fine
1n, sorry
1n914 is same thing but with a cooler name if you can find them

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denkishi: board looks better, caps on the voltage regs much better
youre going to want reverse biased diodes across them
if you short out the input while the output caps are charged, you can reverse voltage the vregs and pop them
anode to output, cathode to input
anode is the ass end
not the pointy end

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rab: seen fusion360?
free for students/startups, 3d CAD, integrated CAM

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also okay
new era curtis mayfield shit
this out smoothed latch - disclosure
also glass animals has a whole album
videos totally ruin music

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`nico: awesome, have safe trip home
90% of things with 'dj' in them are bad
anyway, should i buy a pair of turntables i cant afford
i have like 400 records i cant listen to
its like funk/breaks so far
so far this is better than most of the teeny bop house you seem to be into
yeah man you need to pick something more terrible
because its breaks and wu-tang is breaks w/ kung fu samples

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`nico: mfkr, wut it is

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