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hungry but too tired to cook
its been snowing there?
its raining a lot here
fell asleep too early
its not supposed to rain a lot for like another week
after turkey

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wtf is a buzzbox
with giant capacitor timing?
when did this bullshit end
blackmoon: how are currents regged?
no shit

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you move em, heat is slow

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like, you can spend $500 on a plug in torque regulated assembly line driver
thats a bitch to adjust and doesnt have the greatest ergonomics
will prob be heavy
or you can spend $200 on a makita or dewalt and itll only last 3 years but itll be lighter, portable, quick torque adjust
every place i worked buys $50 heatguns and 2 or 3 $200 consumer drill / bit drivers
all the assembly line shit is literally leftovers from when the companies had their own factories

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wtf painted
cylinders are sleeves or the hole heatsink casting?
that sucks can you just bore it and get new rings?
and i guess their solution after that was paint
least they could have used like, lead or some shit
dtsgttaco: elec heat = heatgun
i dunno if there is scrapyard here
i should maybe try and sell car
usually decent heatguns are <50
youre not an assembly line
its not going to be used 10 hours a day for 10 years
the expensive shit is nice but its usually not worth it even for an engineering lab

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but if it shares ground returns with everything else, noise might get into everything
like, i would make the grounds on your 78x reg caps star ground point
and keep the power jack ground on one side of the star ground, and everything else going back to the star ground on the other side

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yeah i think one piece of angle would be fine, decent solid ply
gnd isnt routed yet?
all the chips need decoupling caps
like, not really close to the chip, like right at the chip
hit ratsnest
run power to the caps
and then run a trace from the cap pin to the IC power pin
most other routing should be secondary to that
hard to say with that, sometimes huge ground pours work
sometimes they just couple problems to everything
like, noise on your psu shit prob dont matter

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i would think even 3/4" would feel limsy without some sort of right angle bracing
nice, hit it
denkishi-: with monitor and speaker maybe
my desk is 3/4" particle with bracing, folding table, stil lsags a bit
ply isnt as bad but its not a ton better either
aluminum angle iron is prob enough
like 1" x ~.1"
unless you want to put those rolling ends like 3ft apart, heh
i imagine that would work rather well with 3/4" ply

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you goint to bolt a desktop to that?
how thick the plywood?

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