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i meant macegr's label printer
i need to get a new la bret stud, fell down the drain =(

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got a giant labret stud

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no classes next week
im gonna OD on pizza on naps

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its not even midnight
what are you 12?
theres bass from like 2 parties, and theres woogirls singing r&b songs

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fire alarm
well, smoke detectors

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$3 clear bins ftw
that plus label maker and ur rollin like a $100M sales company

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macegr: you had enough parts to fix?
your november stuff will ship on time or close to it?
well whatever thats their fault for living far

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thats pretty cool
but yeah, hakkos work, tips are durable as fuck, really cheap, really hard to oxidize
and $100 stations and $10 tips
you mean replate?
not necessarily
if you can knock off the oxidized shit you can maybe just retin with solder
but euther way, you gotta get the ozidized shit off, prob some super fucked chem
breathe it and your mother dies
i would usually use sticks or dental picks to put flux gel on stuff
and wipe off on the brass coils
kept them fluxed, never really replaced
just opened the bottom and shook solder off

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metcal stuff is a bit fragile
but it just works
hard to explain
most good irons, you gotta learn how to get things wet quick with a given tip and temp
its not hard but you have to like, figure it out
metcals, you get near the solder and its wet
thats what those tweezers are
but yeah i do not like that about those stations
3.5 TRS is not a lab grade connection
tekrad: yeah but metcals it isnt always
shrug, metcals compared to normal resistive heat soldering is totally diff
well, actually yeah flux does kinda mater
the tips seems to do better
dont oxidize
oxidized metcal tips are pretty useless
sad to see a metcal stand with like, 6 or 8 fucked tips sitting there
no one wants to throw them away because prob $100 each
how cheap?

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no moving anymore
yeah ive totally gotten to know the bulk food bins at local natural foods place
beans, rice, pasta, nuts
bit cheaper than frozen stuff
i need to do a meal plan
google calandar it or something, coordinate the leftovers
$600 for a hakko metcal
id be down to try if company pays
burny: irons under $100 arent feedback regulated
which means theyre useless for fast soldering of microelectronics

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two metcals is kinda pricey
when they ask me what i want at newjobds, i tell them two hackko 936/fx888
and theyre like, =O, and they i tell them how much and theyre like AWESOME
no im saying every time i get a newjob
ive done that at three places
tekrad: i worked an audio place on contract last summer
they said when i left, if they still had jobs i could come work for them over winter break
so i hit em up in the next week
yeah shits so fuckin tight
moving a bunch ate up the moneys
so if i can work full time even for a month at normal pay, gets me way ahead\

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maybe with a variac

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this is efnet
it has nice moments
its definitely not its default mode
page and plant did a song where plant is wailing 'most high' over and over
worse than rush
that does look nice
ha, yeah i thought that was neat
the weller ones are really, really nice

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or possibly theyre open collector output
since it looks like their are transistors above the array
so the RC might be for the transistor bases

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honestly i just use the iron that comes with the 936 and fx888
array and network are both very general terms
a) how do you know its caps not resistors
yeah in circuit i dont really trust that
they can be configured however
if one side is to ground my guess is one side of each cap is common
b) was supposed to be they can be configured however
its prob just RC filtering the outputs

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the tips are fragile, tho
well, compared to a hacko tip
they just work
i would get one for through hole and large smd
prob not
because i really like hacko stuff
digital fx88 UI is crappy, tho
yeah honestly, metcals are good irons but if you like the hakko stuff, i dunno if metcal is worth like 10x the cost
good tweezers are the shit for smd
love em
$260 just for the tweezer iron without the base

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i think those have been implimented
in mplayer
high res stuff just blurs i guess

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kevtris: gorgeous
haha @ kids
anyone super impressed by old nes is in their 20s

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cool fedex came back
guys i lost my scotch tape

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yeah i dont think those old diesels were as good as the new ones

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fedex has my shoes
ups tag on door
fedex tag on door
email tracking goes to ups
which says first attempt made

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wtf fwd truck
i wonder how bad it handles now
not so much on that thing
i kind of want it

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right but that doesnt say where the ground it
even GPS doesnt say wherte the ground is
yeah but ground height changes

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you lose GPS indoors
and the gyros dont know altitude
more feedback is never bad
you dont have to use it all at once

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macegr: looks neat
i like the landing solution, pretty cool for vid

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joellama: oh sorry
mechatronics is like half ME half EE, industrial controls type stuff
japanese invented the term, ya
and yes, you do mechatronics
hes right
but its basically a term for industrial controls and embedded systems engineering
and you do industrial controls stuff for sure
yeah thats as real as it gets
joellama: is it hard to get jobs with amusement parks?
sculptor: compared to a $200 setup, kinda

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no i moved, im in northern california
like 100mi north of sacramento
yeah maybe couple more hours
wanted to get away from jobs and hollywood
i <3 hollywood, but yeah too distracting
2 or 3 shows a week i want to see sometimes

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wait what
i dunno why it isnt done
naw fuck that i want a 5 speed boat
but i want a clutch pedal in a boat
and then propeller
that seems like the plan
since i guess this is something new
yeah but it ran backwards dude
the motors would too
if rigidly mounted
macegr: yeah in rever boat engine, boat turns inside out
so close
guys i think rain stopped

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thats like, some lucky this shit works at all tech
okay so you have to time shit for real at least at the beginning
you can make the direct injection port and the electrode the same thing
prob gets ugly if shit goes wrong, heh
heh yeah kinda
im laughing about boats having gears because i dunno haha
if you can get a manual boat with a clutch, i kind of want a boat

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this doesnt need a distributor
the switch is the piston gap
just fill the supply caps to max faster than theyre discharged
to *the* max
the max is important, else you will just jump spark to block
right thats the gap
your timing is based on the voltage
higher voltage, more advance
haha what is this -20deg shit
so youre saying you need to retard
wait so thats anything kickstarted?
is retarded at idle and below?
okay well fuck strokes thats some weirdo technology anyway

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so if you could make a piston loz to a block always forever, how does shit not work?

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doesnt matter if you cant fix conductivity vs lubrication issues
everything else seems pretty easy
windows are bad
anyway, radius of insulator is more than piston spark gap
and you dont really time it
you just fill caps up, and when they dump you fill them again
ignition system could just be a HV DC supply
it simplifies a lot of shit, so i imagine the reason its not done is inconsistent conduction due to lubrication

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damn seemed like the coolest idea ever for like 7 seconds
this is a problem like oiling apex seals on a non mixed fuel motor
how is the cylinder finish?
is it at least circular?

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like, i think that means NGK is the sun, or NGK is exploding
haha @ as wide as you can
coils warm up, lose spark
open it all the way and let the piston final gap it!
fuck is that a thing?
why isnt that a thing
i guess poor conduction through the bearings
you would thin the rings would be kind of decent?
*yeah wouldnt the

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okay so he says 'what i am is a man in a mask'
i watched twice like when does he say he has a lawn wtf
i dunno because they break their engines and foul them
see if you had said, what i am is a man in a mask, i might have thought of v
i think because its easy
theyre into threaded?
man i have no pitch threads
my helix has a height of zero
i buy ngk because they have the coolest logo

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you know whats more exciting? start a pirate TV station...digital
hahaha, nice
i wear the right shoes
those should get here tomorrow
me and old people, were the same
our shoes at least
also breakdancers
yeah i dont even know what movie thats from
i would guess lawnmower man or the burbs
def dont remember that part
ive only watched it twice
maybe one and a fraction

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i dont see em
and no i avoid RF as it seems like a great way to land myself in prison because bored
the FCC seems rather competent for a gov agency, and radio never really excited me much except for some of the illegal aspects
yeah also ive taken enough RF courses to know that shit can kill you fast or slow
yeah honestly man
neither of those things are exciting at all
thats somewhat exciting

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very likely the break a sensor while mounting, so you might have to put them in customer service mode
then yeah, go to cheapest place if money matters
macegr: exgf has a new jeep, i am not impressed
like, nice ford explorer, basically
well, both
her drumming and art, super impressive
her ability to effectively communicate with geeks, needs to improve
i dont know morse code because i wasnt born in 1895
hidden messages in vent patterns?

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macegr: you just ordered tires from tirerack and had them shipped to your place?
im pretty sure tirerack will ship to a shop and get you a deal on balancing and alignment
yeah doing it your way i wouldnt be to sure about ordering online either
but you just have to put them all in your car and take to shop
and ask for mounting balance and alignment
i think maybe $200
mounting and balancing is like $20-40, alignment is like $50-150
call three places
$20-40 per corner
yeah thats how i did it when i got tires from a warehouse through a mechanic friend
heh, 13" falkens, they all fit in the crx
i carried all four to the car at once
man i loved that stupid little car
macegr: do you have TPM?
if you have TPM, go to the non dickbag place, im sure its more, do it anyway

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