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also yeah, 2mS
is his big latency contribution, from speaker distance
so like, crawling up onto my desk, in order to half the distance, almost, i gotta bring the speakers a bit closer
and yeah, 1mS diff
usually buffer size adjustments are in much bigger chunks than that, heh

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anyway, jack is worth a shot because free
i think reaper can ladspa, too
now hes pasting links to fedora documentation
timecop: clearly trolling

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guitarists playing fast through 15ms of delay can be difficult
also another reason why people dont like dsp systems
dsp effects chains add like 5-20ms each stage
so 3 or 4 things, and even normal people can feel it off
do if you hit some shit in software
and your shit has to go through lots of buffers
you have to wait to hear it
theyre not magically if blind tested
also its not really disputed
i dont even know what hes going on about anymore
and we werent talking about teaching a computer to do that, he was
yeah kinda
he talks way more shit tho
he made a window light up

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and the real time was literally, i had an experience with jack on a system, trying to hit some latency spec
and somehow this has become some general argument
and i think there is a diff of ms over which my example does or doesnt work in your world
buts its fucking annoying because it just doesnt matter
what do you mean
the kernel changed'the latency values didnt
10mS is the edge of perception
some people can do much better, blind tested
right man
the edge
not the exact point for every man on earth
you know youre even more argumentative than me
and thats bad
anyway, musicians and audio people
people who can critical listen
these are usually the people who test around 10ms, give or take

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anything audio is by def real time
so you should clarify definitions better before you start talking shit and being an ass
if youre going to talk shit and be an ass
are you done
is it over
well its just what they called a module for the kernel
im saying its rude to butt into a convo about something, hijack a detail and talk shit about someones knowledge on the subject

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its not drama either way
youre just going on about it like it matters
because you do this
a lot of times you kind of miss context and start talking shit and talking down to people
and like, theyre not even concerned in the detail
like, i was having a convo about gear, and catbyte was actually making sense in context, and you went off about a word, basically
and basically talked a bunch of shit over his use of a word
about shit thats pretty commonly understood
yeah but youre doing it again now
youve done it basically every time this has come up where you think we are disagreeing

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well thats what youve been saying
over and over
what is potentially in the weeds
the system doesnt exist ohsixi
there will be no measurements
this was years ago on a system no one is going to reproduce
that prob did not have a very well behaved mobo, and im pretty sure the soundcard was shit
uhh what
wait so i maybe even need it now
well that sounds like a good thing
what other variable, that is the variable

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i changed a thing it says to change and it doesnt crunch
the point is to make it work
that didnt make it clicky fast
so youre saying its going to work
or not or what
lets drop 8 years ago because you seem to be getting worked up over it
well, i was planning on researching first
and your response and the page linked says i did the right thing then
A kernel built with the realtime patches (an "RT kernel") is needed only if:
You want to run JACK with very low latency settings that require realtime performance that can only be achieved with an RT kernel
realtime kernel wont affect that?

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dude the shit was broken without it
like, you click the the pad on the sequencer, it makes crunch noices
you hot swap connectors in the little util, shit locks up goes crunch
you patch the kernel, shit works
clicky fast, tiny buffers in the wine and such
well my comment was about 8 years ago
so what youre saying is itll just work
of course it was the sound drive at the time
i wasnt using the future driver repository
timecop: seriously, cmon
youre saying performance now
not then
well it fixed it
honestly man, thats usually how people fix things
they do something and the thing works
youre interested in numbers from like 8 years ago
numbers were prob like, i turned the buffers down and it got crunchy

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again, i dont care
i never said you dont know
you said it was never necessary
i pointed out it was, found a link, backed it up with some personal anecdotes
move on
well im talking about scheduling in the kernel that is not default that needed to be changed to get decent audio performance from the kernel
how the fuck do you think all the audio you listen to happens
zeeshan: external audio interfaces

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thats nice but it reflects the shit worked better with a RT kernel
You want to run JACK with very low latency settings that require realtime performance that can only be achieved with an RT kernel
well this was 2.4 kernels
and shit sucked without the realtime kernel
okay well at one point if you wanted to play with audio programs in linux with jack, it was a clicking popping locking mess with a RT patched kernel
not like RT patching the kernel was a big deal
*without a RT patched kernel
i dunno why i want it

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not much anymore, but yeah i dont use it so i dont remember
so when i replace the mobo next week, i build this thing back into its old case
and i can lunix it, see if i can do 2x8 speaker manager
but then id have to install fedora
pretty sure jack needs a realtime fucked kernel
you needed to realtime patch the kernel to get jack working, originally
dunno about now, not like it was a big deal but it didnt just work
im not trying to use fedora

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man fuck printing
jack rack is ladspa ui
that should work
hmm i wonder how many outs this mobo has
yeah looks like it
some shit has the short stack

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there is this
which i actually think is reasonably priced
but thats about a $400 build
whats its a standard

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well now i install linux and my printer just works timecop
its a whole new fuckin era
timecop: you know i havent banned him because i <3 you, he really is an ass
so there is a ~$200 software solution
say something, usually
timecop: yes, new era shit
samsung laser
timecop: point is i dont have to dick around with shit to get cups working
and figure out what auto config thing to turn off to not clobber config
and etc etc
shit just like, works now
okay well now i can like, use linux for school
i dont
but i supposed i could

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yeah they have their own format now
they still dont do vst
reason rack extensions
reaper could hack it
two in, send to 4 stereo aux, run filters
it means maybe 20-40ms
repear is almost free
plus i dont mind giving money to frankel
thats not a bad option
jack worked 10 years ago

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its a dumb way to dev if you dont have money to spin lots of revs
likely already exists
new digital mixers can do active xover, you can control them with ios and android apps
right so a pc based system might make most sense now
so then it becomes a software issue
i wonder if someone makes a reason plugin for speaker management
they wont give you their SDK unless you have business license info

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24/96 would be nice
well it has to not suck
pc solutions need to include software
$250 gets ancient rane rack dsp, a pair of 2 in 6 out
software doesnt run on modern windows, so drama
multiple ule special analog crossovers
no theyre available, because no one want them
blackmoon: needs lots of dacs
sure but theyre not free
again, i dont really want to dev a crossover
tho more and more its looking like thats maybe what i should be doing
im facilitating other electronics research
ohsixi: well yeah thats the point
blackmoon: right but then its a control and versatility and development issue
like, i want to dev an active speaker system
i can do fixed xover shit however later

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sure, thats like object based mixing
theyre pushing mixing software and surround encoding towards that
right, i think itll be fun to play with in 5 years
yeah but theyre building it into audio mixing tools
and doing video surround based on it
so engineers dont have to go nuts with multiple pan controls
they just say this channel is here, in a 3d space
so fix my problem
you have $300 to make a 2 in 8 out active crossover dev system
wtf its audio
make it work for audio

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average vs peak power in the source, temp levels in the amps and drivers,
well, were not going to talk in provate because youre a fucking asshole
just being real
be cool if vate meant something by itself
there are no speakers
i want a dev system
for speakers i would just buy as much qsc k series as i could afford
ohsixi: poor choice of name
no for powered speakers
well audio people were having a convo about audio gear
and you kind of went off on symantic ocd bullshit concerning the word dsp
sure, but so does shit dsp UI
a kemar? or hats?
fuck man, drama
no one buys them anymore to test, they just buy the isolation tester

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why not
in audio its generally divided pretty sharply
there are dsp and analog systems
UI is a big difference
sound is also a big diff
clarity in the high end isnt always a great thing
it can be tricks
theres a lot of compression and dynamic eq
theres bass where it literally doesnt exist much in the source
dynamic eq is one of the biggest wins in pro audio speakers in the last 20 years
like, active speakers, then dynamic eq and limiting
how isnt it dynamic
sometimes it is
i dont get how it isnt dynamic
it boosts, and if it see mad power, it boosts less and/or slides filter frequencies
thats dynamic eq
you can tie it into a lot of things

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its just not as important
you can have a computer sort trends
thats how a lot of normals in audio have been established
but in general, its listening that is the final say
dsp is horrible when it breaks
in development, you generally duck under tweeter paths
theyll scream fixed tones and noise when they lock up
or limiters wont work because of some mcu vs dsp timing issue
or your processing backend will ignore the ui
this shit doesnt happen with analog systems
yeah dsp is abused a lot
spacialization and room eq shit that might as well just be reverb
right, but it takes a fuck lot more dev time than just using some reverb
shit actually works, just doesnt matter
well thats part of dsp as applied in audio
presets and fucked up defaults and menu digging are the side effects of dsp
like, every channel gets a huge channel strip in a portable mixer
but it means you only see one at a time
instead of everything

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dude theyre like the most sold monitor speakers at guitar center and sweetwater
that arent made by audio megacorps
well thats where they sell studio gear
hes worming around but youre being an ass
listeners are always better than measurements
they discover new ways to classify distortion all the time
people can hear that shit, it doesnt show up much in traditional distortion and freq response measurements
and you cant always teach a computer to listen
no one has time
to do what

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active speakers can be short signal chains, you can get 1% zero temp co caps
so its not drastic, a digital syatem is going to have input and output buffers, too, so its not purely dsp based
no analog can lengthen signal chains
it almost always does
thats why dsp is impressive, you have input and output buffers
some drama about how to set gain for your application
but a lot less issue than like, 6 stages of sub manager
anyway, dsp is great for dev stuff
krk are analog as fuck, theyre developed on digital crossovers
okay first off, dont assume not dumb
i worked there, not you
but krk are mass production
low cost, decent quality and qc
the woofers are a BOM fuck, works out for the customer
krk are great
also the vxt are LM3886 chipamps

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okay well yeah i dont have $5k for this
and i need knobs and levers
i dont want to have to solder caps and resistor for every xover change
catbyte: also the dsp genelecs are double plus fuck yeah
they measure ruler flat without correction
and like, theyre so kicky fast
yeah so the new ones are dsp xover, dsp eq'd
pretty sure they end of the line eq them
what do you mean they have no dsp
right the dsp are digital versions of the 82 series
they even get lazy in parts of the manual and just use 82 series graphics

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right but thats like something pretty static
you can get the right and be done
fixing room bounce stuff not rly
4 ways fix everything
versus sub and 2 way
because cheap
half as much as the behringer digital xover
they use decent parts in those
well, to sound decent and take measurements and demo shit
outboard amps are crap?
right their psu die
also everything is cheap now
dcx2496 are some high end cheap shit
they work for sure
if i actually had money for this, i would just get a qsc or symmetrix rack dsp
because everyone should have a rack dsp
everything is dsp based now
development with fixed active xovers is a pain
its just not done

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right but its going to do diff shit with every setup
fuck know what the producer was trying to do =(
it changes
if you have your subs doing like 1 to 2 octaves, any alignment for phase will throw shit off at other frequencies
but its something to play with for sure
wavelength is 10ft at 100hz
so 20ft at 50, 40ft at 25
well right but you have to line up all the drivers and figure out where your trying to time to

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and like, have patience
thats prob the cheapest thing
i need 8 channels output
2 inputs, real time processing in between
kind of wonder if i can do it in reason
no for dual 4 way
like, 3 way speaker and a subwoofer
in stereo
no passive xovers
no goofy shit like crossing 15" woofers at 1.5khz
no stereo subs
well right but if thats what the source does thats what it does

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i dunno i figure i keep it national, corporate, right?
i can just get a pair of ule specials

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yeah i just learn to not pick up the hdd check text messages
timecop: and cutting little squares of tape isnt stonered?
guys maybe i just get a minidsp
its like, minidsp versus scamming some sort of ad sharc dev board to use with signma studio
or i rob a bank

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amber = cylinder light

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sculptor: nexus 5
dont care so much about tweaking
im kind of just running factory rom so i know what the differences are when i cyanogenmod it

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so my phone is doing green LED status blink for text messages
i plugged in a usb hdd i havent used in awhile, has a green status LED
i keep grabbing it to check my texts
because all black translucent with LED behind plastic near bottom edge

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sometimes ya

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fuck, loggin into AD feels like your breaking them
should i hit reload should i wait forever what do i do

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rane hal and solus are pretty close
older rane rpm stuff is ~$500

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bjorn: yeah, most of the old rpm series stuff is ethernet based
rpm 26z is 2 in 6 out balanced, and an AES3 input, ethernet interface, very late 90s early 00s
newer stuff is HAL, cool stuff but way more oriented towards permanent install
rpm26v is ancient, $100, funky rs232 interface, software wont run on newer os
symmetrix has the solus series, qsc has q-sys

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rab: heh, those $100 rane 2 in 6 out rack DSP i was excited about
software suicides on anything not win3.11 descendent
like, win2k, dies, winME, runs
theres seems to be an API =\

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i thought it was just artificial powder stuff
where you around when there was orange julius?

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you cant get orange bang?
it comes from a powder, you can prob order it and blend
i guess i have to look for it now
local mex has tamarindo jarittos
so im happy
the places that do their own tamarind water are ++awesome
you always want the second one tho
because whipped so one isnt very much

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k between the raid 1 and the usb drive and can evacuate more than the capacity of the ssd

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oshit my 500gb drive is actually a soft raid 1 setup
go me
and 240gb ssd
i feel like there is a drive missing somewhere
all model and serial info has wiped off the label of my fujitsu usb drive
this is just blank now
you cant even see where the ink was
that sucks

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they drew the output backwards
vctrl scales output voltage linearly, plot 3, page 9 \

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8 phase vs 12 phase power, a vs pro
does not have usb charger+, whatever that is

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deluxe gets an extra sata express, those are $$$
m2 shit only works on pcie and not on sata for the A vs pro
thats maybe important
diff audio chip, a vs pro
2 less internal usb3, 2 less internal usb2, a vs pro

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do you need one for the boat?
timecop: pro vs a, extra audio port, and 1x pcie vs pci
not worth $40?
they has a chart, !

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