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ohsixi: this xchange pdf is okay
the icons are stupid looking but its clicky fast
well i have drawings up and switching back and forth, its not flashing on full color image, and its not redrawing border grid and title block stuff
so like, the drawing and shaded isometric and bom table flick back and forth on a static frame
foxit doesnt do that

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print preview in solidworks is ass, no anti aliasing, i think my shit is going to look all stopid and then it pops up in foxit like, normal drawing
stopid (c) rencorp 2014

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blackmoon: wtf they make fluid batteries that small?
and yeah, i just turned it off and on again

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yeah, i have a core 2 quad and like 4gb ddr2
so makes no sense to upgrade ram
everything except cpu/mobo/ram upgraded on this thing
i have 4gb system ram and 6gb gpu ram =\

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i think i broke solidworks
its been complaining about not enough memory for months but nothing ever happened

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gotta supermoto it!
thats normal motorcycle battery, no?
this thing must be tiny then
oh weird

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09:45:41 <@BlackMoon> So yes, now I own a boat. Or at least the motor to one.
so did you get the motorcycle?
another honda 80?
cool you can animate explosions in solidworks

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kevtris: it was a google maps car with a smashed up grill conveniently parked in front of a knocked over street sign
right because science

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okay so today im going to try and use jumps and compare function to make a state machine in ladder logic
then i can program it like a programmer, kinda

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got image back from comet

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yeah youre prob fine all three
i dont think the differences will matter for 2-3 years
whatever actually has a 5 year warranty is prob sanest purchase
its prob scaled for diff size batteries

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if the strap wears, long turn at high g the thing can wiggle out
repeat until strap breaks
and plat is glass mat optima style
thats why its lighter?
right its easy to test for and most people understand it
i would just get the optima thing
$20 more?
oh, $35/40 more

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synth: taller is usually bad
if it bounces or something
tho i mean, something would have to break usually
usually isnt a ton of clearance in the first place, battery trays and straps are usually kind of pussy
yeah i wouldnt like it up on the edge of a tray

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could just use a woofer in a sealed box i guess

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cant find anything else floor based has sidechain input
make that first crank count
rab: i guess i can try in software
yeah maybe instead of figuring out dual 4 way active xover, i just do it in reason
get an 8 out interface
least in software i dont have to find and beg for a kick mic to use

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wonder why not

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so its an optima without the cool bank of cylinders case
would not have guessed that

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in the text on another it says 3 yars diff, but still has 5 years in the table
i bet theyre all 3 year
call and ask
theyre going to go by whats in their computer

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Greater ability to recover from deep discharge than conventional batteries
that bullet point is not on the other one
so maybe diff chemistry
also its lighter by 8lbs
prob none of this matters
but it makes it harder for them to make, and its maybe newer tech
if theyre not phasing out gold 750A, i would think vatozone would not be so happy about it
hard to sell that
hmm weird
i think its just some marketing thing that hasnt happened all the way yet

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its higher amps?
higher amps and a plat label will sell more
that customer prob isnt comparing warranties
ask to see both
it might just be a better case
more plastic, something that doesnt look like from 1980
also its possible they are phasing out 750A gold
it has a handle

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id laugh
interstate might be because its marketed towards performance, for racecar 30mo is forever
you figure all the other things have blown up twice in 30 months
synth: buy yeah, looks like you just go wherever is closest and buy whatever you can afford
all the same shit anyway =\
duralast means free batteries for 5 years
i know some of them are green!
i seen green die hards tho
assumed it was some sort of economy car thing
its vatozone, they dont give a shit enough to fuck you over

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gives them a chance to impress you, keep you coming back, they figure they make up the $100 in a year or two of you coming back
interstate isnt like that, if a battery fails its just bad
youre not going to interstate every month to buy random shit, all they got are batteries, rep is all about one thing
rab: see
brand loyalty, then you find out your brand and its competitors been the same company since forever
synth: shrug, if you want longer protection, get the duralast, better battery, interstate
plat = interstate
gold = die hard
see if die hards are 5 year

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i bet its a $400 job at the dealer
i kind of want to call and ask, to just be aware of the insanity
rab: know of anyone who compresses live guitars and/or bass with kickdrum sidechain?
duralast is like $120? (guessing)
if its not a huge motor you prob dont need the extra power from the interstate
but i would suspect you are much more likely to actually use the duralast warranty
to vatozone, if it fails it gets you back into the store
and thats a good thing
even if they have to give you another $100 battery

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roll the dice on where the probs actually were, then
prob less drama than KR assembly of CN parts
2x cost of cheapo battery
hows the rest of the car?
if its a beater, just get the value battery, otherwise $140 prob not a bad investment
figure a value battery only lasts two years
yeah get something decent then
im pretty sure my battery was OEM, so 7 years before it died
was a panasonic, pretty sure you dont buy those retail in the states
its possible was replaced at the dealer, tho, shrug

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but yeah, what rab said about modern manufacturing
i would trust that theyre only from mexico, not china, tho
sad when you consider mexico a mark of higher quality
spybert: its that bad?
speculation like that about most big american companies
thats not good
prob lots of companies
tho if they couldnt do mexico, china would have prob been worse
probably, hand tools in mexico prob easy money
i would trust them with stamp presses, grinders, and riveters
PCBAs and consistent materials for the magnets and heaters, not so much

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but yeah, if you dont got money, new cheapshit battery from vatozone or pepboys will prob b fine for a couple years
rab: yeah i hate that, loyal to a brand, do some research find theyre owned by the same company who bought their competition too
i do not think core charges apply, no
unless you can prove you installed it in a battery test setup at room temperature and only ran it under spec
just leave it on their front curb
im pretty sure theyre decent
they have decent warranty and sears isnt going anyplace anytime soon

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oh, scope app
you need new battery
voltages aside
theyre like $80 at pep boys
some shit with 'value' in the brand, was guilt purchasing
but its lasted maybe 5mo now
prob about same quality
duralast is a value line =\
well, best duralast prob isnt bad, honestly
cheapest duralast is prob literally the same battery
cheapest die hard
yeah or interstate
dunno what the cheapest interstate is like tho
car guys like interstate
cheapest die hard is prob >$100 too, tho
their cold cranking power is supposedly less marketing than other brands
so they sell them by testing their batteries versus others in front of customers

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its prob just dead
how old?
how long you had it?
jero32: you could prob hack a pot in before the headphone amp
measure terminal to terminal
poke into the terminals, if its 10V, shits prob dead
i replaced my dead panasonic battery with cheapest shit pep boys had
and somehow, i have more confidence in the dead panasonic i pulled out
wot mooshimeter

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sure but fucking without output impedance can easily do much worse
also you wont notice the decrease in resolution
at 16b output
do you have money?
consider getting an external pro soundcard?
lots of external usb audio interfaces have volume knobs for the headphone outputs
yeah but no knob
knob is nice
mine leaks a bit, so i assume its an actual attenuation knob, pot before the output buffer
at absolute lowest, i can still hear bit of signal in my mains
when they do digital pots, they always make the low values mute output

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pepboys always has some $80 thing
jero32: it wont matter much
the mechanical noise from the connectors will be more of an issue
its just not very nico to do to the amp
1k audio taper pot prob work well
depends on the amp
its prob fine
if you do single pot on the ground return, itll increase crosstalk
yeah, adjust the volume before the amp
at signal level
just adjust in the pc

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same thing probably

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