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ohsixi: no i think he worked on the other one
not sure tho

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you should turn off the irc an hour ago
burny: i can ban ohsixi for you so you dont miss anything from him
up to you

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i was totally expecting screenshots from q3

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yeah at that point im think you got all sorts of problems
that wont even seem like a big deal
you made quake?
and scorched earth
we can photoshop your characters into brutal nature all fighting bears and grapling things
want to go on a drive
gas is so much moneys
car so lonely

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do you have like all the breakers in series somehow
guys i got honey like ectoplasm on everything
i dont think so i used almond butter
i think you should just buy fuseholders and learn i^2t maths
youre prob using breakers from 1975
that you found in a field
i dont know if youre joking or not
pretty sure that means you win
burny: remember to burn little things first
whats wrong with aluminum

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double nemanized
so yo can distribute power
while you distribute power

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yeah dont put penis on machine tools
both of them

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yeah thats why we keep saying learn basic electronic shit
were used to new people like you blowing shit up
we dont even totally mean that
we mean like
go buy some cheap $20 crap shit
and burn it up
for about 2 years
at the end of two years, your shit burns up a lot less
buy a $1700 dev board
youll drop your keys on it
cat will piss on it
and you can derive all the other things

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so i mean, you could just use an ice cream extruder in a freezer
i dont think you have to mod a whole lot
high pressure extruder
oh duh you heat the ice cream
so you need a high pressure heated ice cream extruder, and a big freezer
thats $1700
thats a miata
yeah but something for $200 and get a miata
you are a software guy
an mx-5?
how does a canadian not know what a miata is

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blackmoon: i can just assume
blackmoon: danielson was here the other day
you have mint neopolitan or what
i would layer chocolate and mint perpendicular to the vanilla and strawberry layers

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i know you do lots of open dev board shit and it has to be all techy pretty
inside real things, all hot glue
naw hes right about the shorts thing
dude i pot shit in hot glue
because if you bend microusb cables they go bad
instead of the connector breaking off
i support this new usb destruction paradigm
but it means more cable management
i threw away a cable without cutting the end off, almost went back for it because just maybe
damn tubgirls changed
seriously most of the horrible shit is covered up in 2014
internet has censored itself
i dont think 4ch does away

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because three times you didnt understand her subtle motions to fuck her in the parking lot and then in her parents place
left her hanging, dude
im totally making a poor joke i have no idea
this is spinal tap, now?
yeah thats always weird, no gf, want to fuck all the time
have gf, sometimes want her to go away so can jerk off
youre an extrovert or something?
macegr: dipswitch rework
i like the rocker ones
naw dude
hot glue is pro

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i like it when girls are all like, GIRLS DONTY LIKE IT WHEN...
shutup bitch youre all different
youre like DO THIS TO ME last girl slap punch me in the top of the head for doing that
yeah dont say shit
macegr: you can do whatever you want
just dont expect to be in a relationship much
and dont expect them to understand for years
yeah wtf
gimme these friends numbers
im be like HEY YA WTF
who cares about churches and the government
that man moved his business and life to her
were like HOWS TEXAS macegr is like YA IM WA
im like, i love wa, wtf
10:34:51 < macegr> she basically said that i should have married her in the first month
omg fairy tale lala bullshit
this is why assholes reproduce
but yes, anyway

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the_gfr: tektronix off ebay
do you still live with her?
do you guys share tv? talk everyday?
that sounds not fun
just expect failure
prepare for it
eventually things will fail to fail
and that will make you nervous

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last ones are neat
you just have to find one that you can argue with in a productive way
everyone gets a long when no one is mad at each other
me and exgf is like four monkeys who dont want to wear pants but arent trying to be the bitch monkey

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well itll help you get functional with the idea
connecting to your target and getting code on it and learning to debug on the device is a big deal
so getting a chip with breakouts for the programming interface and bench psu power would be useful
no she didnt
or she thought she could get away with it even if she got caught
but youre not going to
and thats why she did it
oh, nice

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yeah this is not cheap
but not crazy either
burny: so this is why knowing about electronics is helpful
you dont want to burn up dev boards at $100 a pop
30 huh
ohsixi: dunno man, the cost of the ic and support shit, a pcb aint much
one is assuming if you spent money on something you prob had a goal
so like, at the very least connectors towards that goal would be nice
connectors + fpga + psu, maybe ram, + pcb, prob less than a lot of dev boards
tho $100 for a fpga breakout seems like a cool first step

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do you have money?
because thats the big difference between this and software
thats actually works sometimes
FPGA dev boards arent cheap
whats a cheap dev board?
ohsixi: he doesnt want that one
thats not bad
but yeah not cheap, compare to uc stuff
its just a gfp on a board with a ton of solderpads isnt it

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heh, they are often very configurable!
no they just add more bullshit features so nothing ever scales in performance
sci/tech software is so much ass
blackmoon: wow you get timing diagrams in your debug?

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burny: that means you can probably follow directions or a schematic
directions or you designed it?
cool so you can do logic stuff
yeah you should read datasheets
right, so figure out your project or whatever, try and sim it in software, when you get to electronic shit that isnt quite digital
clocks, input and output, timing shit for simple circuits, power supplies, turn on sequencing
youll kind of have to learn the analog shit
well, usually unless youre very good with the software, you wont simulate entire things as much as pieces
because all of this software is ass
and your pc will get stuck anyway if you try

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burny: if you want to learn about fpga and microcontrollers, you should read datasheets
and when you dont understand things, try and learn about that part
hey its a path man
prob better than getting $6000 worth of sim, dev, and eda software and just sitting before it like, what now
yeah once you learn logic, understanding simple computers opens up a lot
ltspice is vendor specific but its standard spice, meaning you can use spice models from lots of manufacturers
anyway, if you dont learn basic analog electronics, youre going to break a lot of stuff
i dont know breadboard design can mean a lot of things
kevtris doing a breadboard is not like burny doing a breadboard

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i was using it a lot for stuff i would plan in acad
but its not very reliable
some updates shit would just crash on me, hard to reproduce exactly but pretty consistent anyway
yeah i wonder how big an industry it is
burny: i dunno fpga stuff, but if you want to do digital and analog simulation, download LTspice
its free
lots of people like pspice but it is notfree

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like seriously how did i make thing?
i keep seeing myself with a pencil and paper sketching and mathing to get the dimensions i wanted
i really thinks thats how i did it
can you draw in in SW without doing a part?
i think so
you prob just have to drop all the display setting
that it isnt really using, heh
well yeah for big shit i turn auto contraints off
and im pretty careful about them
but yeah i use vector graphics apps for most diagrams now
that i used to use acad for
inkscape or dia
console cad is fast when youre in the habit
eagle is the same way
dude honestly that looks like 10min of work
im saying if all that shit exists
if you made the parts too that neat tho im not sure thats very difficult if you dont have to link to a footprint
yeah put more statements on one line
and youll go far
anyway, draftsight was cool

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linking shit with variables is neat but a lot of times its not worth it
every cad package i know can do variable based dimensions
right i didnt think you were talking about the geometric relations
but yeah thats 3d shit, the 3d cad based on 2d cad doesnt, why it fails
i dont even understand how i did work in autocad
like i already knew all the dimensions first
its basically a stamp and line drawing tool
ive tried to do 3d in it i just didnt get it
the UI just felt dumb, i had been using solidworks and sketchup for awhile by then
in what?
solidworks 2d is great
like, i literally cant remember my acad 3d workflow
er, 2d workflow

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zeeshan|2: how much does SW have for like, design rules
like if you tell it current will it set wire type and give you bunch of thermal properties?
zeeshan|2: like, accounting for bundled harness wires
its there tho?
bit annoying if its not automatic during design, but thats still useful
solidworks has the best cad ui ever
its easy to pick up
eck0: lynda has a lot of solidworks lessons
and the mountainboard thing is pretty easy to follow
09:31:50 < burny> that does seem neat though, how it's showign the analog signal phases, as opposed to digital how most people think of circuitry
burny: we dont really care about those people here
timecop is one of those people, we barely tolerate him
its a setup time versus use curve

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cant you export some sort of actual diagram
wtf the VFD is on the same breaker?
wait for coolant?
thats pretty essential in long cycles
put a fuse on it
in the box
zeeshan|2: you running prototype hardware and harnesses next to a vibrating thing
shit happens, its nice when its a monor detail instead of a day of wasted work
autocad is pretty useless for anything except diagrams now
maybe architects still use it
well, pay for it
i want to try that

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cable melts and your enclosure goes live
all your things shut down
or it has an internal fuse
they blow open they dont ned a fuse
and my guess is if you short the wires supporting the filament somehow, theyll just burn up before the breaker flips
but yeah in your case, it seems dumb to have that on a shared circuit
because itll take our whatever else is on it if theres a fault in the wiring
its not the lamp thats an issue its everything else that connects it
you shit is going to vibrate a lot
in parallel on the same breaker means they all go out if you have a fault on that leg of your system
what else is on the circuit

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timecop: dont be doin that
no i dont order shit from them
wait no i got female to female pin jumpers
like 5 or 7 years ago
guys i <3 this part
fool you dont understand the point of a fuse
fuse the source, fuse at the end doesnt help shit

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heh, reciprocating saws?
like breaker panels or machine control boxes?
i dunno, both i guess, not a ton of either
im not a fuckin electrician
those guys make money
bus bars?
whats distribution
screw terminal block?
the shit on top isnt the saw blade is it?

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not like it lied

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macegr: heh @ fish bouncing off back of his helmet
they think the wake is food
they are swimming up into the biggest food patch they ever seen
maybe they have fish launches on the bottom of the boat pointed back and upwards

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ha nice

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