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maybe its to keep people from drinking themselves to death in the winters, heh
yeah man bullshit compared to california green- and iceland are cold as fuck
i wonder how much the a/c heat the local air
also we dont use heaters
and we only use a/c about 2 months of the year

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i kind of assume if cops arent actively doing busts for underage alc and tobacco sales, thats just how shit is
they were in vending machines then
youre in quebec?'

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link not working
have confirmed the rest of internet working

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that is like -1 vintage tech

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er, 3 actually
ha, yeah
and he was using eagle before that
i think fpgasnes thing was the last project in doscam

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so you gotta spend more money after spending money
trash can sound effects
the cable doesnt even have LEDs
i has no idea where hes sourcing his vid, its kevtris it could be from a real SNES or a fpga snes, shrug
right so hes just pulling the same data stream as the original video converter

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just because we dont ban you doesnt mean we cant ban trolls
tho i think its adorable you stand up for him
you need a whole SNES to make that work
yeah but his isnt connecting to TVs from 2001
tweaker fucks next door are singing along to country music from some sort of shit portable speaker

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i kind of like the grid
i have expensive engineering notebook paper, shits expensive i dont use it

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heh, scan sketch, auto white balance, convert RGB to grayscale, change color mode from 24b to 6 color indexed
1.5MB jpeg to 150kB png

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jero32: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/M1Act520USB
built in usb interface
anyway, these are pro speakers, tools, better accuracy, reliability, and fault protection than home stuff
in some cases maybe not as loud but who cares if theyre a bit louder when they sound shit
all of them
studio monitors are almost without exception going to be better than home audio
but go to guitar center and listen to a lot
dont buy anything there

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jero32: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/ErisE4.5
those might be pretty cool
presonus isnt known for monitors, so theyre prob priced a bit low for what they are
the presonus isnt really active xover
but theyre prob good speakers
you should go to guitar center and listen to a bunch
and buy what you like
behringer is always cheaper at everything
Ule Specials
hes all about cheap gear for the poor engineers and musicians
behringer has a bad rep but they sell like 10x more shit thsan everyone else, and kind of do shit right now in terms of manufacturing
their designs are sometimes ripoffs
but some of their stuff is very usable and high value
the x32 mixers are pretty amazing

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thats about it, as far as affordable driver changes
but the new drivers need to match the freq response of the old ones, likely
if you turn your shit up and your speakers sound different, you should turn your shit down
like, that have a limited lifespan driven like that
even if they die they wont be the same
jero32: budget
gimme numbers
for the pair?
what kind of room
blackmoon: this is the diff between audio people and the uneducated masses
audio people hit audible distortion, and step back in volume
normals hear distortion, sounds like a party or who knows, and they turn it up
well they wont last forever

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bass and treble knows wont work well
lots of them have built in xovers
if youre into EE shit and audio, just get amps
and make active xovers
right the bass and trable knows are usually shelving filters
its an opamp and caps
you can buy the best caps ever for it
1% japanese polypropelene
you wont need big inductors
you can use standard opamps
and itll be better and cheaper than a comparable passive xover will be
arguable no passive xover could perform as well
jero32: all modern speakers are migrating to axtive xover
even the cheapshit
only audiophools still buy passive xover home speakers
the best home speakers you can get are bigass cheap studio monitor speakers
active, flat, enough output for a medium room
drivers is a mess
if you cant measure the speaker, changing drivers is a coin toss
and measuring speakers is a bit of an art
because no one has a spare 747 hangar to test speakers in
freq response
if you think the tweeters sound sharp
like, something they kind of ring and they hurt your ears when theyre turned up
and theyre metal, changing them to fabric domes will help that

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they suck, too
yeah you need to level match
because tweeters almost always gonna be hotter than woofers
figure woofers are 80-90db sensitive, and tweeters are 90-100dB sensitive
well because very big parts
and when you calculate the variance of 5% parts, its still a pretty huge range
passive xovers are just bad news
the only way to level match is to burn power in resistors
so you need very large caps and inductors
values, and since you cant use electrolytic, and you cant use ferrite core
if you give a shit, theyre physically large
and since you need high precision, theyre going to be $$$
and if you dont have a simulation program that you can feed speaker frequency response
the shits not gonna work right anyway
you cant just put a 100Hz @ 4R load filter on a 4R rated speaker and expect it do do the designed filter rresponse at 100Hz
because speakers have a complex impedance
passive xovers are a lot of work, very expensive, not efficient at all, and just not very good

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heh woah
60 appendix in my ME graphics book

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joellama: best leader smoking in a nursury asking to eat the babies
the racoon is doing the cat?
his tailor sucks

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ha, good win
alonso got points, button not so much
no idea didnt think to look
my guess is they sold the venue out

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and theyre 4 cars down
besides the DNF

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hamilton over nico
alonso over button
within seconds, its like the universe just went like, yeah fuck you ren

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shes prob like 100 years old
oh cmon hes renting those
pretty sure berni has enough money theyre all good looking

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kers is limited to certain sections of the track?
fuck man i hope bernie dies soon

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tekrad: 'they can only use drs in a certain part of the track when they are within 1sec of the car in front'
this is a dumb rule heh

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higher res stream
in some other language

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2nd lap yellow
not enough brakes, heh
yeah shits all fucked up

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like, i think the stocks are mostly allocated, even if theyre open to be traded on the market
so its like, they are and they arent going public
it all seems very italian to me
haas is going to use ferrari drivetrains and tech consulting
i wonder how they feel about all this
theyre racing

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its in 5 min i think
i figure something there will work
i dont really like that guy
rosburg can be an idiot sometimes but i like him
half the sport is drama tho so having subjective feelings about it prob 80% of formula one
not much racing sometimes...
yeah read the jalopnik on that
looks like not really
like most of the stocks just circle back to the ferrari and fiat families or something

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i hope you wrote a scipt for that...
at least 9 bits in win 7
well he proofed it!
well its a 64b os so youmight as well just go for it
wtf is hexchat '
guys i forgot to put ^2 but this is awesome because thats the only solution didnt make sense
why cant all of math be word problems
is it way better than xchat?

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how do you get a freebsd drunk?

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ha toshiba

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