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hmm pretty sure i put record mionitoring off and it still went +fb nuts
working now
no idea
so like, i just defeated all audio drm ever

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least its faster

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'my lungs are failing from inhaling' nice
blackmoon: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uh6BufrKY7g
you prob like this
stepdub but it makes me laugh
i used to play this on the pro audio speakers i was helping develop, troll the lab
youre not far enough in
when the drums come in and its gets all digital squeeker toy i cant help smile
dj fresh was on more drugs than usual i think
theres another track that sounds like backwards babies
that one weirds me out
babies backwards
happy hardcore is better than house i guess

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trying to do it with reason and shit just went positive feedback nuts
nice audio is still working dont have to reboot
i needed to turn record monitoring off
well its confusing
because reason is basically a full studio mix setup
like, i can connect oscillators modules in analog synth devices directly to hardware output
just plug them in with virtual cables
but you can totally do hit like connect outpin into input and watch meters pin
well mine is pro shit
so it comes with its own mixing app
and i can route all inputs and outputs as "daw" channels
daw channels are the chans visible to the os
and you can have multiple mix presets
its totally overkill
so i have to put the spdif input channels and set the mix out to my spdif out
this has nothing to do with my recording app this is just to push around the soundcard
much more my style

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want to record a spotify song
loop back my spdif?

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it was under 3 minutes

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ive never seen anything 60fps smooth on youtube
that shit almost doesnt exist streaming on the net

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kevtris: 320x240 ftw
i think my first potato flip phone was 320x240
holy shit theyre not even really bothering to redesign it mechanically anymore
honestly for just a phone, those things are awesome
240 x 320 Pixel
haha, its still NES res
man i so want that phone again
huh prob $20
theyre little tanks

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i dont have reason installed

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but thats what the big companies do

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vector fonts ftw
why would that not be possible
did you delete all your fonts or something
you can get them back, you know

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Delight - One lamp Million colors !!!
is one lamp million a number
times new shenzen

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its magnetic
but you need 3m vhb?
what am i not getting
theyre radially magnetized so they stick and you vhb one
timecop: why is this so fucking stupid?

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im at the edge of frat town, prob 2 dozen parties within 1 mile
sometimes you gotta start over
things are usually better after theyre not
im pretty sure you can prove that mathemtically

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i think someone is hurt
there is groaning

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holy fuck one hour simmering and black beans are almost tender
no soaking
yeah fuck pinto beans
so many drunk people outside
there is bro screaming
everyone is gay or a vagina

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he almost wasnt but he keeps msging me and he has a penis
it makes me uncomfortable
then he got tc to pastebin his msgs
all i read was tc is my friend for a very long time before i just clicked the x
there was 10-20 more lines
i wonder how hard it is to write a script in irssi like
if *!*@* in window n, close window n
if *!*@* in new window, close new window
last part just loops forever

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well, first 9 characters
timecop: well i clicked and closed, feel free to monitor logs to see if i click again
omg my beans are boiling over

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timecop: tell ohsix to stop lighting up my statusbar
or its thinking really hard about it
does it have any builtin dsp crap?
i wouldnt think it would continuously encode the same shit that it dodnt send
and wtf does it do
right but why would it encode without sending
yeah thats what im saying
timecop: o cmon do you really think im gonna read past the first line of the paste

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did you get a flir or something else?
cool, that market needs to open up
hah, just the reg to turn on what you need
their website is annoying

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timecop: the right side can be done with a tristate and a schottkly in series with its VCC pin if it has protect diodes
but yeah, you need total isolation of the mcu protection diodes
you knew it was going to be drama and your analol guy is really talented at 3 device solutions that dont work
dont truth them much for absolute temps
but for finding whats fucked up theyre awesome
like, even cold solder joints
you can see the higher z heating up the trace slightly more

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timecop: let your analol guy figure that out
shrug, if it works
i think think you should just do a relay

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so that fixes with a diode, no?

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i dont think that will pull sysoff low enough to turn it off
actually maybe
macegr: vreg that is essentially enabled by SYSOFF
(indirectly through a battery management ic)_
initially i thought sysoff was high during normal operation and it was just looking for an edge or something
drain to source is forward bias

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because protection diodes
if VCC is powered down but the sysoff pullup is still high, the mcu can power up through the protection diodes
output is basically single channel tristate that goes hiz when mcu is unpowered
timecop: status of 3 lunch payment

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sadly you contribute much more than most
ssh on my android is annoying, so no
gpnna have to start carrying a full size keyboard for my android
timecop: fixed

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because i thought thing was high during normal use
so wtf originally it was a sliding switch or what
you had to hold the button down?
so you know this gets fixed with a pfet

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also link to dickstarter
why not
and nothing hes suggested has worked
you make the resistance low enough that it is under the threshold voltage when the pullup resistor is at min value
wait what
how do you turn it on
push button and it goes low or what
does it need a continuous signal
or it wants a pulse
okay so button turns system on
and you turn on the nfet in the bridge
system is on
oh right

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yeah i dont understand i guess
so you want to convert a component a/v device into a pc case
and you just reworked their slot cover onto an optical drive tray?
its slot load?
ywhy cant you just push the disk
you need a button to eject?
kind of
timecop: y/n/m

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its a joke
because parallax propeller
timecop: what do you think those resistors are for
timecop: the fet bridge should be hiz is the mcu output is hiz
_unreal_: youre doing a garage door?
timecop: yeah because vcc is dead
that whole section is collapsed to gnd
depending on how you have your vreg setup
the panel door
i dont understand the mechanism and i imagines something like a slotted rollup garage door where the optical drives would go

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timecop: status of aknowledging payment of two lunches

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timecop: http://i.imgur.com/CUeHz5e.jpg
mcu in a fet box
timecop: as long as you dont blow away your oxide gates, that shit cannot conduct current to the mcu

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timecop: buffer the switch with a bjt, done
you owe my two lunch, bitch
how does that not pull down sysoff when mcu is on

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dual pole momentary is what keeps the shit from powering up through protect diodes
what do you mean why cant you change the footprint
does it have four pins?
if it has four pins you can get a dual in the same package
then my shit has same issue
pretty sure

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timecop: go get those sysoff threshold numbers you had yesterday
timecop: tell ohsix not to ever private msg me again, that i dont read them i just close them from the channel windows
that wont work
change it to a good shottky and make sure shit actually conducts with the pullup in sysoff and external
so it could work
switch open, mcu off
youre trickling current into mcu vcc
you prob need to test what happens
yeah and R.
right it will prob work
but its maybe a problem
its analog hax to get the resistors right and not kick the mcu on, you maybe need another resistor, but this is starting to cut down your standby times
my circuit is a dead rock when its powered off
but you need (1) some sort of tristate bridge (2) a dual pole momentary (prob more common than single pole)

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ohsixi: you troll and you will win, also knowing timecop a long time is negative points in here
how does the switch not pull down sysoff when the mcu is powered on
timecop: staring furiously
switch closed, mcu off, 0.7v at sysoff

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but if youre a bass junkie, i would think half duty house womps are pretty boring
wobbles are pretty sad too, an era of reduced bass output per unit of time
long live sustained droning bass

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but yeah, if youre going to house shows, all youre prob seeing is a drunk guy press buttons
assuming he didnt just cue up the mix in ableton and is just clicking weblinks
like, i dunno why anybody would want to go to a show where they play music like the earlier link instead of this one
well, drunk girls

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knowing people is basically what a DJs job is
depends on the music honestly
if youre just playing songs and fading house tracks into another, yeah
if youre performance mixing tracks that have actual beats and bass lines that dont just go thump
yeah its a job
and fuckups are noticable
coco did a subfocus track i really like
and also, seeing dirtyphonics performance sequencing was impressive
they were playing other peoples tracks
they had other peoples samples, and they were reproducing the tracks on the fly
most real musicians couldnt set that up and pull that off

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when i was a kid i imagined little submarines built out of pantohose eggs
because theyre all clear on one side
how did it work
yeah i was gonna say, just throw some criso on that
these are disco dj?

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too heavy
thought about it
but i dont need gears
bike is light and geared long

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mine dont
thats my frame
mines black
like, i dont think they are very thin tubes
but theyre as short as possible
wow that guy even has the same forks as me
wonder if he gets $400
same rims, earlier version of my tires with larger micro-knobby tread

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looks like CF rims made it to bmx
yeah but look at all the rims in the link i posted
bmx stuff is usually a bit more rugged
one out of three pages is single walled
one item out of three pages
its half the cost too
but yeah, guess that money worked out
i kind of wonder if my frame is lighter than hipster bike frames
theyre smaller diameter tubes, but they use twice as much of it at least
if not 3x
my rubber and thorn protectors are prob heavier than the veledrome tires

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my back wheel is true within a half mm easy
well damn looks like i didnt cheap out on rims, $80+
ive run up to 80psi, gone off tons of curbs
the brakes float within a mm of the rims, when i spin, the gap doesnt really change, they def done rub
blackmoon: dunno, most the stuff on dand comp is either steel or double wall aluminum i think

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no one knows
if he shows up again and doesnt have a working LED throbber im banning him

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well he lives to like 70 something
and those dudes did a lot of drugs

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i thought they exist

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Surprisingly, the plastic-bodied Galaxy Note 3 came out on top, withstanding an entire 150 pounds of force before giving out, while the iPhone 6 Plus took only 90 pounds. The LG G3 had a strong showing at 130 pounds,
its aluminum
they tried to save money, they went too far
just like the antennas
never stopping to think why *no one* else does it

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yeah but you sit down and it bends and then catches fire in your pants
sellin aluminum foil cases as a status symbol
they make cameras or thats what you call iphones
guys coffee is going to happen
but how does the aluminum case do against samsungs shit
and googles shit
catbyte: and what happened
whatever its apple

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yes i think so
everything welding its whole life gets broken
timecop: now with fet labels because maybe wasnt obvious http://imgur.com/lzxDOir
make an app as a welding shield

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timecop: http://i.imgur.com/x13oxfd.jpg
ask your proEEs why they didnt come up with that

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in case anyone is wondering what im babling about
timecop: also you may need to isolate the mcu input from the switch with a resistor as the mcu might pull sysoff low through protect diodes

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15:23:49 < timecop> renesis: my proEE pals say what happens with that circuit when gate is floating
timecop: theyre tied to rails?
drawn like that its a logic pfet and logic nfet or some sort of logic tristate
like, are your proEE pals looking at that schematic?
ask them what do they think the resistors on the gates are for
the whole point is that when the mcu is off they are hi z, however you want to impliment that
timecop: relay makes sense
because the only time youre going to energizing the relay
youre going to be running a motor that prob uses 100x the power

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