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they were at AES i actually saw the jacks in person
heheh, cute jacks
i can picute japanese girls buying them and keeping them in their pencil bags'

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does it have split grounds or something?
like seperate digital and hv comm grounds
eh? @ broken jack
shurter 3 switch miniplugs are like that

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gotta wonder how they gold plated him without disassembling him
check watchdog fuse settings, shrug
made sure its actually writing code fine?
maybe its not wiping out flash completely for some reason (broken)
yeah but try and flip an LED or something
if avr studio says its fine it prob is, i think it downloads the flash and compares
but who knows
just that pin stuck?
its a uart pin?
shared pin?
its prob whatever else is on that oin and/or uart isnt totally initialized
stupid maxim

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how fast
swings to vcc and back?
maybe its some external watchdog tick?
i dont remember a fuse like that but they had watchdog shit and not all the same
he used to be in a local parade when i was a kid
kind of an asshole
prob because the gold plated one

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haha facebooks get a tax return
gov broke, politicians kids going to college, bay area about to become biggest center of white homelessness on earth
or i dunno maybe they dont mismanage having all the money in the world ans survive a long long time

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