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and more earthy
smells good but its not like indoor kW hydro
synth: if you toss seed in decent dirt theyll just grow
your decarations will be worth their weight in gold
90s gold
ha my manufacturing lecture midterm classroom smelled like weed
wasnt me!

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actually i was kind of into alcohol in high school
well, no i didnt do that shit for a couple years once
super into blue dream hybrids
its neat you can tell right away if its blue dream based, distinct scent
anyway, im free
involved my bigass flat screwdriver and moving the door jam a few mm
it smells green

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if i can detatch the mounting plate from the striker cylinder, i think im good
pull the striker through

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thing i get the feeling guy isnt even a student
just one of the locals, so a drunk and a stoner and prob a tweaker

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i can jump out the window and kick the door in if i have to
it wont fuckup the deadbolt latch

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thats why they like the taste
good bear is only good if you compare it to beer
mead is good
this is fucked its like its jammed in the part between the edge of the door and the big hole for the knob assembly
shit just wont budge
answering service said they left a message with on call maintenance
er 10am
and job interview at 2pm
and i have to do laundry

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man, fuck drunks
im locked inside my house
retard neighbor just smashed into my door prob thinking it was his and fucked the lock
the latch thing (striker?) wont go in anymore, handle wont turn, have the doot knob inside off and still wont turn
i can hear that asshole watching tv
seriously if they wanted to do prohibition again id be down
drunks are just retarded
fucking 3 year olds are more functional

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man fuck mondays
blackmoon: i blinked!
i did his 3 year project in like 30 minutes on an stk500
sine throb, had to learn how to read/write flash to do it

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blackmoon: bear model not good enough!
blackmoon: i was guessing timecops wtf
i remember the old models being somewhat abstract
these are definitely bears, heh

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i want custimzable candycane colors on the grapple beam
Fixed NPC's sliding underground after death
thats a bug?
that seems like a cool way to deal with all the bodies

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fuck america
anyway, i gotta go
they still exist dont they

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things are bad but shit was just beyond reason for awhile
i know a party claiming less gov control wants to legislate gay regulations and female medical practices
and dems are for public programs
so honestly, fuck republicans
you want to own a gun, own a gun
its illegal? so what you have a gun
mandated private health care is a fucking scam
system doesnt work, so they make it mandatory
if im going to be like, fuck obama, its for that
pussy bitch
there should be homeless, there shouldnt be hunger, and sick and hurt people should be helped
fuck business, fuck personal responsibility
thats the right thing to do if youre not down, die
you can seriously go fucking die

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thats out strategy
yeah but theyre desperate
which means they do stupid things without enough thought about long term consequences
so everyone surrounding wants it to end very, very slow
dude its only extort because theyre not running shit
theyre nothing peaceful about how we have our nukes
were holding the whole world at gunpoint
everyone is our friend because when youre holding an M16, everyone without an M16 is your friend
and most people with M16s are also your friend
we got shit coming to us
they differ on controversial issues that dont have much impact on mil and ecoomics
americans arent brave enough or kind enough for good policy
we are selfish
whatever its better than W
things arent as bad

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i think n korea is very very complicated
n korea is a big sociological problem
everyone surrounding wants the issue to die very, very slowly
because integrating n koreans into the reast of the world is gonna suck
theres prob gonna be riots, massacres
no one should invade n korea
you just need to end it
offer gov officials immunity if they just give up
and then you basically have to do therapy for the whole population
its not a military solutions
you need like an army of doctors
theyre basically drug lords
thats it
theyre easy to get of if you want to
yeah but the people arent evil
they will straight murder you if you help them wrong tho
if we invade the ground war will be tragic
crazy crazy shit i think
you need to like, be agressively nice
n korea doent need an ass kicking as much as a therapist
it wouldnt matter
it has nukes
that means stalemate
its MAD
theyre copying us

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we only stop making warheads because we didnt really need anymore
the only reason we allowed reduction in arms is because had 10x what we needed to destroy the world over and over and over, and we only agreed to reduce by like 1/4
MAD works
US and USSR survived
N Korea survives
you got nukes, youre good
youre gonna live when shit goes down
and when its end game, you got a chance if anyone does
if we cant get rid of them, everyone should have them
its less nuts than unbalanced control of nukes
people will die
and eventually we will end nukes, prob thru the use of scarier weopons
or we will all die
we wont just stop because its the right thing to do
thebarry: definitely
or they invade japan and sk
and then world stops
when world goes again, china will be #1
and the US will prob be a post war shithole

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gotta happen one day
and i dont think the UN has stopped a conflict ever
which is sad because thats the whole point of the UN
it has almost everyones army
if there are human rights violation, UN invades and stops them
all UN nations
thats basically how the UN charter reads
thats not what happens but thats the spirit of the organization
so yeah, pretty much a complete failure
and then someone wins
and forms a lasting alliance with one
the other is alienated
eventually everyone fights again, shuffle allies, start over
governments are stupid
theyre pretend
this is going to happen forever
because that just doesnt do it for them i dunno

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something about fuckin with our food that i think everyone would rally around
pthey tried
it was mostly organized crime, but thats not so diff than most developing countries
until gov is strong enough to control the crime bosses (putin)
but yeah, putin speeches with him in front of TVs behind laptops with aids to the right and left all the same
its like a fuckin movie
i keep expect that chick from tank girl to pop out and machine gun him

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i think this leads into limited nuclear war
someone is going to nuke someone, and prob the whole world will stop
but they prob wont nuke the place the nuked someone else
because no one wants global nuclear war
so that means you can nuke a city, and maybe the world gets mad, maybe you have sanctions froever
but that city is gone
spybert: no i mean on a tactical level
ww2 was a statement
like, i think a nuke is going to get used, and i dont think the world is going to end because of it
we wont flip out, we wont MAD
which means limited nuclear war is now on the table
less than a nuke i dont think matters
even bio warfare isnt the same
the mil runs shit
simple as that
theyre rather nice about it
and thats why the gov is really of the people
we are the mil
and the mil is more powerful than politics
right but i just think it can be controlled better
if the soviets fucked american agriculture, i truly believe the us would end the soviets real quick
well, russians, whatever, same shit
that mad fuck putin

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because it means you can surive a missile lock and eject
30sec of afterburner makes no sense unless it keeps you from dying
they could have just given the jets bigger flaps if it isnt about that, and carrier jets it doesnt matter
because omgwtf catapults
drones and limited nuclear war are big changers
yeah but theyll always have manned jets
drones with hacker payload or some shit
send in a 6 seal team with 3 drones
because helicopters are big and loud and slow
and you have a helpless pilot to extract after dropoff
but it becomes pretty pointless
because at some point youre fighting drone on drone
no point
bombers getting smaller are cruise missiles
like, everything will be cruise missiles, drones for recon
i think manned support is great but its prob not wear mil is going
unmanned warfare will lead to huge civ casualties
itll be like old unlimited war
because killing drones doesnt stop wars
killing people does, and if there are no soliders, you have to kill civilians

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if we can still afford to run aircraft carriers
pretty soon prob just private companies will be big enough to afford shit like that
just the people, maintenance and consumables
yeah hopefully
theyll cover the ocean with solar panels and then fuck the ocean up because it doesnt get light anymore
kill all the algae
[=[-=because if those boats are getting shot at, we dont give a fuck about anything
thats how most mil shit works
its like, why would you design a plane that can produce enough thrust to melt its tail off?

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thebarry: within 50 years well prob have stripped out all known undeveloped landfills
recycling aint hard when youre desperate, just takes sorting
like, we waste a ridiculous amount of shit
that big pacific floating plastic particle dump, were going to be so happy its all in one place for harvesting
and the plastic processing bacteria and plants we find there will prob make recycling plastics mad efficient

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so like, i havent really taken physics *ever*
what did me do before internets
like, calculate the force my nuts, put the pressure reg to max, verify it works, if the battery gets crushed, turn the fucking reg down and redo timing
not like battery datasheet is going to spec crush force anyway
and if you test crush force (because you have to) you know the max force, youre done

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01:15:05 <@BlackMoon> Ok all of 101.109 is going now
thats what i did the bots keep undoing

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heh, trucks

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ha 'aim for the rock DONT BE A HERO'

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haha @ codriver reading 'be brave' from his notes

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