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low cpu time synthesizers are easy
have almost as many channels as you want, mostly its just addition and lookup tables
tho if this is 80s shit they prob didnt have the rom or mem for lookup tables with enough res =\

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mmm, black bean and cheese burrito w/ grilled onions and garlic

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but yeah, 30VDC is when you can feel it
if you can feel it, you get it the wrong way long enough you can die
AC is weird
jiggly feeling
it can make them stray electrolytic all over your face if youre lucky
systems needs inrush limiting
get a really big PTC
and put a switch across it

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that fuse blows means something failed and youre not going to be able to fix the protection, you toss it
you dont have the skills or time to root cause one of those
if anything is black you toss the supply
the dialectrics are all fucked, its not CE/RU anymore
youre blind for about 2sec
if you see the arc
getting smashed in the face by the garage door was same shit
when you know whats going on and realized whats happened, you start to make sure youre not on fire or exploded or something
anyway, one hand behind your back with anything HV
try to work with your forearms in contact with the chassis
anything above about 30V
kevtris: yeah but those are prob the same red chinafuses i see in everything
zeeshan: it depends how you get it
like, i got chocked across the hand with 360VDC from huge caps daily
thats what R&D of offline switchers is like
but it was always across my hand, no big deal
one hand to another, moust sweaty hands, could kill you if you dont drop the supply

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sometimes they are self resetting
look for that shit right up against the power entry, thats the fuse
yeah totally
theyre usually good about almost putting it contact with the input
read the label
if it says capital A with a number before it, its a fuse
there you go
F prob means fast
might means fuse, but i think the prefix is usually the speed
those are T1A
so basically done fuck up your wiring
make sure the lock washers are installed
you dont replace one of those supplies when that fuse blows

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its like i^2t or some shit
if thats a question you dont give a shit
and i love mean well supplies
and ive done lots of IEC cables spliced to inputs
no fuses
but thats not installed
your shit isnt as bad a subwoofer but its close
i think they have active protection too
the fuse is for catostrophic failure
mean well is good chinashit
its not superchina manufacturing
but right, if in the case of that sipply
screw comes loose, gets hot, melts to another terminal
takes out your system dead short
its prob a red cylinder
like 1/4" by 3/8" tall
theyre almost always red, shrug

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so if somehow you get a resistive short across cables, itll blow a fuse instead of just melt and catch fire
youre doing long term, next a source of vibration
anything screwed down will prob eventually loosen fraction of a turn
stranded wire will loosen up and crimps wont hold as well
and then 5 years later shit ozidizes enough to go resistive
and now youre burning 10W at a connection for no reason
which burns up the connector bits but you never blow a fuse because its just shorting a few amps across the connector
also never trust your shit to someone elses design and manufacturing
0.1% failure rates are considered pretty awesome
that means someones getting fucked
fuses are cheap
then switch to slow blow
a 1A fuse will pull 1A forever
itll prob pop at 1.1A in a minute
assuming standard fast fuses
its inverse log
theres a standard curve
so they offer a number, heh

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fires can happen if you just rely on the breaker
you need to fuse each branch of your system
else the 5A shit can be pulling 30A and catching all sorts of fire
yeah well if shit shorts the wires are fuses
and the wires will prob do like 1000C
okay good practice, fuse where your distro is
because the wires to and from there wont be protected
and thats likely a source of fucking up
zeeshan: thats not protection from a cable fault
which happen, a lot
cables and connectors are one of the biggest failure issues
you should have a bigass fuse for power entry into your system
and then a fuse where the power to subsystems is sourced

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really thick wire = better amplifiers = moar $$$

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sense resistor is cheap, precision amplification is not
hall sensor is easy

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power supplies

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blackmoon: right i guessed the input, prob just a fixed magnet on a flywheel
i has coffee

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the fuck is CDI
i is prob ignition

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no he means as a sucker tip and reservoir
and yeah, cant solder for shit to aluminum

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whatever its all about soldapults
get 3
seems like drama
i just mean the vacuum pumps and tubes and shit
meh, this brand of cotija cheese isnt salty enough

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thats a solder sucker?

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anyway, we couldnt figure out how sharkies and baja fresh did their beans
because theyre like in a bean gravy but its not black bean soup style with onions and garlic and stuff
and its not like when you soak and rinse them because they cook to quick and you lose tons of flavor and the water doesnt turn black when you cook them

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says red beans are like 10x higher in that toxin
says you eat like 5-10 and youre fucked, but they look like 3-4x the size of black and pinto beans
so you prob have to eat a lot of normal beans to get sick even if you cook them wrong

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blackmoon: http://chemistry.about.com/b/2014/02/05/hemagglutinin-and-food-poisoning-from-beans.htm
says its fine if youl boil them
like, ive been simmering them for more than an hour and i finish them by boiling over high heat until most water gone
i guess maybe it is a problem if you soak beans to soften and then eat raw like salad or just warm them up

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DMM is a neat tool but its not the same as having eyes
where you thought you were going to put your ammeter
also chances are the sense resistor is cheaper than the fuse in your meter
assuming the high current range isnt just PCB trace fused
also it needs to be low side if youre not floating the scope
dont askme how to float a scope
youre on your own with that, next time buy a battery powered scope or a diff scope
low side means one end connected to the same ground the scope is on
holy shit, i think the internets is right
you dont need to soak black beans

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*your going to get voltage differentials
thats what i meant
if you catch the EM fields with grounds, the current produce in those ground leads will lift that ground, locally
so if its not a low impedance ground, you have interference
in the end, its all about how well your shit is grounded, because thats where any other EMI countermeasure is going to dump the extra current
like, snubbers and expensive diodes wont do shit if theyre connected to weak grounds
just use a sense resistor and a scope
an averaged number of a low pass filtered current signal isnt going to be very informative
anyway, you put one channel across mains and one across the sense resistor
and youll have a much better idea of noise spectrum, transients, power factor

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which are like, big big problems
like, if your shit is setup sane, its prob not an issue
if it is, you fix it with fancy diode, RC snubbles, lots of shielding
but in your case, i could just tack in steel shield baffles inside the equipment and investigate ground loops from sub system interconnects, including shields connected on both ends
its just light
make shadows
from everything? its very dependent on physical dimensions, positioning, how they have the magnetics setup
a lot of work in speakers is done to lower distortion by controller stray magnetics
prob isnt the case with industrial motors
but youre grounds to get voltage differentials from assymetrically lifted grounds
and youre going to get EM fields from large currents and voltages
*your grounds are going to get voltage differentials

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even mild steel partitions will be a huge help
prob way more than cables will
welcome to serious equipment
i dont even like it when my audio trash comes in plastic boxes
anyway, you analog signals are likely huge so fairly immune to typical noise
everything else is digital, so you just have to keep things from being totally ridiculous
thats shits so fucking slow if the control system isnt filtering somehow you should be
so prob mostly you gotta worry about ESD and EMF issues
like, just blowing up the input or clipping hard enough the filtering is defeating

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right, ground positions and amount of grounding is going to affect that
shielded cable wont do much better if its a shit shield, either little coverage or poor grounding
rab: yeah but youre going to have more grounds taking the interference
thats all you can really go for, a VFD is prob going to make all the grounds shit
unless everything on big busses and star grounded
no one really star grounds, whole world lazy
VFD are high current and switching at frequencies that can get into shit
probably, unless you have comm connections with ground leads
or shielded connected on both ends
rab: thats kind of standard industrial practice, i think they get away with it because big giant cabinets

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rab: pretty sure thats how
the 80pin ribbon IDC were a lot more complicated
it didnt just look like 1/2 pitch when they broke apart
im so glad that era is over, IDC is one of those, jezus fuck how did we let ourselves come to this technologies
im not sure the wiring in the cables is standard but its maybe safe to assume it mostly follows the pinout order
its just the order of the wriring and the amount and position of grounding
that doesnt change my statement at all
its related to the amount and position of grounding, and the position of balanced current signals if they exist

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JST or equiv
kind of
the guitar used lots of those, awful to rework
can be awesome for noise
because the wires are on the same plane so ground wires provide effective shielding
thats how high speed IDE worked
prob not much thats better for noise and interference
also very good for keeping balanced pairs together
you can do it wrong, but done right its alot better than bundles of loose wires

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I put a polyimide (Kapton) tape on the protoboard and bond the SMD on the tape and wire each lead.
doesnt really say
maybe he just gles them down
man beans take long
should have gone to store and bought salty bean cheese
because im being rude to you, get used to it \

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just use eagle with your own symbols
eagle has a good cad engine, you can get the look that you want
i didnt like it
i did like three boards for timecop with it
literally minutes trying to get it to drop a trace a certain way without it moving it like 5mil in a random direction
pretty sure it can generate a simple netlist
rab: he has double side adhesive kapton or elmchan just got mad tape folding skills?

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rab: its just cheap magnet wire?
like half the stuff ive tried is like that
the rest is like soldering with bus wire, you feel stupid
you prob mean cancer in a physiological sense
rab: stuff is great of RF rework, easy to keep it oriented a certain way without glue tacking like blue wires
so when the beans sink does that mean theyre almost done
even timecop doesnt use dicktrace anymore
moved on to soictrace
rab: yeah it was about the same level of tech, but with a more intuitive, waaaay slower UI that often throught to hard about how you wanted to connect traces

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