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and theres lots of shit
cheap thermal fuses that dont reset, nasty wire insulation and soldering
basically dont buy transformers, just get an SMPS
unless youre a rich fuck and its a canadian transformer

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i left two toroids on a shelf two apartments ago
was just so sick of carrying shit, prob 250VA ones
was like fuck all this i got enough power donuts lets roll
and then we bombed a middle eastern country
zeeshan|2: you list them on ebay free shipping, n america only, and you just make sure what you get covers shipping
no you price them accordingly
they will not move fast
but someone will need them, or think they need them, like you did
new transformers dont exist or cost way too much
old transformers are so common the market value is almost just how desperate people want the space in the home or business
seriously its a fucked market, audio hackers cry at night over it
sometimes you get lucky and someone wants to get rid of something bad
sometimes theyre not in a hurry and its priced like retail in 2014 (you cant afford it)

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but transformers dont just sit on shelves with price tags anymore
estimate core size and subtract
iron core prob get you more than ferrite
ribbon transformers are sex
anyway, im not sure theyre popular to recyclers
compared to wire and pipe
because they gotta unwrap it, and the enamel prob fucks something up
some of the sexier speakers use copper clad hex profile aluminum wire coils on either steel, alumiinum or kaptop formers
k night

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but its 3ph input
well hopefully its not too smart at input sensing
prob get away with same protection on 2ph and 3ph
zeeshan|2: transformers dont typically go for set prices anymore
used stuff will probably be close to cost of copper
new stuff will depend lot of qty

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problem supplies, intermittent issues, we would never check those
right and Y are for tieing grounds i think
they basically suicide because its safer
i still always mix that shit up
ive had to hunt compliance certs for supply critical components
so constantly looking shit up, so i get all confused when the reference isnt in front of me
oh X are more than Y
i did not know that
^sumitomo drives
sounda japanese actually
just the name
yeah say that to someone japanese when hes holding a sword

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whatever shit works
thats a stretchy balloon
ive never seen anything other than film caps for that application
like as reservoir caps?
they dont like a constant charge or something?
right so they dont short chassis to mains or whatever
that makes sense, if you hit them hard
actually we never really did

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so at my first big audio job, i kept finding these huge rectifiers in the old stock bins
like, 1" threads, big braided steel cable terminals
im like, wtf are these for!?
i laughed at them
opened it up shit had a bank of like 32 caps like my fist
im like, yeah screw you guys, youre engineers, you fix it
no idea what state that shits been left in
pretty sure shits not right if i keep finding parts for it spread out through the lab
like someones long term spare time project or some shit

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running the phases in sync?
you mean the input of the bridges are tied, the ac side
not the rectified side
i thought there was more transformers for some reason
right, he just tacked the bridge outputs to the rails
and i guess the original transformer i isolated by the original bridge?
yeah i get it now
ha i bet
probably looking at discrete bolt in silicon at that point

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shit has feedback should just figure it out
hes using them all in parallel?
heheh, cool
i guess after the rectifiers
sounds like there might be balancing problems but it prob kind of sorts itself out once you load them down
i guess i dont understand what you mean by connected to the same caps
oh you mean he just threw three single phase transformers onto the 3 phase input?

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51 questions, no one asks about isolation

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better safe than sorry, people gotten fucked too many time by some random resonance in a board ripping cap or transistor terminals
ha, hypex found an issue with one of their boards, did a running change, shipped us all the unreworked ones for testing before production sign off
we blew them all up, breaks an output mosfet pin
was like 60 amp modules
and this, my friends, is why GPF is steadily employed
since ive been here
ha fuck, like a decade now
and i still feel like one of the new people

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oh jezus fuck dont talk about those
i will fuckin murder mfkrs
ive broken so many terminal boards because of that
on ptototypes, too
so you have to fix it!
theres a trick but its hard
imagine hittin them with a small punch while its installed in a cabinet
oh weird
anyway, hot glue em
it wont wick in between, and it reduces vibration so they dont eventually go resistive
when they go resistive they basically vaporize the terminal board
unless its G10
then you basically hate your job because youre dealing with roasted G10
and hot glue is actually very common in subwoofer audio
literally poured on in many cases
over caps, around connector backs
anti vibration, and for connectors it reduces connector chuff

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the one you bought with the steering wheel on the wrong side?
i still think variac is easiest option
thats actually a huge problem with speakers =\
easy to save money there
nice ones will have G10 terminal boards
but yeah, most have thin phenolic
thats not uncommon in high end
also spring loaded contact terminals
well spade/fast-on are fail
for lots of reason
theyre nice until you see them used in mass production
theres no standard thickness, most of them are made from soft untreated metal
so theyre one time use without rework
basically if you dont squeeze the females closed again, they will never grab right again
and it goes resistive
best shit is 2ch underground burial cable
with the silicone insulation, hella thick outer jacket, usually has paper or twine cords for flexibility
its not supposed to be like that
like, AMP males on to AMP females with the same thickness will work well
but no one buys those, theyre $$$

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everything is possible on irc
and youll get 120/240 switching
tho this thing is prob such a cludge it doesnt matter
gpf: that ones kinda sexy
i like the wrap and the terminals
because weve done this shit or seen this shit or were just that smart
blackmoon: 80s CNC, w00t!
the bridgeports almost looked like arcade cabinets
call me up when you can wire

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buy 10x 24V mean wells
and stack them
obvious they do
you should be looking into audio toroids
theyre a bit cheaper than they should be
he doesnt even know how series circuits work
okay well welcome to 1954
do you like wax or paper and foil caps?
wow so youre an EE failure?
and yet you talk so much shit
not rly
mechanical engineers have everyone and their mom telling them how to do their job
everyone is an ME
no one triers to be an EE

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it had a smell
blackmoon: technicially it wasnt loaded much because plate voltage
but yeah it was a tube tester, faults happen
as much as you can afford thats more than the fixed current rating
variacs are slightly consumable
especially modern ones
cheap ones if you beat one them
and not really, they just pop a solder joint most likely
open up a thermal fuse
its not bad but if it doesnt work you dont have a variac
if GPFs idea doesnt work, you have a variac
its kind of win win
get hong kong and wait
why not just buy a 240V psu

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its just a diode bridge
transformers that arent made for tube amplifiers are basically made to order
no one stocks this shit anymore
its only pulling 1/3 the power of the 120v xformer
same current, 1/3 voltage
jezus fuck zeeshan|2
because in series
because current is fixed, power is directly proportional to voltage
glue the variac knob hahaha
thats how we did the big rails for the tube tester at exexexexexjob
was actually a stepdown variac wired backwards

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i was all about to an hero over math homework
than i realized i dont have math class in the morning
youre running a transformer with DC?
okay, well what load\
transformer load is pretty dependent on output loading
and honestly its prob not as bad as a motor of comparable power with a variable load
yeah when i asked what youre loading it, i was asking what youre going to connect to the transformer output
gpf: yeah thats what his diagram showed, was pretty much, feed me AC or bypass and feed me DC
dunno looks pretty simple

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and possibly all of poland (how many ISP can they have)
i guess also fuck italy

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10 sec throttle
o cmon
haha we banned all of time warner nyc?

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