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my neck is doing a thing

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sculptor: wot

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if you literally chop the dual arm in half, it prob lasts a few races
looks heavy
pancake thing on top
show bike
oh man that belt
prob rides way nice tho

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you mean no shoulder to that tire?
on rears?
thats like, all of serious motorcycles
yeah kinda
prob doesnt save weight if designed for same reliability
because it prob saves weight if youre not designing for long term reliability

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like, you actually have to think about that part
and not that hard
it doesnt get simpler than that
and gives you a lot of room to gear down
well its not really a crank
its a sprocket on a shaft
but its very straight forward engineer
the problems are not really problems
unless you consider waking up in the morning a problem
yeah thats way ew

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wow thats so genius
im totally going to rip that off that makes a conversion so simple
you swap the crankshaft
youre done thats it
everything else is straight forward brain dead fab
the head and fuel system are replaced by a shaft mount onto the head stufs
which couples the motor to a replaced crankshaft
you get a clutch and maybe gearing
so looks like he ripped out the transmission and just uses the clutch
yeah then dont totally get the picks
so the image is just whats there in place of the crank
must be smaller than im picturing
thats what im saying, this is totally straight forward except for replacing the crank

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swap them from a series pair to four parallel maybe
omg thats gorgeous
yeah when i realized i like gave the dude a cross dimensional high 5
the cylinder is what the shaft mounts too
looks like 3 or 4 bolds into the cylinder walls
or maybe even the piston sized up in the cylinder somehow
oh huh, it would need those, obvious mount points
*siezed up
yeah that is fucking great, mad respect
if he didnt try and use the same crankshaft, modded, to implement, then yeah
that actually looks completely reversible
so my guess is stage 1 only uses 1 battery
and its not putting them in parallel
else i just see the thing acting random and eating batteries

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yeah theyre good for that
one of the few parts you never see in aluminum
stems always a machined from steel
nevermind, 6061 stem
fuuuu, $55, okay so it doesnt really exist
deadmans switch = shut bike down when rider falls off?
sounds like racing

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ive never seen a headset that ugly

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first chain is more wtf

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still bulkier than a bike chain by a mile
i guess i just keep buying diff brands until i find one that lasts

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naw my freewheel is loud as fuck, i meant while pedaling
its a 4 pawl freewheel so it clicks way more than most, heheh
like, the freewheels are tough, theyre meant to deal with what im doing for them
but i think the bottom brackets, because the switch to euro cartridges, are over taxed
well i might, i have to see how easy it is to press these bearings out of the cartridge
the bracket sets are like $30 so its maybe better to just keep buying them
the cartridges thread in
thats why the bearings are so thin
buying the bearings individually would be 3x
like 6 months
yeah consumable
and i just dont short sprints to school and back, between classes, to the market or to eat
right and i dont
which is why i built a bmx, simple, fairly reliable
i got a stainless half link chained, never oil it, its still shiny new, no wear
i cleaned up the brakes today, lowest return spring and theyre working great
the headset bearings never been a problem
well i seen smaller chains, dunno if as small as you mean tho

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its about that
its slightly more friction than when just tightened
like, without the chain, if i push the crank it wont just spin
well i should have put more grease than they came with between the bearings and the spacer bushing that covers the seals
blackmoon: also my bike sounds like in excellent condition compared to rest of the bikes at school
jezus fuck at the amount of creaking, ticking, metal groaning people are okay with
if my bike did that id consider it broken, all i can hear when i bike is the chain hitting the sprockets
yeah moon my crank basically acts as my bikes low gear
me starting = stand up, all weight on one pedal, brace against handlebar, kick leg into pedal as hard as i can

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my fork max rider weight is like 125lbs
and those are standard mountain bike bearing size
you cant fit larger bearings into a euro bottom bracket
i got some sort of tamarindo and chili powder slushi
stomach about to be dissolved
they provide you with a straw dipped in tamarindo chili powder coating ("Lucas"), but its a joke because the entire straw is filled with tamarindo paste
blackmoon: also theyre doubled up, so its like a 9/16 thick bearing, but yeah not enough

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very bottom, mine are B-539 2RS MAX
750lb limit, which seems okay, because x4
but if you figure on hard kicks from dead stop, im prob putting several time my weight in force on just the edge bearing
i guess i could see how they explode
thats probably why theyre listed in the headset bearing section
=( =( =( =( =(
blackmoon isnt even here to read my whining

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i guess i just buy another bottom bracket so when this one explodes im just down for an hour or so

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ew, nevermind one side drags, doesnt feel like rolling

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blackmoon: 4 of those, two per side
i tightened the fuck out of the cranks and they stopped clicking
they seem to roll smooth
my aluminum crank sprocket is kind of chewed up where the bottom bracket bushing mates with it

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wow double opped, now the bots rly like me

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