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the outside tires are going to yaw you around the cars center
also theres the drag from hitting the curb hard
so yeah, not hitting a curb in a hairpin or a chicane seems like a serious disadvantage
you would need independent left/right braking to stay off the curb and turn the car the same way
especially in a chicane, you cant just floor it to turn the car because theres another turn immediately after

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Like learn to perposefuly go over the hump on the inside of a hairpin turn
thats legit racing as long as youkeep two wheels over the track
the curbs count as track
blackmoon: ^ normal professional racing
hitting the curbs means hitting the apex, every one else is doing it, unless you have some serious advantages you have no choice but to race the same way
f1 cars are rigid as fuck, including the suspension, and they still hit the curbs
blackmoon: it makes sense
you break traction on the inside tires, for whatever reason (bounced in air, loss of grip when transitioning surfaces, on grass)

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thats how its done
it depends a lot on how fast you can shift a given car, too
to close, and you spend so much time shift your average power output is pretty low
you should play rfactor with the #cars league
vintage racing league, dunno if youd enjoy racing in traffic with actual people tho

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well yeah im sure in lots of race series, not F1 tho
i could be wrong but i think by the time they had that many gears, shifters were already on paddles
and the clutches were automatic except for starts

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right but its a friction thing so time and pressure sensitive
also temp
its notchier when cold
like, if i push hard they do their job
its hard to explain
as i pull it out of gear it basically pops out
i think its just the momentum of the input shaft
unless im shifting fast, i usually dont grip the knob tight, i just kind of push it lightly and let the synchros work easy
and moon no one double clutches
race car drivers dont even double clutch anymore
normal street drivers dont even know youre supposed to match revs a lot of the time
if you see old F1 pedal vids, the double clutching is insane
almost no travel either
and i bet behavior changed every time the rules did and they redesigned the shit
well by then they were auto shifted
pretty sure
i dont think the late 70s early 80s manual shifted cars were 7 speed yet

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blackmoon: naw like, put wheel on, hit it 5 times with impact wrench, no adapters, next wheel
i was like 30 ft away like, fuck
but he only charged me $20, and didnt try and push a brake job on me
30 months, this car, brakes still mostly there
discs maybe slightly warped
so yeah
my driving style, easy on brakes, easy on clutch material
hard on clutch springs
prob not so much
i dont clutch brake
well, much much less than typical drivers, i actually match revs
half because the syncros on my car are weak
i dont grind ever, but i can feel the dogs notch into place
and every once in awhile the lever kicks out of gear real hard
which im guessing is the dogs works, like the teeth rounded
and if i catch the right combination of meshed teeth, shit basically pushed itself out as soon as i push in that direction

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had a mechanic check my brake pads and rotate my tires, before i could say anything i watch them impact wrench all my wheels on
now brakes pulse
i rev match upshift and engine brake a lot so not super annoying
but yeah, stupid mechanic, stupid impact wrenches

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your raid died?'

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