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tekrad: yeh, just stick ends in molten solder, no need to strip
most kinda of enamel wire, at least
some of the magnet wire for voice coils it didnt work =\

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is it upside down?
sometimes theyll do shit with like heatsink tab on bottom, top, but they dont like redo the schematic, they renumber the chip
haha that sucks
sucks how easy it is to find datasheet errors

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kevtris: im sure its not a whime
every part change prob represents 20 hours of meetings
diff versions or same with diff pn?

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`nico: nexus 5 battery situation seems much improved
also is lighter than the galaxy nexus, not sure how i feel about that

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`nico: no got boring and its all messy looking
oh man theyre still goin
`nico: so robotic surgury means robot does all this?
that should be fun to debug

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which reminds me, i want a boom microscope
ebay says china still hasnt decimated microscope prices =(

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thats good
mig welding is annoying
i have a 3 hour shop practice lab, you dont even have to show up for the unit, mostly for extra time to finish manufacturing class assignments
next week going to ask if they can setup a tig station
metal crayon is boring

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why did he just jam a shift lever in his knee
woah why is he unscrewing i thought this was an install
they are not treating this leg so gently =\
man i wish you had said machinists but i guess its not that precise

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you have a load to put across them?
if they drop to 5.9 right after pulling them off the charger, and they drop out more when you put a load on them, theyre prob used up
like rinaow
or just recorded
my diagnosis is that knee is all kinds of fucked up

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but its almost better to just use a batch of batteries you have
im thinking youre actually at a golf course and there are a lot of golf carts but rly i dunno maybe you have one battery
fuck complicated power electronics well just buy more
also, batteries tend to charge to over their rated voltaged
im not a battery expert, this is just kind of something ive noted since a kid \
right it might be
yeah fuck that
i dont remember who, had decent amount of experience saving batteries (temporarily ofc)
the charge voltages are way above 6v per cell
and they just drop out?

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do you have a known good one?
get a known good one and the DUT, let them sit at room temp in the same place for couple hours
then put the same load on both
either at the same time, or taking turns, but you want to load them the same for the same amount of time
current shouldnt be more than 1/10 their AH rating
like, if its 10AH, dont pull more than 1A from it, should be okay
so after a given amount of time
which should be roughly proportional to your battery capacity
but start at say 5 minutes
measure the voltages
i would do unloaded
but the diff is probably bigger loaded
try both
youre basically creating a good curve with the known good unit, and comparing the DUT to it
right, also there will be a datasheet

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put the magic back!
tekrad: pretty sure thats kevtris, or someone that looks very much like him
i dont think he knew it was you
so assumed someone else doing similar stuff

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heh, its possible the knows are 20 years old

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there is a mexican place block away has some korean fusion stuff i havent tried
the california burrito is excellent
im a big fan of diamond knurl with big radius tops
but those are almost always steel
and usually dont have good indication, just look sexy as fuck
i dont think you can knurl quickly
and yeah fuck knows how they do the indicator line
no i mean cut it
its recessed, no?

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rab: shiny plain finish aluminum knobs always seemed so 70s cheap to me
like, its not plastic but somehow it evokes the same emotions
so votes on weather i should help zee with the backlash problem, or just ban him
i think i got slag in my hair =\
those will work for that
altho tho standard mixer knobs are cheap
and are usually a lighter color on grey or black, cant really miss that
i think because the plain aluminum always looked like a metal plating on plastic for some reason
ya those fall apart =\

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