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i hate dpak
its the reason sot-223 almost doesnt exist and sot223 is sexy

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why do mechanical engineers always top level design on napkins
its pretty obvious they go out of their way to make this a real thing they can talk about
use a fuckin receipt
ask the waitress for a blank order slip
use the margins of a take out menu
its like they have an idea and they go QUICK GIMME A FUCKING NAPKIN WE GOTTA MAKE THIS LEGIT
actually thats some badass shit you could work into a movie

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timecop: thats so the opposite of the truth its silly

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if i had root i could just turn it off

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maybe i can cat /dev/random onto random device nodes
*thats a big deal
the root password is not blank
not bitchtits either
whatevers back to math

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that would be the genius move
who owned the other bots
well, i guess its good we know who the bot belongs to now
that fucker is prob sleeping with his anime body pillows
maybe i can crash my shell
tenjitsu 519 0.0 0.0 59584 8444 ? Sl Jun29 19:05 ./eggdrop tenjitsu.conf
i mean im in the box, the a big deal in hacking a server like i practically own this machine

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tekrad: whatever you do, dont op anyone
well whatever being opped sucked anyway

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where the fuck is inittab
06:40:43 -!- inittab (inittab@epic.user) quits [Write error: Broken pipe]
was an hour and a half ago
well, its that broken

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heh, the instructor has a problem with industrial designers
we will prob get along

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so like, instructor backed off on a design requirement for intro mechatronics design, so no more battery hopper agitator nightmare
project should be fun
its goofy, we will spend a whole semester documenting it and shit
its something i would have done in a day once parts landed at work
and then in intro graphics, theyre going over modern engineering processes
its like, this idealized happy lala description of what the dysfunctional (er, normal) companies i worked for were doing
actually like, dead on accurate, it just kind of leaves off all the bad shit that can happen when shit goes wrong

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you dont use CM, else i would say you prob get first ship without those chips
well, asian CM, and actually thats just an assumption, i figure you guys would use local PCBA
or classic superchina, recieve the assembled boards along with a baggie containing those chips
fanout is prob more compact vs hitting it perpendicular

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teknique: weird, lack of integration is confusing
like, wtf are they trying to accomplish

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ooo, supported by CERN

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before right click context menus
when right click was always some modified action of the tool you were using
v5 was when they switched i think
i have hobbyist 6 i think
i paid for it when i had money because i figured at some point i wouldnt have money
i think i have eagle 5 layout that krk got me
without schema editor
eagle is a pretty light install, too
compared to other eda stuff
so kicad installs on windows easy?

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PADS is prob the next thing up, like $10k, eagle is 1/3 the cost
yeah i havent tried kicad since it was very french
like 10 years ago or some shit, heh
china factories use altium or pads
theres a free version
you just download it and use it without a license
rab: im taking it you consider LTspice to be the low ui on the totem?
took me forever to figure out delete wasnt a thing
anyway, eagle is just non windows, german, born of console cad, its not that bad
im actually pissed the fixed the cut paste conventions because now im truly confused
i still think eagle 4 ui, once you got it down, was awesome
now i gotta remember which mod keys to hold down to make it act like it used to

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same shit as 5-10 years ago
eagle is high value
its hella quick if you can stand learning the UI
driving it console cad or clicky style
dicktrace might be cheaper but even timecop doesnt use it anymore

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naw you can still go to frys and get ripped off
nearest fry's is like 150 miles away i think =(

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no more cells phones and token parts bins, what are we gonna do now

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so i wont really use anything they put up
if it worked well id prob be more apprehensive about using it, grow dependent until they kill it because only 5 other people are using it
rab: students and hobbyists i guess, really if youre pro youre using digikey because in quick proto situations you have no choice
like, search and prices is whats going to bring in pros, and they kill at search and are competitive at price
schematic editor ts prob just some product design team trying to keep their jobs another few quarters

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teknique: looks like double click works in BOM view to edit fields
rab: honestly this is probably one of the better looking schem editors
but yeah not sure how this helps, no capture or sim so youre redoing work
they had this bom manager thing before i liked, and they ended up wiping it out or something

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rab: wtf

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