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i would just assume they were always not there

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well, not like i ever close my msg windows, ill stumble upon it eventually
haha, yeah that stuff is always great days later
oh i can do that from this window
hell have to type it all over again
or something
rejects from other reality game shows
what were the people doing when they vanished
did it happen instantly?

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like, i could totally fuck up the math if im an idiot, but some of this other stuff i would just have to not show up for months
because like, learn to basic solidworks, learn to build a reliable prototype, learn to history for the 5th time in your academic life
ha, learn to compost and hydroponics
math is the only thing i can really get behind on and get lost
oh, learn to manufacturing
like, in my AS degrees, i would spend a semester on a type of welding, or a type of machine skill
i guess in college you get a week, heh

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and they built a hangar over it?
holy fuck thats well preserved, and pretty awesome work to begin with
i always wonder if it was like one dude who would make all that stuff
or like a small army of slaves or some shit
i was going to unban him after a couple minutes but now my message window is lit up
hes like the new avrfreak
im cool with that
blackmoon: at least he admitted he was wrong when he went off on us for helping him
i dont know i havent switched to that window
and man some of these classes are really going to be hard to flunk

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well prob not so many people care to offer since youre such a dick when people try and help
like FTL
well that sucks because those guys are really helpful
also they respond quick
see unhoming?
thats me bitching in chan
thats my feature
zeeshan: hahaha, seriously stop
does it have to do with avrfreak?
i dont think ill get mad
synth: going for work or pleasure?

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i worked with chinese CM
dude, you dont know basic CNC jocker terminology
thats not my prob, stop trying to say its someone elses problem
make an effort to learn or seriously, just stfu, stop telling people theyre wrong or less right or whatever
i get pissed off when people use mil for millimeter
but whatever, just make sure, there should be drawings anyway, etc
my terminology?
this is linux cnc and haas terminology
this is rs274 terminology going back to the 70s
synth: i know
thats my point
i get pissed but youre not going to change the industry
just make sure your ass is covered in the documentation and do you best to make sure
i hate capital M prefix for mille
or micro?
who knows
yeah zeeshan and you talked shit at me and moon because of it when we were trying to help
did you get banned for that?
you maybe got banned for that
yeah well theyre very very very much not the same
theres lots of origins
theres on machine home
g53, yo

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like, youre saying im a total shit in the area of my degree, and youre like not understanding day 1 vocabulary
literally, day 1 vocabulary
well if youre saying i dont know shit because i couldnt help you because you dont understand basic interchangable vocabulary
then youre an idiot
home is a coordinate in machine space
yeah well you have a semester? i have a degree, years of experience with the software you were trying to learn, bit of production shop experience
dude fuck off, home space is not a workspace
not a great word to use, this is how people who use the shit talk
no, those are zeros or origins
not home
set home trying to zero and youre going to f something up
right thats CAM
not the controller
which is CAM software specific
and most CAM software can be programmed to use the machine home as the soft home
dude homing a machine is standard terminology
like, textbook, operators manual, youre digging yourself deeper

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anyway what is just getting started
5 years of experience in engineering labs is nothing? i had working layouts way before that, too
my views are narrow because im agreeing with tek and damn near every engineer ive worked with?
im not that bitter i dont know why youre taking me as such
same could be said about you
youve wished failure upon me, youve gone on and on about how youre a better mechanical engineer than me, which if funny because im an electronics tech but whatever
you talk shit about people helping you dont even know the subject
you make specific cases that dont apply in general
which doesnt really irritate me but its sure fucking amusing to watch you do it
dude you went off because you didnt know i meant machine space when i said home space

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sure, boeing can afford it
09:35:38 < zeeshan> it isn't nice to say 95% of the engineers don't use it
when did i say that?
i say they dont spend all day doing challenging math
yeah well youre good at making generalizations
that doesnt say anything about not using math
it says complex challenging math
because youre n00b they make you do the boring work =)
again, im agree with tekrad that the majority of engineers will lose a lot of their math skills
because they dont spend the majority of their time dealing with new math
most engineers arent mathematicians
they want to actually do shit
if math is the tool, theyll use it
if there is a tool that uses math specific for their application, theyll use it
because its faster
which is money

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ask someone who knew
heh, yeah man we dont spend six months on super computers, we design it, test it, ship it
there is no R in R&D
yeah mass production and high margins, basic stuff
bridges been done a million times
aint no one done some of the shit ive worked on =D
have you ever worked in a mass production consumer product environment?
everyone works with 3M!
did it have a linux computer, ghz wireless, and built in shake testers?
did it have to be airtight, and did it have to pass gruling cosmetic inspection?

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youre going to do math all day instead of your job?
yeah, for people writing the software =)
im saying you dont go nuts doing challenging math often
usually you will usually the same family of equations in your specialty
and use software tools or others if you need the shit done fast
of course i never understand what youre talking about
way over my head
software tools are for doing a fuckton of math in seconds
because your boss said get me that by lunch
im not saying youre wrong, im just saying 95% of engineers dont spend all day doing complex challenging math
zee, i work with measurement and analysis software and systems for like 5 years
i get the concept of shit in shit out
yes, they use math, but they dont use all the math
shit 100% of the techs i know use math
zee you dont need to tell my why math models are important
ive been in situations where they saved weeks and thousands in proto costs
im saying well developed models are why engineers dont spend all day doing math

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i traded exgf speakers i didnt like for sex
she says she maybe trade me her eeepc for sex
yeah not in that deep yet
i used to wake up thinking in c++ and shit
heat sound and light are all one class
and like youre every going to do complex thermal maths to solve some complex problem
basic shit gets you close, pay $10k to get some dude to sim it, prototype and test the shit anyway

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thats prob what im dealing with next year
mechatronics, like half my upper div coursework is EE
im prob going to try and get a double major in EE, but not rush deciding as initial coursework is the same

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ftl is the new Failout

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i2c for writing internal registers kind of seems like a lot od drama
of drama
and im not sure what an L3 is in this context

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stop trolling mr 41
so sexy

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tecan: no they would just rotate to balance the field
theyre riding the spokes
and i just mean itll move like that when you spin the wheel around the magnet im not saying its going to give you any energy
rab: trippy
rab: my silicone rubber jack cover would turn it into a constantly pressed bumper indicator
tecan: itll only conserve the energy you put in and keep spinning, assuming absolute zero friction bearings, a vacuum, and no load
in which case im not sure what its purpose is

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