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right, the buses arent going to go very fast
it would bescarier if they played polo on the polo fields at coachella
catostrophic scheduling

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los angeles collisions per month
its like 230-ish
4 million people, so...
4.3 per week
los angeles goes a lot faster
playa dont have 90mph freeways
so yeah its on the better side i guess
or los angeles is bad, i dunno it could be bad
its hard to find data on little places

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burning man ran over a girl?
that sucks
i wonder if that is good or bad, per capita

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like you popped the plastic horn part off the can
or maybe he had duct tape, shrug
i imagine there is lots of duct tape there
nousually when you do it tastefully youre still an asshole people just wont say anything
thats not really fucking with people thats jackin up your pirate ship and gettin down

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did you ask him to stop first
youre mean
for all you know you distrupted some sort of complex air horn communication network
he would have got his ass kicked eventually
drunks are annoying
i thought you broke it

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last week or now that youve come home
well, penis statue
ha, about
air horns are neat!
least samples of airhorns plus delay
did you win the fight?
actually there is variation in the attack part
kind of drops pitch

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they help local gallery do sound so i prob volunteer for that, they do few shows a few there
exgf was on their exhibition comittee, lady who runs it rejected my oldest friend for the ceramics MFA here
hope its not awkward! heh
so yeah i guess i am driving to AES LA in october with a car fool of little baby audio hackers
er, few shows a week there

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or i guess instead of selling the soundbar i can rearrange my entire place so the reflected R/L front channels actually work
which is lame
rab: went to AES club meeting, i'm not sure but i think i was the only engineering major there
my guess was music majors
they all seemed pretty cool, people that spoke didnt seem audio stupid

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i want a trackball
logitech only does a wireless version of the one i like now
the wired version is selling for like $250 on amazon
hmm you want steppers?
i kinda want to sell sound bar and upgrade cnc

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rab: i know mechanical engineers who have used them
one of them is profiled on their site, i dont think he uses it anymore
i know couple other guys who love them, tho

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