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wait wat
yeah thats fine
i want a vlz4 =\

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they are on the hw
hp01 monitors 1+2, hp02 monitors 3+4, hp01 and hp02 have their own little vol knobs, ch 1+2 have a big giant vol knob, ch3+4 are just full scale output
i like
i can use it to A/B headphones

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so ch1+2 is main, and ch3+4 is monitor, even tho the hardware has monitor headphone jacks for both sets
and the shit is mad configurable so you dont need to do that
but that would be that DJ setup, so there you go...
*the DJ setup

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i finally have my monitor speakers and sub back
was all in storage since last december
was just using these shitty little m-audio bx5 things all year
i bought a focusrite scarlett 6i6, 2 sets of stereo balanced outs, each with their own headphone out and vol control
and coax spdif i/o
pretty happy with it
the routing mixer software it comes with is pretty decent
would have named things diff, is my only complaint, the mixing util labels dont really match the hardware labels
you have to figure out what the product manager did to justify his paycheck and fuck with the engineers

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been awesome since

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catbyte: i dunno i has a fatar/studiologic thing from the 90s, heavy as fuck, nice weighting w/ aftertouch, and it has four faders!
that thing, plus m-audio midisport 2x2, plus akai mpk-mini vencrod to it (2 octave w/ appregiator, 8 mpc pads, 8 pots)
pretty sweet, and free
if i had money, id get a big mpk and an mpd
catbyte: oh its a synth?
thats neat
i do reason mostly, or reaper vsti
right thats exactly what i did
heh i ripped out my mpk-minis miniusb jack, directly soldered in a 15ft usb cable to the PCB, tons of hot glue inside and outside

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