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is japan center tapped 100+100V?
or you have special transformer
trip out i wonder if they tied two together for you

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rab: trip out, think i saw an older vid of that long time ago
actually this vid is neat they explain the shit, vid i saw they just fired it up
sounds like a weed wacker

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rab: yeah saw that, wonder if they plan on liquid cooling
right which is why im surprised theyre not liquid cooling even if that was intended
at school they have an engine test setup, with some way to adjust the management parameters
its either an i6 or a v8, dont remember, potentially catostrophic on a large scale
er, why im not surprised
i rabbed

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vrooom: ?
its legal?
ha, cool
nice @ spinny pushrod

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air conditioner within hours of installation
also weed is on its way
fuckin chico is delivery only like SB
also everyone is always like YA N CALI HAS THE BEST WEED SO GREAT OMG but its all outdoor/greenhouse, very little indoor dank, when you consider that prices really arent better than LA, greenhouse stuff is same price but no one gets it because because mostly when people buy weed its because they want to get high

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