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they repeat all races, once before once after lunch
so was cool we got there like noon yeserday, left like 2pm today, saw everything
will do again
general camping is like, these are hills, also there are ditches, figure it out
completely unmarked
oh, yeah kick it do nothing weekend is almost your only sane option

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`nico: omg racecars
camping w/ much drinking, then bacon eggs and hash brown and more reacecar
`nico: good, bit sunny
i have a white guy friend hes all sunburnt
but yeah i saw a 914 pass a thing, that was pretty awesome
also i saw one of the big engine prototypes lock up and get sideways at the top of the corkscrew
he had to like 3 point turn to get it down while cars are coming at him
like,he was literally stopped perpendicular to the line, at the top of the corkscrew, which is after the peak of a hill so you cant see it
also wheel fell off a ferrari

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guys guys
watching old racecars for weekend, camping sat night, way fun i highly recommend
jp power is 100v
so i dunno maybe they run big appliances at 200v
also hi
also i take shower, covered in track dust

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