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most of the rest of the time they were cool, the amps are cool

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that image of the ucd250lpoem isnt accurate
configured like that, mounted in an active subwoofer, they break, the inductor on the edge stresses the pins of the heatsink mounted to-220
they added a g10 brace with epoxy between the inductor and the heatsink, fixes it
they gave us all remaining unreworked, non-braced stock for a production prototype run (this is a build where if its good, you ship it, sell it)
we tested them, they broke =( we found out, we bitched, they sent non ripoff ones, we tested few hundred hours, worked
so if anything, i would say dont use hypex because they can be a bunch of assholes when youre giving them tens of thousands of dollars

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looks like they pulled them
small one, good for like 350W or something
the non-OEM ones have beefy heatspreaders, prob run awhile before they saturate
but yeah, supposed to be on heatsinks
the oem ones just come with a convenient aluminum mounting plate
but yeah, the ucd250lpoem is what we used, cool amp
their psu are alright, its a lot of analog hacker stuff, it isnt stable over very wide temp ranges and loads
not stuff you would ordinarily run into, stuff you test to make sure you have headroom for a compliance or marketed spec

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mun: hypex is pretty cool
their amps are solid, we had some vibration problems with their OEM modules but they fixed those
their psu are fine unless you are trying to have them work in all countries, 10% hi and low line, from freezing to death valley temps
rab: yeah the sample boxes are kind of lame, you always end up with a lot of boxes of what you dont use

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psi: heatshrinking harness sections
youre the only person i know of complaining about the long boxes and unbent shrink tube
13:42:23 <@BlackMoon> 2 hours later he sends a picture of his pcb with a 1uf 200v orange gumdrop capacitor where his xtal should be.
those are usually super nice caps
tho by now china has prob figured out that round eyes think bright orange means badass capacitor

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