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wont dissipate much, but itll absorb some
yeah i seen pc psu with ground rework like that
how can she silk

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timecop: yeah sometimes in 2014, all lunix fonts work
sometimes, its still like in 2003
timecop: solder waved or pasted
increases current handling, ability to deal with heat spikes
like, think of it as extra thick copper
its not really heatsinking, because shit volume to surface area ratio

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4 ohms is pretty typical load
car, pro
home is 8 ohms rated but lots are more like 6R, because more spl, and most amps will deal with it

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amps would be cheap without the isolation magnetics

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blackmoon: ?
rectify into caps, skip the transformer, do AB output
so it would be like a 6kw amp
well, no
3.5kw amp, and could prob keep bias power to under 100W
you could get ~7kw peak output, assuming you could drive the output into saturation
this is into 4 ohms

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prob has cardboard resistors and sawdust diodes
hemp twine transformer
heh, plus diode
if you were, audio amps would use 120+N+120

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because sold 100, so turned on bigger factory
why dont you put a diffuser
passes spit test

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theres prob containers full of 5*7
high res char display, 8x8 is like some weird gfx shit
all that shit is newold stock, totally supply based, demand is prob almost zero
if its cheap it just means they have creates of trays of them

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like if i was doing a thermocouple based something-controller, would be fine to do on an avr
couple buttons, simple display
something that times valves or dc motors, like single task type shit
everything free, hand code off, no one has to buy expensive compilers
those would look sexy behind dark smoked plastic
like, you could use an avr or pic to make a serial input driver for bunch of those displays
theyre good for shit like that

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theres lots of avr under $2
in qty 1
yeah wanna try psoc stuff
datasheet = psoc4000 family
ya maybe
8bit works man
anyway avr has never been cheapest ever, its just easy and well supported
atmel docs are good
also free 1st party dev tools that dont suck are a huge win

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dunno about cheaper
and the ability to easily code in native asm is pretty neat for simple stuff
right, last i checked $2 is a pretty capable avr

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use those?
theres a fucking transformer and the ground is floated
do you have paypal?
because you ask questions like eventually youre going to need a paypal to continue

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xanix: consider upgrading to unclad perfboard for something more permanent
breadboards all eventually have intermittent connectivity issues
whats hopex
whats hope
looks neat, nyc is far

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The opcode names are unneccessarily complicated. For example, instead of using "MOV" for all transfers, there are lots of commands; depending on whether the operands are 8bit or 16bit, registers, immediates, internal or external memory locations, etc.
why they bitchin, sounds awesome

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