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macegr: ha nice

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yeah i dunno most of what i know about lawnmowers i learned from what you just said

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_unreal_: imperial pure bud yunnan black tea of simao * Spring 2014

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ha, sorry i started cleaning, i go back and check

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french press and electric kettle feels pro
i have a press with green plastic handles and pour top
i think im going to get the same one in black or red and use that one for coffee
23:51:39 <@VodkaV> and why do shark movies end with "The End" and not "Fin"
and one of the other black teas was okay
like, tasted older, dunno how to explain
and the third black tea i dont like
tastes like animal smell
like when you hug your dogee
like earthy, if your dog rolled around in the earth, not awesome
its kind of cool i can tell if im going to <3 it or not from the smell and look
but yeah, the white tea and the purple/black stuff, and one of the other blacks, pretty awesome
gimme few minutes i go check

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storms are fun!
im sure ours are pretty pussy
last one i was living in the canyon, i drove out at 2am just to see how fucked the road would be
little toyotaCar dodging mini rock slides and tree branches
the purple stuff is good
i used a ton to make some iced tea
i like the white tea lots, silver needles whatever
green tea is green tea, tastes green, not a huge fan but its tasty
i started using my french press
works well, and i can see how dark its brewing
and i can shake the wet leaves around without them spilling
the coffee cups i have wont pour well
i was using a pot, boiling water, throwing leaves in, using spoon to pour without leaves
was clunky but worked for a few days

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youre putting a water block on your bong?

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buy, use?
that circuit hurts my head yo
so it uses the hypersonic shit to modulate an audio band signal or something?

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so the 4k7 - 2u2 - R1 - R2 - 4u7 || 4k7 chain
this DC biases Q1 and does a negative feedback thing
i dont think you need to trip on getting a normal xtal
for cx, just use a normal xtal with the right value

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timecop: gfycat converts to what?
because yeah, the illiterate masses are learning to gif and the results are fucked
like, 1080 60hz 30sec gifs, shit is like prob 500mb
about what
oh right
theyre what package?

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for example, if it is between 1000pf and 1uF, you can put it in an active filter circuit, and then sweep the circuit and take frequency response
adjust cap, sweep circuit again
do math, impress employers or girl
if you are a radio hacker, you would prob put it into some sort of passive filter and do some crazy shit with and spectrum analyzers and crystals and shit
employers and girls will be too confused to be impressed, respect is more from fear of radio hacker
anyway, morning

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google RC time constant, use a 10meg resistor, put in series with cap, put voltage across both, measure time it takes to fill cap
do math
or use the cap tester on a dmm (techs employer has no money)
or use an LCR meter (techs employer has money)
alternatively, you can use the cap in a circuit with known behavior
and vary it and check change in behavior

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