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prob less likely to snap than the cast aluminum
cast aluminum isnt consistent at all
if its china shit, its recycled anything

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wonder if it just breaks under normal operation
aluminum castings are usually pretty brittle
so a vibration at resonance maybe just breaks the boss
live bug inside?!
yeah if there was a gap that big its possible the casting was bolted under tension
so if overtorqued, snap
do you know what plastigauge is?
auto mechanics use it, its like a little rod of plastic
and you put it between parts and assemble, and how wide it squishes tells you the gap
used for checking bearings on engine rebuilds
yeah sounds like a weak spot
you just gonna fill the bolt hole with it?

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do you need shim stock? i have shim stock
i have a big roll of .001" brass
i fold it
cut off edges
zeeshan|2: they have those color coded ones with the bolt slots in them
do want
its cheap as fuck dude
i didnt say copper or gold
its either .001 or .003
its brass foil, basically
notebook paper is just under .01 i think

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is that a gear or an encoder?
yeah the outside radius are fine
then youre prob good
as long as the inside edges are out of detection range
that part should be way thinner
and yeah i would like, .005" radius the corners
just so it doesnt feel spiky to hold

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i use to have walls on the table it is bolted to
but i forgot them in the sonos wood shop =(
and dust collection = wet/dry vac
oh wtf man
thats not a mill part unless you have a 4 axis
how thick is that and whats the diameter?
just the square inside edges
you could radius the inside edges, prob still have same functionality
and itd be machinable
but yeah waterjet can prob do that fine
zeeshan|2: how thick is it?
how wide are those slots?
yeah you need waterjet or lasers
or edm
no one will machine that even with inside radiuses
itll radius the inside edges

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and not even in the same ball park if you know how to do multiple setups on a taig
because you cant on that thing, because its built into an exclosure
taig is >5.5" on the Y
5.5" official but mine will do about 6
and 12" on the X
and 6" (!) on the Z
and no built into an enclosure
so i can easily fake 10" on the Y
well it has a real spindle
up to 3/8" straight shank
its not comparable, if youre a half competant machinist
but its a neat machine
and definitely a physical cool layout
okay so its more like $2500
which is significantly more than a full turnkey taig
so yeah, still nothing that beats taig in terms of value, pefrormance, envelope, and most likely reliability (mine is 7 years old or something, basically same mill except for the blown xylotex channel)
because advertising
and the taig doesnt look spiffy modern
and doesnt integrate a dremel so it alienates DIY types
zeeshan|2: what do you need cut?
my mill eats 6061 like whatever
i <3 my mits, i dont use them

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the geckos are neat, they do microstepping in the hardware
need to get all this school and moving shit sorted so i have time to play with the cnc
just finished cleaning and setting it up again
looks cool
cant tell if it comes with step drivers
its work envelope is way pathetic compared to a taig

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rab: nice
is not too hard
i suggest reading the linuxcnc reference stuff
and i think i got best results going like ~.008" deep
with the .005" radius 30deg pyramid and single flute cutters
i set z using rolling paper
paper zags are like .003", rice papers are like .001"
you put under tip and kind of move around until you feel it catch the paper
well, i suggest setting your z with papers anyway =)
im a big fan of elements rice papers, .001"
but yeah the linuxcnc reference is good even if youre not using it for control
its vanilla rs274, a lot more compliant than most other controllers
soft microstepping can be a pain if your computer doesnt have super low latency

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