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`nico: in the 90s only the honda NSX was sexier, and it cost 2x
honda nsx is still sexier. the rx7 looks a bit dated, slightly descendent of ford taurus aero styling (jelly beaned)
timecop: are you still driving the mommy truck?

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10:30:31 <@`nico> zeeshan, why do people like rx7 as compared to other cars?
jezus fuck man
this is as bad as my friend going, WHY DO YOU WANT A MIATA? YOUR CAR IS ALMOST A MIATA
my car is a front wheel drive hard top with a relatively big engine and non-legendary handling
anyway, its an uncompromised sports car, and the last and one of the only production rotary motor cars
and the styling of all three generations is timeless, with the 1st and 3rd generation being era defining
the 2nd basically looks like a japanese hybrid of the 928 and the 924
lol timecops
also hi

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hmm yeah i think a lot of that stuff releases heat as it sets so warming maybe makes it go slower
yeah the 5 minute stuff ive used seems to smell worse
some stuff outgasses nasty, will stain the parts near where applied
whats this for?
junk getting inside you vents?

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but in general, 2 part epoxy adhesives are dangerous
like, in art, expoxy resin media is fairly new, and ive seen some amazing shit with it
but its feared by artists, all the original notable producers of work are dead
like, they were doing work in the late 70s, 80s, all dead, all from cancer
lope: the guidelines for setting are a safe assumption, you can kind of tell by the smell
but you really just always want to be in a very well ventilated area
and you want to take a long break the second you feel diff
people who work with the stuff consistently complain a lot of headaches
MSDS is usually pretty easy to find, you cant make many assumptions because epoxy is formulated for so many different characteristics and setting times
its not one thing
outside is usually fine just be away
like dont have you face up in it the whole time

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yeah scary shit
right i was gonna say, wonder what he was thinking
thats so weird because it almost seems like a positive thing
lope: typically anything epoxy is extremely hazrdous to inhale
like, known high cancer risks
yeah dude ventilation
like, its not going to kill you just one time
but youll feel diff if you do that shit every day for a week
well, there might be exceptions

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he have drug problems?
because maybe just afraid of failing
right they just wanted him to do good be successful
well because if its continuous right
like you fear fucking it up
and you dont, but instead of feeling satisfied, youre just scared you fail the next time

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rab: yeah but they only have the quick change for the discs that usually dont break
well you can try dude
no hurt if they want you to leave, and maybe it helps them a lot
even if they tell you to leave or seem angry with you, least they know people gave a shit
and i just say angry because eomseimtes people in these situations not so logical =(
wow fucked

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well, heres an indicator
when you buy a dremel with accessory kits
you get a little can of maybe 10 little brown discs
and you get like, one reinforced disc
the reinforced disc will prob outlast the little brown ones
you can also get dremel discs with keyed centers that fit into special shanks
that keep them from spinning
this helps for like, brutal cutting, but can serious reduce the life of the disc
like, it basically allows you to lean into it way harder because the disc starts spinning on the shank
*before the disc starts spinning
on what?
scary, hard to come back from

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sounds like the school is hosting a grad student company thats doing drone work for local safety services
wasnt to sure on that arrangement
so like, its basically mechanical engineering with enough EE and CS for controls stuff
doesnt look like there will be much of any DSP stuff
anyway, if i go i think i want to double major in mechatronics and EE
i dont like the bottom ones
theyre not useful in hand tool =(
it just keeps the disc from shattering
the non reinforced ones can get a slightly cleaner cut
because larger diamater
higher speed
and the edge is rougher

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i mean its $.10 a bit
also those might not be diamond coated burrs
oh those look like it actually
sometimes they will sell diamond knurled burrs as diamond bits =( =( =(
its not lying =(
rab: checked out the mechatronics program at chico yesterday
impressive fab shops, they had a room with injection and vacuum mold machines, prob like 10 machines in a 100 x 100 ft lab
some big looking envelopes too
also three haas CNC mill and a haas CNC lathe
another engine shop looking machine shop
they got some 4 and 6 axis arms theyre working on for 3rd parties
saw a linear step project to verify seismic sensor performance

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guy i bought the kit from uses geck0 drives now
said he would sell me the geck0 drive box (has PSU and harnesses for motors) and motors for $450
seems about cost, but the build is nice
better than the converted print server chassis he used to use
lope: as long as you stay out of the plane of the discs, doesnt hurt to try
rab: ive wanted geck0s for like 5 years at least
but my xylotex wont blow up anymore
and the three of four channels is enough
rab: of the materials are absolute shit to compensate, with the intention of making somewhat educated people buy
this is like how Made in the USA scares me now
like, yo how the fuck was this made at profit? *has* to be corners cut somewhere
lope: stuff like that is a good value
not because the bits are good, but because there are enough similar ones you can just wear them out and switch

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meh, tired
toyotaCar did 1200 miles in two days no problems, <3 <3 <3
i should go hang out with my cnc
tram the column and shit is back in business
omg so i broke it down and cleaned it completely for first time since i got it
omg the gunk
but yeah, super sexy shiny now
same exact performance, pretty sure im step motor limited, the sliding bits seem really consistent

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dentist want a shiny-new
wonder what the bearings are like
they pneumatic?
As a major supplier to the dental market Barden has been at the forefront of developments to improve dental turbine bearing performance.
heh @ dental turbine
possibly dental drills are manufacturing anomolies like platter hdd?
yeah thats pretty nuts
looks like pretty straight forward design, so yeah amazing they last at all

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but id be worried about them snapping
rab: they have one that is flat bottom, like a cylinder burr
theyre carbide?
the problem with those in plastic is theyre almost two fine
i had one like this, but bit coarses, great for plastic
like if you had pockets, you could cut the bottom of the walls and not worry about digging into the pocket floor
lope: this is pretty typical practice when you go through lots of bits
you dont want one to break while youre using it
so you use it for a certain period of time, or until its noticably dull, and then you swap early
like, most cheap PCB drills are moderately used factory discards
in a lot of CNC shops theyre on timers in the controller
so after a certain cycle time limit, they throw up flags to replace

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what kind of plastic?
lope: use course burr bits, and use VERY slow spindle speed
and use a decent feed rate
meaning, dont loiter in one place
use continuous motion, in one direction
lope: no because youre going to hold it tight
consider letting it bounce off the work slightly
basically you want chips, large ones, not dust
and you dont want to cut in the same spot too long
high speed = heat
low feed rates, staying in one spot = heat
just take your time
towards the end you can speed stuff up a bit and feed a bit slower to kind of get a better finish
oh nice
like cutting soft things with wood support
the sideways drill bits are fucked up endmills
if you are talking about what im thinking
i wouldnt use them for anything other than light wood
lope: basically those bits are for cuttng extremely fast at high rates

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make prototypes fit
diff rev shit
to salvage sections of PCB to use in other circuits
honestly dude, we used them daily and they work
but they die
if you cant fix a problem with a dremel, youre pretty much useless in a fast prototyping lab
it would be cool if they worked better and were reliable, but i wont say they dont work
yeah i hope so!
but i just use what we got and what we can get
if i break a dremel, i can get a gew one in 15 minutes at last job
thats not an exageration and it was done more than once
theyre home tools
its like the diff between xcelite and husky wire clippers
they both work, heh
ive done a lot of good work with husky wire clippers
but i talk shit at buying horror freight tools for daily use
managers buy that shit, techs dont
rab: noice

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just enough arent to piss you off when youre in a hurry tho
my home one is fine
except for the mostly strip lock button
but yeah these things are like consumables in a lab
synth: pretty much, i use my home one few times a year
id be afraid to do that honetly
yeah they lock up
have to like, judge pressute to apply by the sad loading sound of the motor
and i thing bogging them down is what prob kills the controllers
ha whatever
ive used dremels to fix dozens of wtf problems

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i think the 6i6 needs external power too
you might be able to use something usb powered, but i would definitely do a lot of research on something like that
because maybe noisey power supply to boost the 5V usn power
brass is for unfinished steel things
i go nuts on my CNC sliding bits with brass brushes
rab: this is much better?
ya i dont know about that
everywhere i been you just go buy a dremel
when you burn it out, yo go buy another
cool so the little switch to lock the spindle doesnt strip?
because i hate that
lope: honestly dremel is great for the home
when you use it like 3 or 5 times a year
ive burnt out multiple dremel products in labs
sometimes they just explode
like, popped transistors or diodes

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yeah most of it is bullshit in home audio =(
if you want really high end headphone specific shit, at lower than like $200, youre basically walking into a minefield of shit products
theres probably good products, but theres going to be a lot of crap, and there might be a lot of reviews and users talking about how glorious this crap is
also keep in mind consumers consistenly have tested as not like flat sound
so like, a high performance option might not be pleasing to your ear
23:03:30 < jero32> all I want is a reasonable amp for a reasonable price
this is why i would just look into pro audio soundcards
i think itll be usable and clean with imperceptible noise at reasonable levels
i dont know anything about the asus
i like most asus stuff, but the numbers look too good
well i would look around that was an example
and have you read anything at head-fi yet?
theres truth in the bullshit there
but typically stuff that is meant to monitor digital audio is low noise and THD
it might not be the best, but itll almost always be out of the range of normal human perception

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you can prob get free software for that
i dont think the extra money is worth the DSP algorithm for surround upmixing
i have a 6i6, i like it
presonus makes the same stuff, similar reputation and prices, slightly diff features
the scarlett?
where you see the headphone specs?
anyway do you really need a watt for your headphones?
the higher impedance ones are usually more sensitive

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you know i was going to say 124dB is prob bullshit
but its prob kinda close to that spec
it just sounds like they are quoting a spec from a chip datasheet and not actual testing
the asus card
the focusright prob isnt as good, but itll prob test better than spec over and over because pro audio
not like many people who buy the asus are going to have profession audio test gear sitting around
thats why i suggested the usb card
theyre super useful, can take my pc soundcard and use it on my laptop no drama
also things installed in PC always make me worry, lots of random noise inside a pc case, with an external USB device you just have to deal with the USB link noise, which is almost never an issue for me (never been at home, few times on plugged in laptops at work)

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jero32: http://www.amazon.com/Focusrite-2i2-USB-Recording-Interface/dp/B005OZE9SA
usually headphone out on something like that is pretty high performance
like, probably not just an opamp like in a lot of home audio stuff
plus you get a 24/96 soundcard

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rab: MLCC are fragile
sexy high value ones dont always do so well in high power active spakers
this was the other big fear
like, the ends terminals rip off of the ends of the foil layers, intermittent thing, cap manufacturers have special terminal designs to mitigate but its expensive
jero32: like what?
rab: theyre hugely expensive compared to normal china caps
even known brand china caps
like, we needed lots =(

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you usually use electrolytics for transparent coupling where the exact value doesnt matter
like, who cares if the high pass frequency for an input is 2Hz or 20Hz
<3 wima
one of the KRK lines has big giant wimi coupling caps
i think VXT
its kind of a stupid use, its set at a way low frequency, and there are active high pass filters after it
but like, product designer can say it has film input coupling, which sounds cool to someone like me
neat, works ^

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and i think maybe for MLCC, its just the microphonics
oh nice @ the 1M cap
because one of thecaps should fail if you take shit literally, but they dont
jero32: you see that circuit a lot without the 1M cap in audio circuits
which like, is kinda scary but it works
yeah i dunno about that, negative swing still seems like itd reverse the cap

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i think its better with MLCC but not a ton
like, something smacks the circuit board physically and you hear it
maybe its just newer MLCC versus older MLCC for a given value
they sneak into SMD shit now because film is fucked up expensive, and we couldnt always get them to fail
old shit is like, see it on a scope silly
rab: using them for coupling compared to electrolytic?
size, cost
its hard to get film in high enough values that fit size and space reqs
ceramic is worse

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i just mean in general how im like, HERE IS ALL THE THINGS
i was pretty amazed by what my c teacher didnt explain when answering quesions this semester
i was like, omg how is he going to explain that in less than 20 minutes
answer: by not explaining it
yeah but he avoided even using the term 'this'
without being an ass or losing focus of the subject at hand
ive seen teachers try and be like, loose, kind of let the kids direct shit
and its a cool environment, but they end up behind and then going too fast
the head of the electronics department was like this, taught the most basic and most advanced class
really careful with vocab in basic classes
was neat, towards the end youre like, dude how the fuck did you keep us entertained with just resistors and DMM for a semester

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or you can plug them in really really far apart
and the impedance in the ground path from the long wires will reduce loop current
fixing the problem
see how this can seem very random and not make sense?
a lot of time you can figure it out, usually after the fact, but usually you dont have time for this kind of science experiment
i just use cheater plugs on the world
but yeah trying to explain why one day you plugged things in in the same outlet one day to fix it
and two days later, you plugged the shit in in another room
can make you look like an asshole
yeah that works
i would be a shitty teacher

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jero32: this would be your system ground
and yeah that circuit is about as vanilla as it gets
cant not work
and using less parts is risky
depends on source kinda
irl, you make or break that connection depending on situation and random voodoo luck
like, if you ground the amp
and the source is also grounded, you can form a ground loop
which sometimes you can fix by plugging the device in closely
which makes their grounds close to the same actual voltage

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rab: you dont like vgnds, or Ti vgnd chip?
seen typical vgnd circuits using shit like tl072 get respectable THD+N
some headphones are designed to be run with like 200R in series
some amps have a switch for it
everything sounds the same to people who cant hear
rab: ive never seen a cgnd chip irl
i dont know why anyone would use one
its an opamp as fast as anything operating in the circuit, and a vref
why would you buy a chip when you can use random same-amp two resistors and a cap

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