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im about to buy an $80 computer for $60
but it has a parallel port so that saves me like $20!
and ship for free
and have it here on my way to friends place?
in the next 45 minutes

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you figure theres 2 to 5 years of this left
if 5 years, this is the longest 80s ever
and then you get the backlash
and itll be kids in gutter wear
and the really shy ones? juggalos
you think hiphop is going to have a resurgence?
sweatpants = hiphop

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and now it smells like a doggy litter box
like, she has to show the place to people, heheh
those sunglasses are kinda neat
hipsters have taken everything cool from the last 30 years
and called it their culture
its neat because lots of those things were like, backlash culture of each other
is like the cultural equivalent of pop-punk
but yeah, i like ray-ban wayfarers
im glad they brought that back
because now instead of looking a little odd, i look like a trendy douchebag
any 12 year old hipster would know exactly how i feel

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i waited a month too long
im considering filing police reports
but i dont think shell try and come after me for more than the security deposit
shell probably take all of that for electricity
if she asks for more, ill ask for full copies of all the bills
and itll probably end there
rab: i kind of wonder if she got the dogs to start pooing in front of my door, on her patio, after i wouldnt sign the new rental agreement on like 9 days notice
because it didnt smell horrible when i moved in

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scrub all its little seams and replace the way oil
and i got legit student copy of solidworks
and autodesk is pissed over draftsight, so they made a free CAM plugin for solidworks
hsmexpress, shit works, amazing integration into solidworks UI
i had toolpaths in like 2 minutes after loading it
so that was always the most difficult part
but i need to find new pc
atom mobo on the old one died
so i maybe try and save up for a month or two
upgrade my pc, finally, and use mobo cpu and mem from this
whats bbb
well, ill ask the linuxcnc dorks about it
i kinda like high res snappy opengl with my cnc control, heh
fuck i hate moving
im getting pretty good at it tho
sounds familiar

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everything calculated per sample in double float precision, very non-realtime
rab: wait this is new cnc project?
or the pcb cnc
oh neat
i just rescued cnc from santa barbara storage
so now i have to go clean up friends garage and rebuild cnc
its about that time

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4th amp is either going to be grounded out, or setup as a dirty DI output off the first amp
maybe use it as a half supply virtual ground
but the amps are inverting so the ground ref is isolated, unloaded
and the salen key filter is ground ref'd through a cap, so i can just go to normal ground
prob more voltage noise, less current loop noise like that
rab: my modular sample generator c project is like half done
i can make envelopes for freq and amplitude, and feed those to a dds module that pops out wavs

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else it makes sense to buy some china shit
is it digital? i want to do a dds synth, polysynthing dds is ridiculous easy
anyway, sick rodent is:
inverting amp input with variable gain
this is clipped on a diode, i want to have options for three diff diodes
like, schottky, Si, and red LED would be cool
inverse parallel diodes for bipolar clip
this goes into second amp which is setup as a variable sallen key filter, needs stereo pot
and output is essentially the same inverting variable gain buffer as the first
for volume control

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yeah its double a turbo rat
but it sounds like its a turbo rat with a bass boost, and some sort of mosfet clipper
or possibly the mosfet thing is compression after the clip or something
you dirty rat is rat overdrive + fixed compression
i kind of made my own rat circuit last week
pair of quad amps
sec i see what i did i dont remember
rab: i dont like having to source a specific jfet for a tone
thats prob what a lot of rat sound is, but everyone concentrates on the opamp because its easier to do that
i have secret modular project
like, it only works if i do all the things all at once

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hmm no i thought it was $199?
which is prob $300 msrp
i didnt pay $300 for my 6i6
rab: in project management meetings, i've never seen MSRP presented as any sort of target or stop-ship or stop-production flag
its not even considered at the engineering and logistics level, its a marketing number

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