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i also like the stomp case style
its like .1" steel, bottom is U shaped, top is C shaped, held together with the rubber foot screws
if i was going to make stomps, i would totally ripoff rat case style

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the old ones dont have a mosfet
distortion knob is gain on an opamp, into an LED clipper, into a jfet buffer volume control
the jfet is also the buffer for the filter

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so i guess i just get a turbo rat

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rab: 2014 rat http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/FATRAT
because i was going to get a sans amp bass DI
but lots of people are like, overdrive sucks, DI is noisy
and then i realized my usb soundcard has instrument input so it is a DI
and i dont have a rat
becase last one didnt survive reverse engineering
and slight cannibalization
but yeah this might even be more awesome than the turbo rat '
also the opamp in fatrat is socketed
its preorder

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sewing machine oil is light machine oil
which is 3 in 1
yeah how often do you use them?
honestly i would get some nice ones for doing final inspections
and have a $80 china pair for normal work
i have a pair of mititoyo i basically dont use
made in china, not china companies

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its like, um can i lock you in a proom with nothing but a pc and an ethernet cable for a few years?
because thats kind of how most people learn linux...
ATF is basically hydraulic fluid + detergents
3 in 1 is probably find if its a .001" kind of instrument

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but yeah its a trip to see a chip hit the ways on the Z
and it kinda dimples the oil and you can see how deep it is
and like, the chip will roll down the ways, but the oil stays stuck
im like, wtf magical grease yo
my friend says its cool i got over there set it up and worl while hes at work
i need a controller tho, the atom mobo i was using died in the shop at exjob
mach3 is trash
the ui is easy kinda, because standard windows widgets
but it couldnt handle realtime
like, the screen would blank and shit would dwell the machine
and their solution is like, well why are you blanking the screen
linux cnc, i can like, browse the web
open PDF
cnc doesnt pause
everything else might go slow
but thats what i want
it would make a great technology demo
like, it would be silly, but it makes a great point
right thats hard to explain to people
theyre like TEACH ME TO CNC

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it is
i gotta break down my cnc completely, clean it off, rebuild
it was living in a woodshop for a year s=(
wasnt used much
and ive cut mad wood with it
mostly MDF
but yeah, i have a gallon of vactra #2
wont ever need more, shit works amazing
fuck the bullshit lithium grease it shipped with
zeeshan: enco or mcmaster
enco i think
youll only need to buy it once, youre not a production shop
youre just you

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unless the shit is like deep
fuck wd40
great for stripping lubricant, thats about it
this stuff is pretty cool
it doesnt just fall off
kinda like wd40 that doesnt suck
is recomended maintaince product for a lot of machine tools

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you can usually find toothbrush looking ones packaged with brass and steel brushes
what does that mean
go to a hardware store and ask for scouring pads
theyll have something
like in the painting section
yeah that comes in a bunch of diff types
theyll have it at hardware stores
and you *might* find something similar to clean pans at a grocery store
they make copper stuff
that works well on steel
do you need it now?
i seen those
never seen that
anyway, those will tak3e off rust

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omg ghost car vid? still?
theres gifs showing ghost car parked at the intersection behind the front car before it turns
pointing at it with big arrors
prob not
scotch makes like 10 versions of those pads
they make ones that feel like they have stone abrasive in them
and they make recycled material ones
get some chore boy or some shit
copper coil scrubby
use it to smoke your crack rocks, too
look into nylon brushes
you can cut the bristles shorter to make them very stuff, safe for pretty much every surface

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rab: thats basically what he said

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rab: i think extech is FLIR now
i know a guy was a tech at FLIR for awhile, likes the extech stuff says is as good as the fluke stuff
i say i think because i usually confuse extech with some other brand

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